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I've backed more than half of those listed. The others weren't backed because they didn't offer a physical DRM-free copy.

I just don't get it. It's trivial to put something on an officially pressed disc and that extra perk is a great incentive to differentiate the backers who funded the game from the other fans who didn't take the gamble.
Well, for Kickstarters I am happy to do anything that saves money which can be used for actual development. As such, a loss of a pressed disc is a benefit. Hopefully if the project is funded well a paid product on disc could be a result.

As much as I hate DRM, I think the worse of these projects were just Steam codes. Although Steam is DRM, it is usually user friendly just requiring you download via the Steam client. However, Steam really helps promote small devs and the other features of the service are just so darn convenient.

I do skip out on most stuff like EA and UBISOFT who go DRM crazy. That stuff I get on XBOX where the DRM usually doesn't get in the way.
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