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Standing desk
I am too jumping on the standing desk bandwagon. I first gave it a try using a support on the table and once I felt the benefit (I felt more creative and focused) I decided to make the move. After all you can still use a standing desk as a normal desk. I fi...

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Testing logstash filters
There are many posts on techniques for testing your logstash config, but I found most of them to lack in the exact details of getting it working and others are just obsolete, so here are my dumbed down notes: download and unpack the logstash version you are...

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Codemotion Milan 2016 thoughts
I have never written a review on a conference and this isn't one: this is a brain dump (hence the lack of form and structure) that I quite simply needed to get out here. It might be incomplete, biased or what else: if there is anything that I should know th...

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A not so short guide to TDD SaltStack formulas
One of the hardest parts about Infrastructure As Code and  Configuration Management is establishing a discipline on developing, testing and deploying changes. Developers follow established practices and tools have been built and perfected over the last deca...

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From 0 to ZFS replication in 5m with syncoid
The ZFS filesystem has many features that once you try them you can never go back. One of the lesser known is probably the support for replicating a zfs filesystem by sending the changes over the network with zfs send/receive. Technically the filesystem cha...

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[note to self] Trends for configuration management software.

Ansible definitely taking off, especially since redhat acquisition. Kinda surprised SaltStack still the underdog.

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SaltStack targeting: storing roles in pillar
This is an attempt to record my thoughts and describe a solution with regard on how to target/classify minions in a SaltStack environment. SaltStack logo An interesting discussion on the topic can be found in this (rather old) thread on the Salt-User mailin...

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Schedule a job every 5 minutes with Oracle DMBS_JOB
For all those struggling to schedule a job every 5 minutes without drift here's a "simple" interval expression which can be easily adapted to other intervals (every 10 minutes, 20, etc): select
sysdate, trunc(sysdate) + ( ( to_number(to_char(sysdate, 'HH24'...

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OTRS embedded images and Lotus Notes
Emails with embedded images sent to OTRS from Lotus Notes can reach OTRS rendered as text with the embbeded image placed in a separate attachment. The problem in not on OTRS side, but rather in the Lotus Notes client and server configuration. To fix the iss...

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4 podcasts to follow
4 podcasts to listen to while commuting (in no particular order): DevOps cafè  : hosted monthly, features great guests and packs a tremendous amount of valuable information. Warm up by listening to a great episode with with Tom Limoncelli MagPipe Talk show ...
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