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Since our last message about the Nintendo and/or YouTube Content ID thing hit NeoGAF and GoNintendo (thanks by the way), I'll make another update regarding all of this.

I have seen people thinking it came from Dan Adelman and started to hit him with negative comments. I did not mention the last name to maintain some privacy, but the Dan who sent me the email was not Dan Adelman.
Nintendo is a bigger company than you think, but to continue protecting privacy, all I can say is it was not Adelman, but another person called Dan.

Up to the news, we honestly explained why and how we fund our game projects. Exactly, through YouTube advertising!
The text was pretty specific, so it won't help any non-devs around here, so I won't put it up here.
The same Dan responded to that email today, he acted rather shocked on how lucrative YouTube actually is.
Because of that, he asked us how he could help us.

The only thing we asked was to put our channel (guess its name...) on their whitelist, and resolve all the claims that were already made against us.
After that, he sent us another email asking how to whitelist a YouTube channel.
We called up BroadbandTV, which is our network, they confirmed us the users of YouTube's CMS system can whitelist channels from claims.
When we asked how to do that, they told us to email TGN support, and we are awaiting response as we speak.

Now we hope to give a more positive update really soon, and if so, we really hope it'll be the last one.
To sum the situation up:
The email from yesterday was pretty much a standard reply YouTube would send as well.
Today Nintendo realised what is actually happening.
We do not guarantee they will help you too, I'm sure they help us because we are actually affiliated with Nintendo (we are 3rd party indie game developers, making games for the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U systems, remember?).

Stay strong, fellow YouTubers!
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So what should we do? Where do we go to get Whitelisted? Tell me.
+Jose Vega You don't.
Them getting their own developers whitelisted seems to be hard enough already, so just wait on what we can do instead.
So all we can do now is wait huh? Okay. I don't mind the wait. Oh, pleasure to meet you.
It's good to hear at least some feedback from Nintendo. It's kind of painful to watch the situation @ YouTube, but it makes all of us aware of the strength of copyright and the damages it can deal if infringed without care. That's kind of what I thought.
As written in another post we wrote before, you can't.
+UltimatePisman Well this really stinks. I guess I will have to dispute it as Fair Use and hope for the best, if worse comes to worse, I'll just not monetize.
Disputing will make YouTube reject it 6 hours after deadline.
Appealing (done when disputing didn't work) will make YouTube reject it a week before deadline.
Counter claim (done after getting a copyright strike because appealing didn't work) will remove the claim and strike altogether after 14 days.

So hope is still there but it takes a bloody lot of time. ;)
+UltimatePisman Thank you for that information. If my dispute gets denied, it only stays claimed by the original party correct? My video won't be taken down or I will get a copyright strike against me?
Denied disputes won't give you a copyright strikes.
Denied appeals do.
But the only way to get the claim off is to receive a copyright strike and immediately file a counter strike.
It's sad, but it's the only solution.
+UltimatePisman So the only thing a denied dispute does is pretty much nothing? My video will still be available? The only time anything bad happens is a denied appeal where the video would get removed and I would get a copyright strike?
+UltimatePisman Well thank you for all that information, you have been very helpful! I will check out some of your content later :) I hope you have a successful future on youtube!
I just uploaded a WiiU gameplay video and got a claim on it, how do I get this issue resolved ASAP?
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