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Ulimmeh-Hannibal Ezekiel
Works at Bloomberg New Energy Finance
Attended University College London
Lives in City of London, UK
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lol she must be mad at you right now
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Anfernee Tan originally shared to Quotes:
Resurface these   #quotes  collection I had into Google+ Collections!

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"I just invent, then wait until man comes around to needing what I've invented." #QuoteOfTheDay #Innovation #Change - See more at
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+1 if you understand and agree with the important message behind this proverb #QuoteOfTheDay #PowerfulQuote #SoTrue 
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SMILE!! It confuses people #QuoteOfTheDay #PowerfulQuote #SoTrue #Smile 
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Ohhh Yess, Most White people are soo good at it!!! My facial expression is no fake at all, what you see is what you get. I make a bad chamelleon
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Ulimmeh-Hannibal Ezekiel

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Interesting, I'm usually number 5 - Backs Facing One Another and No Contact LOL #Sleep  #Relationships   #Love   #Marriage  
The Very Sleeping Positions Reveal This Harmony.
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16,930 people
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"A genius, huh? What does that mean? "Genius"? So I was not born with a whole lot of natural talent, not gifted like Neji… but I work hard and I never give up! That is my gift; that is my ninja way!" #NarutoShippuden #RockLee #QuoteOfTheDay #Anime #Motivation #Genius #Naruto #Otaku
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This had me laughing so hard! Ladies is this true?? #JokeOfTheDay #Funny #Relationships #Love #Dating 
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nay min
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"The person who says it cannot be done should not interrupt the person doing it." #QuoteOfTheDay #PowerfulQuote #SoTrue #WillPower #Change 
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Just Like An Actor ...

Who can feel or act their way into any new role

You too have the power to change your mood or to alter your thinking to adapt to any situation!

Incidentally the reverse is also true. You can finally get what you want only to a find a few weeks later, it was no big deal!

So it was not "the thing" as such, but our thinking about "the thing".

You can have some fun with this. Try this:

What is your favourite movie?

Who is your favourite actor in it?

What do they stand for?

What do you admire about them?

How do they show up?
- Upbeat?
- Passionate?
- Smart?
- Influential?
- Courageous?

How would THEY respond to  ___

You can use your responses to help guide your actions when you feel stuck or uncertain about something.

Because we humans are remarkably adaptable when we have to be

But just like a muscle, we also have to train ourselves in this capability and to seek what is good and to our advantage!

    "The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars,
    But in ourselves, that we are underlings."
    Shakespeare - Julius Caesar (I, ii, 140-141)

#growthhacking   #selfimprovement   #personaldevelopment  
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Have him in circles
16,930 people
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Lead Modelling Analyst (Clean Energy)
Visual C++, VBA-Excel, Bloomberg, Matlab, Maple, R, LaTex
  • Bloomberg New Energy Finance
    Lead Modelling Analyst, 2009 - present
    My role involves Visual C++ and VBA‐Excel programming, project finance modelling, handling/structuring large data sets, statistical analysis and understanding the complex economic and scientific processes underlying renewable energy. Bloomberg New Energy Finance is the world’s leading provider of industry information and analytics to investors, corporations and governments in Clean Energy (Wind, Bioenergy, Nuclear, CCS, Energy Smart Technologies and Solar), Low Carbon Technologies and the Carbon Markets.
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City of London, UK
Port Harcourt, Nigeria - Tel Aviv, Israel
Lead Modelling Analyst (Clean Energy) @ Bloomberg New Energy Finance
All opinions relating to the content of my Google+ posts are my own personal opinions and do not represent the opinions of the organisation I work for, or any other organisation I am affiliated with in any way whatsoever. My interests lie in Programming (C++ & Python), Project Financing, Statistics, Mathematics, Renewable Energy (particularly within Nigeria), Mobile Technology (particularly anything Google i.e. Android & ChromeOS) and of course Anime (particularly Naruto, Fist of the North Star and OF COURSE One Piece). My Google+ posts tend to reflect my interests, so please do not hesitate to follow me if you equally share any of these interests with me. I will follow you back, but ONLY if you are an active user, with interesting posts. I will not ramble on, I'm sure you have a good idea of who I am now. I will leave you with my favourite quote, which reflects my view of life and problem solving in general... "We have not succeeded in answering all of our problems. The answers we have found only serve to raise a whole set of new questions. In some ways we feel we are as confused as ever, but we believe we are confused on a higher level and about more important things."
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10km race time 45mins, 4% body fat pending...
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  • University College London
    MSc Statistics (Graduated with Distinction), 2008 - 2009
    Statistical Models and Data Analysis, Statistical Computing (R‐package), Decision and Risk, Applied Bayesian Methods, Statistical Inference and Stochastic Methods in Finance. Thesis titled ‘Interest Rate Processes with Stochastic Volatility’.
  • Imperial College London
    BSc Mathematics (Graduated with 2:1), 2005 - 2008
    Finance and Financial Management, Partial Differential Equations, Complex Analysis, Advanced Techniques in Integral and Differential Equations, Applied Probability, Time Series Analysis, Stochastic Simulation (S‐Plus/R‐package) and Scientific Computation (C‐language).
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The sea brim and mango fish sauce is amazing! It is great with egg fried rice... Highly recommended!
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