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Experts in Leading-edge Ultrabooks, laptops and notebooks
Experts in Leading-edge Ultrabooks, laptops and notebooks

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Do you think the Ultrabook project has helped the laptop industry get into a better position for making cheaper, fitter products? Or was it just a marketing push to sell high-margin products to suckers? Should the Ultrabook project continue? What are your thoughts on what happened in the last 3 year, and what should happen to the laptop industry?

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Battery Life
Macbook Air

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The Ultrabook market didn't reach its target of 40%, at least when counting the 'Ultrabook' branded products but did it have a wider impact that we can't really measure?

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2-in-1 PCs. There are now 40 in our database so if you're thinking about this sector, bookmark this page.

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Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro full review now live...

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Information about a Bitlocker bug fix (and where to find your Bitlocker key.)

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Security - How to enable drive encryption using Bitlocker and a free features on some Windows 8.1 PCs.

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Sony appear to have put together a nice little package here. $799 for Intel Atom sounds a lot but $799 for quad-core 2.1Ghz Pentium sounds better! SSD, NFC, Touch, Digitizer and more...

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We're trying to get more detailed information on the new Intel Dual-OS Platform, just announced at CES.

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Perceptual Computing, Next Generation. The PC event from Intel was very impressive. Looks like Dell, ASUS and Lenovo will release prodicts with Intel Realsense, the new brand for their 3D camera technology.

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