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Web designer in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, UK
Web designer in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, UK

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Replace SEO Plugins such as Yoast With Custom Fields – Reduce Your Wordpress Loading Time

We have found that Yoast SEO plugin has a significant impact on loading time (.6189 - .86 seconds on two different sites according to P3 Performance Analyser). On a separate site again, All in One SEO Pack took .43 seconds to load.

It is, however, fairly easy to replace these with custom fields. Creating 2 custom fields (title and description) and inserting some code into the header enables the user to specify a unique Title and Meta Description for each page.

On a test site, we found that this produced a slightly faster loading time that Wordpress’s recommended way (<title><?php bloginfo(‘name’); ?><?php wp_title(); ?></title> for the title and a static description). The main advantages of the custom fields method, however, is that pages/posts can have a different Title and H1 (potentially useful for SEO and also for usability). They can also have a different Meta Description for each page/post rather than using the same Meta Description for the entire site.

Timings according to Pingdom were:

.36 seconds = using custom fields for titletag and metadescription
.43 seconds = using WordPress’s recommended method
1.3 seconds = Yoast SEO plugin
We have also used the custom fields method to avoid another plugin – on an old site, we used a plugin to have a different masthead image on each page; for our own site, we now use a custom field. On a separate post, we have used the custom field method to insert an image into the sidebar of that post (again without a plugin.)

#Wordpress #LoadingTimes

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With thanks to +Federico Sasso
Best hreflang checker on the planet

A bold statement, yes. Want to try? We just published Visual SEO Studio 1.5.2
The new version of the SEO spider extends hreflang testing to XML Sitemaps.

✓ hreflang auditing from XML Sitemaps
✓ A new Custom Filters group dedicated to IMGs alt and title attributes
✓ UX improved.
✓ Robustness increased
✓ ...fixes as well.

Download the free Community Edition for Windows from

Note: some of the mentioned features are available only in the Professional Edition. You can try it for free by registering the 30-day Trial version.

#visualseo #seotools #seo

Is a high bounce rate worth a few links to blog posts?

We are a local web design company. 5 of our blog posts give a very comprehensive list of famous celebrities who have lived in / been influenced by our local area, with a few lines of unique content about each celebrity's links with the area.

These pages have got a few links (Wikipedia, 1000s of Pinterest links and a few others).

Unfortunately, they also have a very high bounce rate (high traffic, about 90% bounce rate) as people from around the world, and throughout different ares of the UK, are clicking on them, reading the few lines about the celebrity of interest, and then bouncing away as they have no interest in the local area. (The pages were envisaged to be an interlinking set of comprehensive pages for local people; we have interlinked and created good content and design etc)

Are these 5 blog posts damaging our site as a whole? Would we be better off deleting them and sacrificing the links?

Would appreciate any advice.

PS The bounce rate for our normal sales pages is low but these blog pages are dragging our overall bounce rate up as they are high traffic.

I would like to arrange some the content of some long pages so that you have:

Heading 1 - click to create a "drop down" of previously hidden content within this section then click again to re-hide the content

Heading 2 - click to create a "drop down" of previously hidden content within this section then click again to re-hide the content


This would make it easier for users to see and understand the structure of a long page and also easier for them to navigate through long pages.

Would this have any negative SEO implications as much of my content would be hidden from users initially? That is, would Google discount this content in its algorithms or otherwise penalise me?

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The Angel of the North Aka rusty rita 

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Nice slick code for creating responsive CSS menus - CSS only, no Javascript, works across browsers. Easy to edit and adapt.

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Looks to be a useful assortment of tools here; with thanks to +WIXard GBP for the find.

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