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Ullyses Gordon
Ex-pat American in America.
Ex-pat American in America.

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TED speech not coming along well... How am I going to fill 6 minutes? Seems like an eternity. 

I woke up with a strangling sadness this morning. Memories of my late great friend Honza Holy. I miss you.

Happy Hump Day!

does anyone have a Netflix account I use for a week? I have some vids I need to watch. 

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Sneezing and drinking.

is at Loco Lu's Coffeehouse. Nice relaxe vibe, fun people, and good coffee. Looking forward to open mic night tonight! Wanna join me?

if you like Pirates more than Ninjas #YouMightBeATerrorist

Dance like the picture’s not being tagged. Love like you’ve never been unfriended. Tweet like no one’s following.

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