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Humans suck at seeing and hearing

Here's why:

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This would need to be weighted by the amount of signal available in these ranges to be insightful. ;-)
Moreover, very few live species are able to send or receive signals on different wavelenghts..
I agree with +Ingo Lütkebohle  in that seems this range is fairly comprehensive of the Useful signals.  Besides that, we should consider also the information Overload if we had the possibility to acquire info from other wave lengths as well. We would need to be able to weight and apply many filters consciously, something that right now our nature does automatically.  
How do recommended posts become recommended, only four comments (including mine) and 19 +1s
My girl hears my phone vibrate from downstairs, when am upstairs. Hearing is too good for my liking
Roger Waters told us this ~40 years ago.
Why would you want to see or hear outside of our current range? 
Welcome to the senses of human world. 
 Which sepcies is better than HUMANS here ? believe all that matters is not the ranges of Hz , rather some other aspect which cannot be measured on scale like compassion, empathy, love, hatred etc. etc.
Blame Evolution. I think if there has been no ozone layer we might have added UV regions to our kitty and we would be immune  to Skin cancer  or we wouldn't be here in the first place lol .(   ._.)  
We are able to communicate and use other ranges of spectrum, radio, radars, sonars, ...
Why better or worse. Just noticing the fact of the narrow spectrum we can perceive. A question would be, why those frequencies and not others? In other words Why is that there is no living being able to receive signals in 20 Mhz, for example? that freq has incredible good penetration and propagation figures.
this always makes me think of the movie predator... how cool would it be to be able to switch between frequencies? imagine if you could see  all of the radio waves around us..!
I remember from my physics 2 class, there is a relation between the size of the receiving antenna and the wave lenght. If I recall correctly, antennas of even multiples of wavelenght tend to be better suited. Size=2 x Wavelengt for example.
We see what we need to see and we hear what we need to hear.;)
Is just the way it is. But important to know and think about it. We are not Super as we might think! :)
our mind makes us superior not hearing and seeing:)
I'm searching for the point here.  Do the seemingly arbitrary scales on the chart point to important information we are missing?
The vision range is determined by what our local star puts out at 5,700 Kelvin, not filtered by our atmosphere.  In any case, we compensate for what nature didn't provide directly with technological advancement, increasing our visible and audible spectrums using telescopes, microscopes and a multitude of sensors..  
Given that the frequencies go on to infinity. This would only be valid if it showed to proportion of information or signals outside outside of our perceivable range that we miss. 
We are also able to FEEL infrared and low frequency sound.
Yep, still think I'm doing OK even with this "limitation" . Just take a minute to appreciate how the blind feel. I never take this for granted...
I think there is a fundamental misunderstanding here. If a specie can see or hear in a give frequency, that means:
1) there is something to be seen and heard.
2) the medium allows easy propagation of that signal.
3) it is easy to create signals at that frequency.
4) It is easy to create antennas for that frequency.
5) moreover, being able to receive and send that signals means a big plus in your survivability.
other than that, interpretations about betters or worses are completly irrelevant :)
this would probably look way more interesting, if you left it on a 1d diagram showing the gaps between audible and visible spectrum, and added in other ranges of animals e.g. or frequencies used by radio's microwaves and whatnot. but like this this has no information content or does it really illustrate anything "real"
... And eventhough we are almost deaf and blind, manufactures of monitors and sound systems mostly fail at producing products that saturates our limited sight and hearing with adaquate quality... 

...must have something to do with Shannon's theorem...
This is inaccurate. The relationship between seeing and hearing us not AND but is rather OR. 
You should make one of what curiosity can "hear" and "see". After all, she is extension of human spirit... If we really could not see beyond that little rectangle of graph, there would not be a graph, only our rectangle.
That's evolution for you!

We only see and hear in those areas that are useful to our survival.

IF I could hear microwaves I would either be deafened or the use of such devices would need to be prohibited.

IF I could see radio waves I would need to wear dark glasses all the time or the use of such devices would need to be prohibited (hard since we are bombarded with a whole range of radio waves from outer space all the time.)

