ОP: MissionDayPlus. Lviv
City: Lviv / Ukraine

Organizers: chumick, MariLV, pro1OOtery

Plan drawing: ylos

Intel: Asso08

Keys farming, linking and cross removal team:
Enlightened team:
chumick, iAndriiK, Kraplja, lifeleon, MariLV, microred, Nikoolin, Ogall, Olezi0, SonyaFro, Shad0wLV, yarkopen

Resistanсe team:
alivespirit, CuteScarecrow, DANskiy, JaLaloma, jaPadla, LsasS, k1n0man, lvivstoner, Martinikaaa, MilaEm, NBrown43, SvaStoneLV

Lviv agents have created a beautiful field art recently, it was dedicated to the Mission Day Plus event.
The art itself has been planned three years ago and initially it was dedicated to the first ever Ukrainian Mission Day in lviv. But it was not completed at that time due to various reasons, so the plan was postponed until now.
All in a good time...
The plan became even better and more precious for agents during these years, it aged like a good wine.
The total plot size was really huge, so preparations took the whole week and even the drawing itself took a couple of days.
Of course, new cross-links continued to appear during that time, some parts were damaged and had to be renewed.
But just before the Mission Day Plus event the Lviv locals and city guests managed to draw a perfect Mission Day badge on the map!
Lviv agents are very grateful to NIA for getting MD+ event.
And they hope to get another chance for one more Mission Day in their ancient city in the next years. This time as an addition to the primary site of some future Ingress Anomaly ;)

Ukrainian version: http://telegra.ph/MissionDayPlus-Lviv-06-06

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