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movement starts with a thought
movement starts with a thought

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Let's not hope but make politicians commit to substantial change!

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These 10 UN Experts on Human Rights published their concern on June 2, 2015 and this needs to be known by all of us because of the huge impact of secret treats and trade agreements we yet don't know of enough. Please continue to share, Thank you

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My friend Jens Fuhr and me are running two fund raising events fin favor of  Marcus Kuhn on his way back into life: or (in English) or (in German).
If you have friends in Stuttgart or around Stuttgart and Korntal please share any of these links.  Thank you!
Wishing y'all a Happy and Healthy New Year!

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Tonight I am back in the UK and curious to meet you and new friends. We'll find more vitality for sure, somewhere hidden underneath the layers of… you name it - here in Switzerland it's currently a layer of  snow. Cheers

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Clarify, simplify + focus to access more vitality: Come & join the quest. We're meeting in LON. You're warmly invited  See­ing how powerful the effects on other par­ti­cipants and yourself are, will change your under­stand­ing of human move­ment and func­tion, of the way you are made and the way you are made to move. You will move in healthier ways, and enjoy your body's physicality on a completely different level, experience yourself invigorated - sustainably.

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Warming up for more events to come this week… We had a lot of fun and learned a lot together
A AMAOSPA em parceria com a OSPA,  possibilitou para os pais e alunos da escola da OSPA, um grande momento com o professor Ulf Tolle, onde tivemos uma noção melhor do nosso corpo e como podemos melhorar nossa qualidade de vida através dos nossos movimentos.

AMAOSPA - Associação de Amigos da Orquestra Sinfônica de Porto Alegre.

Obrigado a todos os presentes.

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Out there today at 12 noon, presenting my take on movement health at Clerkenwellbeing 's Open Day:
You're cordially invted for free talks, open classes, taster sessions and much more. That even includes a goodie bag
Look here I'ld love to see many of you over there. Y'all are cordially invited !
The European Working Conditions Survey EWCS 2005 showed that between 35-43% of days of absenteeism can be attributed to musculo-skeletal disorders. The next EWCS 2010 showed that the situation has gotten even more critical. Clerkenwellbeing and MotionMastery™ are serving London's Business Community in the area of EC1 and EC2 Come along to the talk – or give us a phone call on 020 7193 0981 (Ulf Tölle MPH) or on 020 7490 4042 (Clerkenwellbeing)  and let's find out, how we can help you and your business to get healthier and healthier and thus reach your business goals with more ease and in better health.
E.g. in 2002 Victorinox from Swiss Knives Valley, a Swiss business par excellence, had 53000 hours not worked mainly due to RSI in their plant with 967 employees. With only absence management and health promotion focussing on movement health be means of the Alexander-Technique they cut the hours down to 27000 hours within 7 years. The numbers started reducing from day one!
Why should your business wait any longer? Why not get started today or tomorrow?

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My new blog post on freedom of choice is live. If you'ld like read it here

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Are you frozen in front of your computer screen and drained at the end of the day?
Work-related #health problems and #work -related #stress are still on the rise – even though it would be relatively easy to counteract them constructively. I'ld be happy to share my expertise with you – I am running my next workshop in #London in the #Barbican area on 19. & 20.8.2014 
If you'ld like to know more about the possibilities with my approach (which is a scientifically proven one!) have a read here:  or you can download even more information here:

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I've done it again - my newest blogpost is live!
What Colour Is Your Clockwork?  Enjoy and share the joy  
Cheers Ulf
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