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Poking Fun At Religion With A Really Big Stick
Poking Fun At Religion With A Really Big Stick

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Sounds Like A Horse- Nothing Serious 79 is live :D

Just how bad are Courtney Love's vocals, and if it sounds like a horse and smells like a horse, is really a horse, or a woman who loves to be ridden like a one (and that's not sexual)? What is it like to have a 17 hour erection? The Guardian knows how to test lab-grown penises, and we try to get to the bottom a study that say coffee drinkers have problems expressing themselves. Daniel challenges Paul to give up caffeine for a week - do you think he can do it? Oh, and now you can have three boobs too - just like the hooker in Total Recall!

#podcast #coffee #CourtneyLove #costume #boobs #wtf #comedy #nsfw

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You can get pills for that... #lol

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Going In Cold - Nothing Serious 78 is live :D

We’re going in cold this week and hitting the mics with zero preparation. Pucker-up and prepare for a rip-roaring episode where we talk anatomically correct vagina cupcakes (they’re finger licking good), cops in hot water, drone surveillance, queefing on school bus, and why didn’t Jesus write anything down for the bible.

#podcast #Jesus #queefing #coookis #feminism #cops #bible #vagina #wtf #comedy #nsfw #lol #wtf

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Don’t Be Feeling Me - Nothing Serious 77 is live :D

Harry Potter gets a conservative Christian rewrite to protect the children from becoming witches. A man tricks his girlfriend into eating her dog. Would Mel Gibson’s “William Wallace” be happy with Scotland? iPhone users get bent out of shape after a serious trolling, and we look at some of the shallowest reasons ever to dump your partner. Oh, and Steven doesn’t what you to feel him like that, so hand off.

#podcast #iPhone #HarryPotter #parenting #Christianity #dating #comedy #lol #wtf

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We know the site has languished and fallen into disuse but all of that is about to change. We are currently redesigning the site and are preparing for a relaunch that will bring the site roaring back to life and once again bring you your daily dose of content.

I expect the site to be redesigned and relaunched within the next 3 weeks.

Thanks for your patience and hanging with us so long, we can't wait to be back in your streams again :D


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What A Way To Go - Check out Nothing Serious #podcast 76

So many terrible ways to die, only one chance to get it all wrong and make it onto Nothing Serious 76. Paul, Daniel and Steven debate whether there’s a place for short-term marriage contracts, while Steven gets hot under the collar for the female Russian litter throwing vigilante. Lots of feedback this week from Wilbur of the Uncle Show, listen for all of it after the outro.

#podcast #marriage #death #suicide #vigilante #comedy #wtf #lol

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That's Not How You Stir It! … Nothing Serious 75 is live!

The primates get aggravated on Nothing Serious 75 as we discuss sibling sex, Doctor Who, and is editing entertainment to avoid hurt feelings a mark of respect or simply avoiding flack from the vocal minority? A Canadian nine-year-old makes off with a bus, sloppy reporting and how many Americans are actually single, and the boys get pissy about making tea.

#podcast #comedy #siblings #DoctorWho #teas #bus #Canada #America #sex #nsfw #lol

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A New Spiritual High… Nothing Serious 74 is live!

Fookin Ell! This 2-year-old's may be adorable, but Hodson has a cranky about ALS ice bucket challenge! Should Burger King bugger off out of America, are legal tax avoiding techniques unpatriotic, and should children be allowed shoot real guns? Lets get spiritual while searching for the perfect place for meth, and lets forget about wang measuring competitions - we've got a new metric for men to compete on. While they're competing on that front we discuss whether Eve was made for Adams rib or is she the reason that so many  men have issues getting it up. Finally we ask, what movie would make you want to have sex with your sibling?

#ALS #guns #safety #Adam&Eve #Genesis #Burger King #tax

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More Than She Could Swallow… Episode 73 is live! #sex #robots #beer #viagra #BurgerKing #BK #podcast 
More Than She Could Swallow… Nothing Serious 73 is live! 

Forget dancing in the rain, things get kinky and personal on episode 73 of Nothing Serious when we send in the clones. It's got nothing to do withe viagra laced beer, we swear. If we had known it was a sexbot we'd never had approached her, I mean it's not like we got caught banging an inmate... twice! Right? While we stand behind Adam Carolla, it's really hard to stand behind Ohio, especially when Plato and Aristotle are on the line. Oh, and go stick your seven-incher elsewhere because Burger King ain't raping our faces!

#Carolla #sex #robots #beer #viagra #BurgerKing #BK #podcast #comedy #lol #wtf

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If The Glove Fits… Nothing Serious 72 is live! Go wrap your ears around it..

Prepare to wash your eyes out with bleach because Prancercise is back and the animals are afraid. Very afraid! Is there a wrong way to talk about suicide? Did Daniel test the homemade fleshlight? Will Hodson get it on with “the Glov”? Will Paul ever get the names of his co-hosts right? What happened to Brain when Inspector Gadget ended? Find out on episode 72 of Nothing Serious.

#podcast #sex #RobinWilliams #comedy #lol #wtf #prancercise
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