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Despite of the May, 2nd tragedy Odessa is recovering. Streets are full of people, especially in the week ends. Last Saturday there was a amateur concert in the City Garden, Deribasovskaya street. Students of the Odessa Jurist Academy gave a nice concert for every one who were there at the City Garden.

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Coming Tourist season in Crimea is going to be complicated for businessmen who are involved into tourist there. 65% of tourists that visited Crimea at 2013 were Ukrainians. It was 4 millions people. Most likely a very little part of this amount will go there again in 2014. There are a few reasons for taking the decision to change the place for vacation at 2014. Ukrainians preferred Crimea for vacation at the sea shores because of the easy transportation, location and the absence of visa requirements. Actually all 3 reasons disappear at the next season. As addition the new, psychological reasons appear. It must be hard for most people to go to the area that does not belong to Ukraine any longer.
Crimea was selecting as a place for vacation also by some Europeans, Americans, Australian and citizen from some other countries. The new situation makes it almost impossible at 2014. The point is that the The European organization for safety of air navigation of air navigation imposed a ban of flights of the European air carriers to Simferopol and Sevastopol. So, transportation to the Crimean beaches is going to be really complicated for guests from the West.
So, Crimea should expect tourists from the Russian Federation and Belarus only. The new Crimean power says that it expects to increase a tourist's there more than by a third – to 8 million people. However, experts claim that Russians won't be able to compensate the loss of the Ukrainian flow of tourists to the peninsula. As the press secretary of the Russian union of the tourist's industry Irina Tyurina declared Crimea's tourism hit hard from unrest, the transportation is the main problem. To take as many as 8 million tourists to Crimea they should provide 600 flights per week minimum to Simferopol and Sevastopol. Unfortunately it sounds as too fantastic goal.
Due to the experts valuations, the average tourist spent 4,5 – 5,0 thousands UAH for 10 days vacation. So, the loss of 4 million visitors from Ukraine is going to become a great loss for the Crimean budget. However, the other Ukrainian resorts - Black Sea Coast, Priazovye and the Carpathians could expect to get those funds. So, the deputy head of GovTourizmResorts Andrey Shenin thinks, that Odessa, Kherson and Nikolaev resorts have a good chances to increase a tourist's stream this year. Thus, as Tsaruk claims, summer holiday in these regions will cost at least 20-40% cheaper, than in Crimea.
Odessa area is going to become most popular this coming summer. This direction is much better for the vacation of young people, there are a lot of entertaining places, nice beaches, discos, night clubs, good restaurants, etc.
Actually Odessa is ready to meet any risen amount of guests. There are a lot of hotels, private mini hotels, Home hotels, private apartments that are renting on the daily basis. The quality of the accommodations for tourists from the West grew up very quickly during the last 5-7 years and they could be a considerable competitors for a nice Western hotels. As example: Apartments on Deribasovskaya
So, experts expect that the Tourist service of Ukraine may even grow up because of the sad situation of the Crimea loss. It’s life…

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Дерибасовская 12, в этом доме расположено наше агентство.
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