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If you weren't already aware, Unallocated Space is currently running an Indiegogo Campaign to fund its move into a bigger and better location.

We need more room so we can offer our community more amazing classes, workshops, and events; bigger project areas; more storage; a dedicated area for 3D printing; and so much more!

Right now, we've just entered the second week of our campaign, and we're currently over a quarter of the way funded. That's really fantastic and we want to thank everyone who's already donated thus far!

Let's make sure to keep it going by sharing the campaign link and using the #growUAS hashtag. Be sure to share with your friends, family, and followers. Let them know their donations are likely tax deductible as we are a 501(c)(3), and together we can make this campaign a success!

We've added a new perk and an update to the campaign page, which you can check out here:

Please consider making a donation if you haven't already, and please keep re-tweeting and sharing on all the social media sites. We appreciate all of your help getting the word out.

Thanks everyone!

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After nearly five years, we're ready to grow into a bigger and better location. Help us make this move happen by funding our #GrowUAS campaign and spreading the word! #nonprofit #hackerspace  +Indiegogo 

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We will be having a LAN party, focusing on the 1995-2005 decade!

This is a themed event, to the greatest extent possible, even down to the clothes you wear!  Here are some examples:

* Bring music that you listened to during those years.  
* Bring some old shows or movies with you that were popular then.  Maybe we can have those playing in the background?
* Wear clothes that were popular during that time.  Got an old favorite band t-shirt?  

Recommended PC stats:

* Refrain from using an operating system newer than Windows 2000. 
* Try to use an old PC, rather than an VM.  Time to dust off your old gaming rig!
* Install IPX/SPX.  It would be cool to avoid TCP/IP if possible. 
* If all else fails, just use a VM or DOSBox, an x86 emulator with DOS.

We will be playing games like:

- Age of Empires
- Command & Conquer
- Warcraft 2 - Tides of Darkness
- Unreal
- Quake
- Doom II
- Half-Life: Counter-strike (beta 5?)
- Diablo

Because of the age of these titles, some (not all) games will be considered abandon-ware.


- Saturday @ noon - Doors Open 
- 1:00 PM  - Gaming Starts
- 5:00 PM - Pizza Arrives ($5/person) & More Gaming
- 11:00 PM - Take Out & More Gaming
- 5:00 AM - Donuts / Coffee ($2/Person) & More Gaming
- 11:00 PM - Take Out & More Gaming
- Sunday @ noon - Gaming Ends

Since Unallocated Space runs off of donations, we would like to mention that the recommended donation for this event is $5. It is by no means a requirement, but it does help us keep the lights on! Attendance to the space, and this party, is 100% free to all! Thank you for your support!

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Mike Huhn, K3TEZ will discuss the Pixie 2, a minimalist QRPp CW transceiver, with regard to its roots, evolution, and design. Following the initial talk, there will be a brief receiving demonstration that will compare the Pixie 2 and another direct conversion transceiver with an FT-817 superhet transceiver and a Q&A session. 

NOTE:  (For those of you non Ham Types) QRPp means that you can work the world with less power than you have in your Bathroom night light!  CW stands for Continuous Wave which is another term for using Morse Code.   

If you have an interest in Electronics at all, you need to be here!   Mike will describe how this radio works and even give us a demo on how 2 different radios can sound different just because of the different type of circuit! 

We'll also be talking about some of the upcoming events such as the MD QSO Party which starts right after Ham Night. 

So Come one.. Come ALL to our next Ham Night at UAS! 

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LEGO Day is Sunday, February 2nd from 3pm-5pm. All LEGO enthusiast, their families and children (ages 4 & up) are welcome to join Unallocated Space for a fun filled evening of building and discovery! This fun event includes some of the following activities:

- Building with LEGOs! 
- Discover with LEGOs! 
- Swapping LEGOs! 
- Drinks & Snacks @ 4pm (Juice, Soda, Fruit, Animal Crackers) *no charge

LEGO Day is also a great opportunity to:

- Show Off Your Designs - Discuss LEGO Events / Communities 
- Donate LEGOs to Unallocated Space (for Future Events)

Please join us by RSVPing at

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Subject: Forensics

Why forensics? Often, when I talk about CTFs to people, they picture
it being solely about exploiting boxes at Defcon. While exploiting is
indeed a flashy part of CTFs, it is only a portion of the skills used
to qualify or compete in a CTF.

This month's meeting is to inform/remind people that there are other
aspects involved. Cryptography, recon, reverse engineering, network
and web exploitation, and forensics!

Challenge of the month is

Answer three out of five questions of this memory dump, and you can
possibly win a free SANS Simulcast class!!!

At the meeting I'll be going of the tools and techniques I used to
answer the question. Unless I fail at it, which in that case I'm going
to give a demo on using Mandiant Redline to perform forensics in an
incident response capacity.

Also, feel free to meet other people interested in competing in CTF.
Form teams, or recruit.


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     The more observant among you might have noticed a LAN party on our calendar for this Saturday night.  It's been a while and we need a way to offload the pent-up holiday rage, so let's make it happen.  We'll have dinner and games, briefly interrupted by a short 

5:00 - Doors open
6:00 - Gaming starts
7:30 - Pizza arrives ($5/person)
9:00 - Tournament begins
??:?? - Everyone goes home happy (sometime after midnight)

     We'll enjoy pizza, drinks, and gaming the night away.  We'll have servers running for our old favorites (UT2k4, TF2, L4D2), but we're looking to mix it up a bit.  We've got our own ideas, but we really want YOUR ideas, so please take a minute to fill out a really quick survey:

     PLEASE RSVP via the survey (or just reply to this thread, if you'd rather) so we save a seat for you.

Hope to see you there!
-- Surefire, Nonie, and Wrecker

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We will continue our work with VGA monitors. I have new code that we will be using to draw binary values with. If time permits, we will cover basic bitmaps.

Required Items:
1. Laptop with Xilinx ISE installed. Please ensure you already have the ISE installed!! We will not have time to wait for the install process to complete (it usually takes 15-30 minutes). Check out and download the ISE Design Suite for your OS.
2. Some Xilinx Spartan 3 or greater FPGA development board (must be Xilinx!!). We prefer the Mojo or Digilent Basys II.
3. USB cable for your FPGA dev board.

Provided Items:
1. VGA breakout (please let me know if you need one!)
2. LCD Monitor (1 per person up to ~ 7)

Because of the cost of FPGA dev boards, we will not have extras. If you have questions about what board to get, please E-Mail

Since the space runs off of donations, we would like to mention that the recommended donation for this class is $5. It is by no means a requirement! Attendance to the space, and this class, is 100% free to all!

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This week, Pyr0mann will be working with sine wave generation.  We will be going over PWM based generation as well as R-2R generation.

Please bring your laptops and Arduinos. If you have PC desktop speakers, please bring them so we can enjoy the melodic fruits of our labor.

As always there will be time after the presentation to experiment with the material covered during the class. Please bring any other projects you are working on.

This is a free event. A suggested donation of $10 is appreciated. We run entirely from donations from members and participants at events. 
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