IF I could detect brain waves and read minds .... I probably wouldn't like what I hear!
I want to add the Lieutenant Commander Geordi La Forge plot.
As we can only process 126 bits of information each second, I'm glad that I don't have to deal with more...
+Richard Harris You can't hear microwaves... you might have been able to see them though. But yes, we have evolution to thank for it!
It would be interesting to include data on creatures famous for exceeding human limitations... dogs and birds of prey, for instance.
You can make it 3D showing how much space we use compared to the size of the universe...
We see and hear as much as we need to to survive, no more. 
that's why we build any kind of machine :D to see and listen what we can't otherwise :)
alright, we're limited. but I'd like to see it in comparison to other species...
Reincarnate as a Mantis Shrimp...then you'll see better...but you'll still be in that food chain
if the 99% of an atom is empty.... what is what we really see?
Good thing people are smart enough to create infrared and hearing assistance devices, flamethrowers, and what not.. telescopes, etc. I've often thought it kinda sucked that a tortoise outlives us, a gorilla is stronger, a cheetah is faster, and an eagle sees better.. but you know what.. we kill them all, so whatever
Ohhh but if we had RESLLY GOOD hearing we would be able to hear everything ants footsteps, 
our hearing is not up to standard our smell is less than a dog and we have the largest brain in ratio to our body
yeah but we can measure and sense other parts with equipments, albeit somehow!
halloooo this is halloo streight from china ^^
Of course, everything looks tiny when you look at it on a logarithmic scale.
Mujhy Sataa K Wo Meri Duayain Leti Hai
Usay Khabar Hai Mujhe Bad-Dua Nahi
Doesn't excuse ignorant twats who can't take "no" for an answer....
And what we see, we are busy un-seeing.

Close your eyes, and then try to remember where the nearest fire extinguisher is located. You probably walk by it, or several of them, every day at work, somewhere near an entrance. But do you see it? Or are you busy un-seeing it?
Thank science for science!
Hey,it's not about instruments on our bodies that makes us humans
what great human...  we used the limit area to found the universe.
The graph is wrong: a cross section of both areas would suggest that one can only see in the hearing range.  Or the text should be "All you can hear and see at the same time..."
By limiting the bandwidth of input interfaces, it gives the brain more time to process more important information. 
+Ryan Schoppmeyer Actually it looks much bigger on a log-log scale, if it was a linear scale it would be smaller than 1 pixel.

