This is Sono reporting from "Setouchi Olive Fund" of CSR department.
We would like to express our utmost gratitude to each generous customer who supports us by donating at uniqlo and g.u. stores.
This fund, originated by Tadao Ando and Kouhei Nakabou in Year 2000, aims to restore the original rich natures along the islands and coast of Setonaikai, that were polluted by illegal disposal of industrial wastes at Teshima, Kagawa Prefecture.
Uniqlo promotes environment awareness among employees by holding volunteering olive-planting activities in Teshima. These activities were started from voices of our employees about “how we should use the collected donations from customers?”. Besides olive-planting, we hope to make a better future for ourselves and our next generations by making efforts to solve social and environmental issues through the activities like plantation maintenance, cleaning-up activities, interaction with local people and organizing history-learning programs, etc.

Apart from the usual tree-planting activities held during 10-11 Apr, 25 employees from stores all over Japan also joined a “Spring Master Festival” in Teshima on 11 Apr. We treasure every single interaction with local people through greeting them at main shrine.
Uniqlo will continue to represent each generous customer who contributes to this fund and take up the responsibility of preserving nature of Teshima!
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