ОP: Lviv patron saint, St. George the Slayer of a Dragon


City: Lviv / Ukraine

Organizers: MariLV, Nikoolin, Ogall

Plan drawing: LEXagonic

Intel: Asso08

Keys farming, Linking and cross removal team: arlan, B0B44, ChaosATO, Dr0tiK, kitsune666, lifeleon, Maks1i, MariLV, memmius1, Nikoolin, Ogall, rem666, RiThaDystopia, Shad0wLV, softadon, yarkopen

XaBka, thank you for providing the transport services.

Lviv celebrated 762 years recently, so local Enlightenment agents greeted the city with a field art of Lviv patron saint, St. George the Slayer of a Dragon.

#Ukrainе #Lviv #Enlightened #EnlightenedUkraine #Ingress #SitRep
+NIA Ops +Niantic Project +Anne Beuttenmüller +Andrew Krug +H. Richard Loeb +Lizzy N. +Archit Bhargava

More information is available in Ukrainian:
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