I think the point for me is if we could sense and process these higher frequencies we wouldn't need gadgets to convert the signals into things we can hear and see. Imagine having x-ray 'vision' you could 'see' through clothing. Imagine having infra-red vision, you could see in the dark. Imagine having microwave vision, you could see cosmic background radiation and the whole universe.
If you plotted other animals, the frequencies would hardly change, all they have is the sensitivity to detect smaller amplitude signals.
So what is your angle, if you think you are not part of the sacking thingy. 
It's not how much we can observe and detect, but how much can we analyse from what we observe. Most of the animals have greater range of observability both in light and sound but they cant make scientific predictions as much as we do and even though our physical abilities are less we have developed instruments which can detect the frequencies out of our range.
Love it shows how narrow we all are...even imagination happens in there for we don't know more :-)
Trueshley! Your lines are out of modern touch, they are utterly primitive and absurd?
so we are not hear and see alotoff things up to know huge world out of our reach
The way your cognising, it seems like you are cocksizing?
Michael, that's what he's talking about!
This small spectrum has been selected during evolution, the graph for alien species on different parts of the universe will certainly be interesting !
Of all the animals, humans are the least perceptive, in regard to both hearing and sight
What did you say? I couldn't hear it and it's too small to see it!
In sure we feel the effects of other electromagnetic fields on our bodies, it's just that science and knowledge thought us to ignore those effects.
Am fuckin hopeless at listenin . . . Ask the wife
Let us pray the scale for dumb is never defined...
I'm grateful. Imagine what's gonna happen if you have the hearing of a dog. Will you able to sleep if that happen?
The graph suggests that to perceive things, we have to both hear it and see it. I'm sure people that are either blind or deaf will disagree
Great slide! It is helpful for estimating how much we (do not) know and understand about the world around us. Humans can measure and display frequency ranges beyond their own limitations but it seems quite likely that we have missed a great deal outside our own window.
Don't worry genetic engineering can help us overcome these limitations!
absolutely, and we trully do not know the effects it can have in the brains growing connectios which are electrically pushed and moving creting mini magnetic fields which can be induced if the em waves cross correctly and can be slowly changing the structure of the brains circuitry. Science sometimes has to ignore things that might be negligable for scientific problems. I only say this because at times their can be too much theory being worked out that a test of viability can take too long. then the answers found can discount theories based on unproven theories that turn out to be wrong. More time should be spent testing principles before the scientific defining continues. then we would have more principles to help legitimize a theory. people say scientific fact way too often.
We may be terrible at seeing and heating, yet we create beautify from what our meager eyes and ineffective ears have sensed. The interpretation of those sensory gaps are the arts we love.
Interesting but misleading in that the scales are so has the low end at 1,000,000,000 Hz & the other at 0.000,001 (printed) or 0.000,000,001 (the tick mark is there but the number isn't printed).
Ummm no, Human is human, random evolution over a very long time.   ;)
first of all, its a mirror image like a reflection becauseGods fuul image cannot neccesarily exist on this plane. and who says each step in evolution was random. if it happened, it had to happen that way, and God controls the random. But both of you are absolutely correct
However we arrived the point remains unchanged.
The "sound" axis on that graph goes down to 10^-8 Hz.  That's one complete wave cycle every 3 years.  I'm not sure I see how being unable to "hear" this is any kind of limitation.  How much information can we possibly hope to decode from a signal oscillating at that frequency? 
do you trully know all the ways people are affected by these waves. those are only the things we can prove now, but I personally would wait another hundred years before saying that thats an actual point. it will be changed as science advances. sorry but true. How you arive at a point is the only thing that can make it a valid logical hypothesis
and how about Human Thinking? or it's included in the diagram but so tiny that can't be found?
its like saying we know factually that the other waves are negligable. but prove it and i might agree its possibly correct
Wow the picture must be even worse for us blokes my wife tells me I don't listen or sometimes even notice her.
helllo im jestoni im looking to find a man honest
but we have internet and xbox, so we win
That is why we have technology. Problem solved.
Ryan Ng
but Xbox, TV and iTunes make our ears go bad and Internet makes our eyes go worse
Opposable thumbs you animal bitches!  Take that!
The fact that we can see or hear or even have senses means we are superior in sight and hearing than a vast majority if organisms. 
I would have liked to have seen some other animals in the chart as a comparison.
This is so true.. Makes you think what life would be like otherwise. We miss even more if you think about how much more we miss with the rest if our senses... Feeling..smelling...tasting.. Etc.
I've always wanted a pair of glasses that could be set to spectrum, rendering un-viewable radiation into a visible light 'translation'.  X-ray's from the sun would be cool to watch.
I think it is perfectly optimized. Can you imagine if we could have seen the whole spectrum or hear all the noise? then things would have not been so beautiful.
I think this data is based mostly on husbands...
Well other animals are able tosee or hear better then us but at least one of their other senses are worse then ours.
I am oblivious to most of it and I am so glad for my ignorance. 
This is the example of someone looking at glass half-empty, rather more than half-empty. With all the advances and knowledge humans have acquired I'd say that is the most appropriate range or sight and hearing.
The Glass is not half-empty or half-full... the Glass is too big for the volume of liquid you just poured into it. <Mind Blowing Perspective Change>
Ever think that maybe God made us this way for a reason? I don't, I know He did.
Ah..but the point of this is to help us all be a little less arrogant about our place in the universe.  Very interesting.
No, the liquid is just too small for the glass
the content of the liquid and the volume of the glass matters!
A finishing line,is just an a beging to a new rise
It is only a few from us to have learned or studied or found it about in the past, but who is that person from us to need the information, in the real life?
Yeah, human sucks because we see and hear about this.
Do you get paid to waset you time like this or do you not understand what going bryond the range we have means? Why don't you put up a graph of "we don't live very long compared with the sun" ?
Maybe we will be able to hear/see more after 21 december when the most extraordinary things will happen...or maybe not :)
Years ago, when I got my first pair of hearing aids, the audiologist noted that the greatest hearing loss for most men >30 is in the female voice range. My wife and three daughters thought that was by choice.
Evolution "has given us" sight and hearing in the ranges where it is useful for us as a species. the frequency range plotted for sound includes frequencies which would be totally useless for hearing, much too slow (10^-6 Hz: 1 cycle in 11 days...). Similar for the electromagmetic spectrum: what's the point ins "seeing" radio waves when they penetrate pretty much everything in our natural environment.
It just goes to show that there are all kinds of things going on around us that are completely invisible to us.
yes, but we have the intellect to synthetically perceive the rest.

