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Not seen the film yet but Elllie has a lovely voice.
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Hahaha!!! Started playing this funny game recently they call South Park - The Stick of the Truth - Looks like some twig some kid found in the garden If i'm at all honest but still... It's fun! So long as the input lag and actual character movement doesn't bother you too much! 

So far I've encounter various annoying bugs but nothing too annoying...  restarts teh fucking game for the eighteenth time lol 
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Ultra Neo

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Damn... I don't feel cleaver at all this morning, like someone gave me an bloody virus or something. :s
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Ultra Neo

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And this is why #apple #OSX sucks. Seriously, people tell me they're only little files but they soon add up! Here's me attempting to delete 1.34Gb of resources forks (and still counting)

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Ultra Neo

commented on a video on YouTube.
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So glad I'm vegan. This is beyond cruel. 
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+Nuno Salgueiro yeah... sad when people justify cruelty with religion/ culture/ tradition. :'(
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I love the  #BreakingBad  series and this #remix  is pretty awesome... 

Breaking Bad Remix (Seasons 3-5)
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I love that , could be a No 1.
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Ultra Neo

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Twenty-four hours in i'm still feeling like shit. I hate being ill and when you're not ill for years, getting a cold or flu feels like something outta hell. Gwad, I sound really whimpy...
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Ultra Neo

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And you thought 64 GB was an overkill, here's 96 GB of shiny performance RAM. Actually this didn't go into one system but two, the timings at 1600 Mhz are 9-9-9-24 (CL9), ever so slightly laggier at 1866/2133 oc Mhz (CL10) but not that one can really tell unless you're benching. 

#32GB   #64Gb   #96Gb  
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I believe most industrial servers have vast amounts of memory to cop with the thousands upon thousands of hourly instructions clients may asks it to do, also don't they tend to use the slower but more proficient ECC stuff? Which doesn't overclock well nor does my board support it.

A nearby store was having a closing down sale, seems they're going bankrupt losing their fight to the internet shoppers (like me). So i grabbed a few packets of RAM, whilst everyone else is quickly rising their DDR3 prices I'm grabbing a bargain. Managed to fully populate my LGA2011 video workstation to 64GB and fully populated by games machine to 32Gb. Now I have 16Gb free to build a another NAS box.
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Ultra Neo

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Recently I've been somewhat concerned about the amount of electricity wasted for simple tasks such as surfing the web, checking my emails, keeping in touch with my net-buddies, watching Youtube, powering an age old parallel laser printer and generally procrastinating...

So prior to New Years I built a energy efficient system powered by the #Intel #Celeron #1037u , recycled a couple of old sticks of RAM 4Gb in all, purchased the cheapest low profile case possile with built-in 120W PSU and thrown in some drives. This #Gigabyte board supports three internal drives plus a handy esata; offering ample space for most of my needs... I used whisper quiet WD scorpios in mine.

Just now i learnt the box is pulling less than 24 watts from the wall! More than three times less than my display, now I need a low powered monitor any suggestions for 24"?
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In a corporate world, what you suggest makes sense but as a home user, it's not something I would consider.
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Ultra Neo

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Seriously. WTF Samsung. 
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Not running a custom rom, that's my point. 
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    I stopped work to take on a new career...
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Hello, I'm known online as Ultra Neo.
(aka UltraNEO or UltraNEO* in games & elsewhere) 

A technology enthusiast interested in games, gadgets, electronics, computing platforms (Mac, Linux, Win & Android), handheld devices, electronics, photography, videography, human nutrition, motorcycles and whatever else that'll offer an adrenaline fix - Yeah I'm an addict but someone gotta have fun!!  

In late 2008, due to health reasons beyond my control, I decided to change my life radically by adopting a strict, 100% organic vegetarian diet. And applying everything I learnt over the years in practice. Once I felt comfortable I gradually switched to a full vegan lifestyle - All this means is I eat a plant based diet free from human intervention. 

Oh Yes. I'm discovered the feel good factor of voting with my dollar, I believe if we all choose to spend our money wisely, we can change the way the food industry produce our foods; whilst avoiding those torture factories causing intolerable cruelty to animals... Torturing humans however, that's allowed. 

For a few years now I have found myself engaged in various endurance sports. Occasionally accepting completely new and wild challenges, all in the name of excitement and personal development. Over the next few years I hope to acquire a honorary degree in Sport, Fitness and Coaching with a primary focus on Sports Nutrition or Human Nutrition. Also in parallel to my professional studies, I wish to gain a personal trainer certification. 

In life, I've always been a fairly confident person, knowing my limits, my own strengths and weaknesses.  Where I fail, I attempt to improve; though non of this is possible without the help of friends and advice from random strangers - Thank You! 

However, my intro doesn't stop there!! I figured if you're gonna be my friends, then I should be straight with you - here goes.... 

In late November 2011, a routine blood-test changed everything I though I knew. It was a massive blow. I felt lost, lonely and very confused. One of the only things keeping me together was the stringent physical exercise regime I kept; along with the support of gym friends I've opened up too. 

This was when I discovered I'm born differently, they told me I'm born "intersex", it meant I didn't fit into the binary world like everyone else. Later, additional tests proved I'm partially androgen insensitive, my natural testosterone levels were 0.2 as a result I'm unable to have children of my own - In many ways the discoveries answered a whole bunch of questions, gave meaning to some of those feelings I've been holding back. Why I never quite fit in one or the other genders and nearly everyone misgenders me.

After some careful consideration, I made a conscious decision to transition, it's probably the only way I could potentially prevent osteopenia/osteoporosis from taking hold. - Currently I'm on hormones and learning to live a new role in the eyes of the public.

If you have any questions, please don't be afraid to ask. 

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