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The world must create 600 million new jobs over the next decade.

On Monday, Member States, civil society, trade unions, the private sector, academia and more are starting a 3-day session at the United Nations Economic and Social Council to find a solution to the world’s unsustainable working conditions.

‪#‎600millonjobs‬ ‪#‎action2015‬ ‪#‎decentwork‬

Get details at:
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MINUSTAH troops from Brazil put up 300 lights to reduce crime in four neighborhoods in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. The lights also make it easier for students to find the available light for reading and doing house chores.

Learn more about MINUSTAH:
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Van Ho
A good action
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Renewable energy and energy efficiency solutions are important for a sustainable future. For this generation – and the next!

Through the "We have the power” painting competition, UNEP is encouraging young people between the ages of 9 and 14 to take energy action by submitting works of art related to energy efficiency and energy conservation.

Get details here:
Targeting young people between the ages of 9 and 14, the competition aims to raise awareness on energy consumption and energy savings.
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am campaigning for a serious movement towards renewable energy in Africa can UN help the NGOs in Africa
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United Nations

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The UN will help the call for a bright future for people and planet this Saturday at 8.30pm local time by switching off the lights for Earth Hour at the iconic UN Headquarters building in New York.

The global initiative unites hundreds of millions of people, communities, companies and governments around the world to turn off their lights for one hour in a symbolic show of support for climate and sustainability action and for providing clean energy to the more than one billion people who lack access to electricity today.

All UN staff members around the world have also been encouraged to
take part both in their office and at home.

Learn how you, and your friends and family can participate in Earth Hour at:
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+Cheryl Hung The symbolism is important as a sign of acknowledgement but in fact the act that can have ability to undo Closed System of world enterprise accounting relative to Earth is to base world enterprise on what helps Earth..
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Women are increasingly part of UN Peacekeeping family.

In 1993, women made up 1% of deployed uniformed personnel. In 2014, out of approximately 125,000 peacekeepers, women constitute 3% of military personnel and 10% of police personnel in UN Peacekeeping missions.

For more statistics, visit:
The role of women in the UN Peacekeeping family and why it is important to have women in our police, military and civilian staff.
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Lol. No playing. Serious business taking place while serving in peacekeeping and in war. Interesting. There are many mothers who are and have served as peacekeepers and in time of war.

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United Nations

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The crisis in Syria is now its fifth year. Over 220,000 civilians have been killed. More than 50% of Syria has fled the country.

Take a look at United Nations Development Programme - UNDP's Syria crisis response amidst ongoing violence.

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"Security responses must be done in a way that protects human rights and dignity. Fighting extremism while committing abuses is not only wrong, it is counter-productive," said Ban Ki-moon at a Summit of the League of Arab States this weekend.

The Secretary-General called on leaders gathered at the meeting in Egypt to work with each other and the UN to strengthen bonds for the people of this region and the security of the world.

More at:
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+Giorgio Vencel and +United Nations our future, led by these blind men.
- War
- Desolation
- Failure of money
- Resurrection

Some among us made angels, others go bad. Time travel may be accomplished with the help of God to go black. Later only forward. Some who go back change things (like life on earth prior to the creation of Adam) which also the alien Satan did long ago bringing life to earth prior to the creation. Michael and his angels men who are resurrected will go back after these.

- They will try and resurrect money at their demise. These will raise an army to fight God and will be destroyed at Armageddon judgment. And another Resurrection and the judgment of the world, stars and fallen Angles.

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United Nations

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Non-smoking is becoming the new norm worldwide, shows a new World Health Organization (WHO) report, but governments must intensify action to combat the tobacco industry.

Tobacco kills nearly six million people each year: more than five million from direct tobacco use and more than 600,000 as a result of non-smokers being exposed to second-hand smoke.

More at:
Photo: World Bank
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An urgent appeal for publication and participation: civil and human rights Yemeni organizations appeals to the Heads of State of Russia and China and the EU speed urgent intervention to save the Yemeni people by stopping the crimes of aggression blatant it immediately, and the condemnation of war crimes and crimes ongoing genocide perpetrated by external aggression blatant Gulf States forces (except Oman ) led by Saudi Arabia, and without any international mandate, and re-consideration and respect the resolutions of international legitimacy of the United Nations, which states violated the Charter of the alliance and aggression.

Details of the appeal and the letter is available in the link following: -

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United Nations

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Young diplomats of the South African Model UN team visited the Security Council Chamber and gave media interviews at UN Headquarters in New York this week.

The team were winners of the Outstanding Small Delegation at the Washington DC Model UN conference this month, which welcomed over 1300 participants from around the world. Four members of the South African team also won Best Delegate Awards for their individual committees.

Model UN is an authentic simulation of the work of the Organization's main organs, which introduces students to the world of diplomacy, negotiation, and decision-making.

Delegates take on the roles of ambassadors of UN member countries. They research global issues, debate, prepare draft resolutions, negotiate, resolve conflicts, and navigate the UN’s rules of procedure.

Find out more at:

Photos: Sudeshan Reddy / UNICEF South Africa
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When, upcoming generations are being united, under one sologam, " Security of natural resources, unity of globe and from prosperity of a few to the equal sharing of mankind", all colors of hands shall be one, so we can put any stamp on it, Black, White or Yellow, but the result definitely can be one. It is all good for humanity and planet.
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United Nations

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Women, children and the elderly are disproportionately bearing the devastating impact of the protracted conflict in Ukraine, which has left five million people in need of humanitarian assistance, including 3.2 million who are highly vulnerable.

Access vulnerable populations and lack of funding remain the two biggest obstacles to getting the help to where it is needed most.

Find out how you can help at:
Photo: UNHCR
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Salafisten verzamelnaam van SATAN de ISLAM
Sjiieten Soennieten Al Qaida Taliban Boko Haram  Al Shabaab
doodt alle  Joden en personen
ALLAHOE AKBAR De Bijbel is een sprookje
Nederland buigt voor de ISLAM
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Miss last Friday's International Day of Happiness event featuring Pharrell Williams? Get a taste of the action at UN Headquarters focussed on protecting the planet.

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Well everyone knows that already but how easy is it for people to be happy? Easier said then done.
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United Nations

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Wednesday is the International Day of Remembrance for the Victims of Slavery and the Transatlantic Slave Trade -- a chance to honour and remember those who suffered and died at the hands of the brutal slavery system.

A permanent memorial to honour the victims of one of the most horrific tragedies of modern history will be revealed at United Nations Headquarters in New York on Wednesday, when the world marks the International Day of Remembrance of the Victims of Slavery and the Transatlantic Slave Trade.

Full story:
Follow Remember Slavery for details and updates:
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Don't trust the United States Of America. America was the last state to abolish slavery.
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