mind not blown. mind awesome.
Leo M
i can see still fine wtf?????
Just one more thing to be ashamed of.
Where does the kid who could see dead people fit into this?
DON'T YOU DARE LUMP 'US' ALL TOGETHER!!!  I totally disagree!!  WE ARE ALL,...  A DIVINE CREATION!!  If you "suck" That's you're own decision!!
Hey Erin,...  Go fuck yourself!!
You're not trying hard enough!!
Hear no evil,see no evil and react to no evil,imagine if we heard/see everything,you'd see every bloody part of a human body-some of us would never have girlfriends becoz we are either too small/too big,man would walk around with their erect manhood!!!!!and about hearing you'd hear an ant crawl into your sugar basin in the kitchen while you are sleeping In the bedroom!!!!!
Check the visual spectrum against the frequencies of light for which liquid water is transparent.  Our visual system evolved under water, and we carry little globes of water between out pupils and retinas.
Proving believe nothing you see and only half of what you hear ! LOL!
This help disprove who says they only believe in what is seen and heard.
what i see and hear are enough and i thank god for that :)
+Ulf Weihbold It's rather interesting that we can't see or hear such a significant range  of data but can understand all that data despite the fact that we can't see or hear it.  We certainly don't suck at that.
We are not what we see or what we hear, we are what we think to see and to hear. In that field, the range is as ample as the universe itself. We were created to see and hear with our mind. 
And they say we're the only intelligent beings in the universe....
We are endowed with  insight and introspection... that the graph fails to show.
flawed theory I can disprove this in a instent, its based upon the person and sadly their ability to understand the world around them.
should they have a open mind their range of sight increses greatly.
while their awearness of thier sourroundings effect thier hearing.
i can hear a pin drop two rooms away behined closed door wtih the television on. this is due to my sourroundings if you are in a dangerous area you develop greater hearing & sight.
Sam Bao
But,you know what?we still rule the world.
no woman rule the world we are but slaves to their will lol
what of the 6th sense this is not proven to be fact however we all have the ability to entre a room and know we are been watched, the air seems tense we are not welcomem etc this alos factors into the sight and hear issuee here
"I see dead people" man too many good movie quote setups :-)
Я со своей стороны говорю бред...
Но если хотите практическое применение расширить для прыжка точку пространства. Могу помочь практически.
Let's see, If you put the same graph with the range of other animals or robots, then you would have human potential spectrum rigth. Other animals have range in different values, but with the same kind of limitation. The important thing here is for example that our vision is optimized for the high energy electromagnetic waves (green is the highest actually). This means that humans spend less energy that any other animal in the world to recognize stuff like foods (trees, animal) and objects. 
Marcus, what we see is what we think to see, the same as hearing, if you want to think you can hear a pin drop, with the television on, from a distance without any device, but there isn't any pin, you are not hearing, you are thinking hearing.
i can asure you I have such hearing, it comes from necessity. my ears are cocked 24 hours a day, expect trouble and your senses become more active and more awear.
So your hearing wavelenght must be super noisy.
 Come on! we are capable to think devices to see and hear a pin drop from space, we are capable to select hearing the audibles around us including may dog barks for differents noises. But a pin drop?
wussop girls ? inbox me and we can talk 
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Carla S
I'm going to take this up with Dr. Sheldon Cooper...
if we could see the whole spectrum.... just no..... massive sensory overload
Actually we can detect microwaves. Just not with our eyes. More like by watching our skin burning...
lol humans suck most of the time
Our intelligence means that we suck at everything else. Our sense of smell, taste, sight, touch, our strength and lack of "cool features" like echo location or thermal vision makes us vastly inferior in many ways compared to other animals. 
you are correct messare.... but as you know hu-mans are ingenious which other animal can say they made a device that amlifies hearing (hearing aid) or something that help see in the dark (night vision ) but, i too wish perhaps it would good if we were born with these abilities ....
You've overlooked the range of hearing that married men block out...
how much could Geordi LaForge see with his visor... 
Geordi would see nothing,  His visor is a prop and he is a fictional character.  
Evolution is mind over matter for which we may never know
Ulf any ideas why that is?
how is it measured again?
They are infinite spectra... of course the human ranges look small...
Is the range of hearing also including the voices in my head?
Has science yet figured out how to dramatically expand these ranges?  I'd be a guinea pig for that.
That's okay we still have the most important sense of all "feeling"
Because I am schizophrenic,I don't suck at hearing and seeings things !
... Your teeth are yellow haha
That is all we need to see and hear though!
Alex M
I heard there's this thing called technology that humans have invented to let them expand their seeing and hearing range.
Leo Lee
If you want to point out the limitation of natural human ability, you can draw a graph with lift weight and jump height, or feeling temperature and feeling pressure. That is why we are expanding our ability with technology and science.
i think the range is much smaller for my kid when i say, 'take out the trash'
This is very powerful insights. Wow great brains.
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