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We are here to help you with your antenna and piezo needs. Unictron is TS 16949 certified, this is a safety-check and prove of our high quality.
We are here to help you with your antenna and piezo needs. Unictron is TS 16949 certified, this is a safety-check and prove of our high quality.


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New #antenna #catalog available on our website:

On the pictures of chip antennas you can see that they are so small that only letter U is shown on the top surface of the antenna as a logo of Unictron.

We hope that you can find suitable antenna for your project from our catalog. Shall you need a help with selection, optimizing the PCB layout or other technical issues, feel free to let us know.

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antenna with letter U
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TELA antenna

Antennas, unlike other passive components in the electric circuit, are not with fixed properties. The impedance of the antenna changes with the change of the frequency which results in change of the performance. This can be see through monitoring return loss data. The impedance of the system can be modified by different geometry of the feeding line, dimensions of the PCB itself and also by presence of the electronic parts on the PCB.

This all has an influence on the antenna and may cause a shift of the antenna frequency.

How to deal with shift of the antenna frequency?
In the old times, you would get several (around 5) pieces of antenna samples, each designed with slightly different central frequency. Then you would choose the one which would give you the best central frequency, based on the environment of your device.

In some cases, like GPS patch antennas, you can take that antenna works even though the performance is not ideal.

Nowadays, situation is much easier when using chip antennas with tuning elements.
TELA is an abbreviation of Tuning Element Loop Antenna.

Tuning element is useful for adjusting the central frequency of the antenna. Therefore you don't need to try variants of the same antenna. You can have the same antenna for all your devices and just adjust the tuning element. This helps to reduce the antenna cost (you can buy same antenna with larger quantities), shorten the development time (using same antenna layout, same part number) and increase the performance of the system (optimized antenna requires less energy to get better signal or to transfer signal over longer distance).

Request your samples now and get your experience with TELA antenna.

More info:

Request samples at:

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Tailor-made antenna products

As an antenna manufacturer, Unictron can prepare variety of non-standard antennas.
Also, antenna development is faster than what we are publishing on our website.
Such example is WiFi ceramic patch antenna with circular polarization.

Compared to traditional PCB or chip antennas, can offer circular polarization and high gain in preferred direction (technology is similar to GPS/GLONASS patch antennas).

Patch antennas experience detuning (shift of the frequency) when put on the ground (PCB) of different size or when placed on different position on the PCB (corner, edge, center of the PCB). Therefore Unictron offers tuning services. We can measure electrical characteristic of your device inside our 2D and 3D anechoic chambers and then decide the tuning method.

Ask us for more details at

Standard patch antennas are shown on our website:

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When making #tracker, telematics device, and need to send data to your server over long distance, usually you will use GSM. That means using some SIM card and signed contract with #GSM providers. Data can be send over long distance even without GSM. For that purpose, so called sub-gigahertz frequencies are great. For example, with 868MHz frequency, you can send data in distance counting kilometers. 10, 20, 50 kilometers is not a problem, depending on the size of the antenna. Unictron's 868MHz chip antenna is only 5 x 3 x 0.5 mm in size. On PCB size 80x40mm, communication in open space area can reach several kilometers distance (more than 10km).

Unictron can help you with miniature antennas for whatever sub-giga frequency you need. Examples include #920MHz, #915MHz, #868MHz, 865MHz, #433MHz, #169MHz, #FM frequencies (80-108MHz).

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#FunFriday : Unictron offers latte now.
What is your favorite taste? We have WiFi latte, GPS latte, Bluetooth latte and many more :-) (Loop Antennas with Tweakable Tuning Element = LATTE).

#latte #wifi #bluetooth #ble #gps #antenna #unictron
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Smart home remote controlled made in #Taiwan:

If you are developing your own #remotecontroller , ask unictron for suitable #antenna .

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#Win #free chip #antenna samples.
Today we have our first antenna contest here.

Just guess what is in the #picture and win WiFi chip antenna (3pcs).

Submit answers here or at

Details of the contest are available on our website (link above).

#unictron #contestalert #contest  
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When using #PCB   #antenna   with cable, one need to keep in mind that cable is a part of the antenna and has influence on the performance. If the cable is excessively bent, that will influence the capacitance of the system resulting in shift of the antenna frequency. If optimized central frequency is shifted, you will drain more energy (portable devices  on battery will die sooner) to get satisfactory signal, or you will get antenna that is not working at all.
Often if cable is excessively bent, new PCB antenna shall be designed.

How to avoid  problems with cable of PCB antenna?

Firstly, inform your antenna provider about antenna set up inside your device.

Or avoid cable by using #chip   antenna #soldered   directly on your #motherboard .

Feel free to discuss with us in real time on Skype.
#Skype   contacts of Unictron's team are shown on

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You know that in your cellphone you have #wifi , #bluetooth#gps   and maybe #nfc   technology. All of these require some antenna.
Can you guess which of these technologies are in your car as well?

Request these antenna samples at

#antenna #unictron  
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You know that your car is a computer on the wheels. But do you know what piezo sensors you have there?

So called piezo elements are used as a sensors, e.g. in your car parking systems, engine sensors (knock-sensor).
Sensors are basically catching the vibrations, whether it is a real mechanical vibration of your engine or vibration caused by the sound (ultrasound).
The beauty of piezo materials is that vibrations are converted through piezo to electrical signals. And it can work the other way around. If we put electrical signal to piezo, we can generate vibrations. For example vibration on the screen/tablet (infotainment systems) so that you can feel virtual surface of the screen (different frequency of vibration can feel like different material surface - smooth, rough, textured). Also piezo vibrations can provide massage inside the seat. No more back pain.
The vibration or the movement of the piezo element can be precisely adjusted (e.g. like the lenses in optical cameras) to move buttons, switches and so on.

If you are interested in knowing more,
or develop your own device with piezo materials inside, feel free to let us know at

#piezo #ultrasound #car #automobile #unictron #haptic
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