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Did you miss yesterday's Hangout with Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on +Google+? You can watch it in full, by clicking on the video below.

In this Hangout, Ban Ki-moon chatted with young people from Sri Lanka, Kenya, Brazil, the United Kingdom and the United States, on a variety or topics including youth unemployment, poverty, terrorism, discrimination, and human rights.

See what happened:
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My Recommendation #4 To Mr. and Mrs. Melinda Bill Gates: "is and it’s very innovative in nature, I would recommend to you that kindly rally all like-minded philanthropists who are in support of your foundation and take on the initiative from your platform to recommend to your col...leagues to join you through your foundation’s platform and write to Mr. Ban Ki-moon, the United Nations Secretary-General, a proposal to invite you to the General Assembly session in September 2012 and directly participate in the UN General Assembly as invited guest and dedicate and announce through your foundation to initiate a Global Fund to be managed under your foundations planned program of work to support the MDG of the United Nations. I am aware of your foundation’s involvement through IFAD and such other UN sister organizations i.e. agencies funds and programmes and other UN implementing partners is ongoing. My feeling is, the first Opening day of 2012 General Assembly should be that milestone when you address the General Assembly on behalf of your foundation alongside your supporters and let the forum stand up to it. You may be pleasantly surprised a UN General Assembly Resolution could be passed for supporting your foundations' proposal and further the goals of UN MDG and Bill Gates Foundations effort can see multiple fold and phenomenal response at the UN General Assembly Summit of 2012. I would definitely support you through this process in the 2012 General Assembly of Nations in coming September 2012 with your colleagues."
is there gonna be another hangout with Mr. Secretary -General Ban Ki Moon
pretty cool, wondering how to join the hangout ....
伊朗你是干不过中国人民的,只有中国才能 建局域网,内贾德你在妄想
杀人犯杀人有警察抓,政府杀人为什么没人抓啊?why do not arrest GOV when they kill people?
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