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There's nothing little about the interest expected in Littlestone for this four bedroom detached property, a LOT of bidding expected for this sought after postcode.

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Now, before I vanish I've one more thing to show you. It's off to Devon for this one though, and it's most certainly not been shown much love like the property above has clearly had over the years... in fact this one is entirely derelict!

Yup, I don't usually write about plots of land. Often there isn't a lot to write about them unless it's got something pretty unique on there, and that is where this one caught my attention. We see some unusual things from time to time(there was even a crypt for sale a couple of years back!) but this is my first former cider press barn, and that piqued my interest. The first thing I did was look at what some intact ones would have been like, and there's some stunning examples out there of ones that have been maintained or restored to their former glory, used as features or as a bit of history frozen in time.

This one has been allowed to go into complete disrepair, the plot is overgrown, and you can't actually see a lot of the building left... so why am I bothering to mention it? Something about it calls out to me though, it's a property that could have another lease of life of shown a little of that love and tlc instead of being left neglected for nature to reclaim. The suggestion with this one is to create a work space or storage.... in fact I'd even suggest a work studio perhaps? Seems a lovely natural setting for being creative and artsy as well to me. Who knows if that history might even inspire... especially if you go to cut back the overgrown plot and discover that some of the past life of this building might still reside in there under the carpet of plants/weeds that have taken over what remains.

I think that's what drew me in, wondering if any of the past might be hidden under all that greenery. It's certainly got some strength in what remains of those walls or nature would have destroyed them long ago, and that's a starting point for creating something new, or restoring what it was before. Either way it's a great little spot to get creative methinks! :-)

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Today we've a rather charming three bedroom property in Gloucestershire to check out, and it's well worth taking the time as this one has plenty going for it :-)

Now, this one's Grade II Listed folks... which tends to catch my interest as the listed properties to in general tend to be a little bit extra special. Undoubtedly, it's the exterior of this one that shines brightest as a stunning example of Cotswold stone. I can't help but adore the way this one has been designed and created. I don't know enough about the materials used to confidently say how unusual or common that wonderful yellowish hue is in the stone that frames the features of this property, but it's something I'm personally in awe of as I've not seen one quite like this before.

I actually ended up reading a little about Cotswold stone after being so enamoured with the colour of the stone used to create this property's eye catching appearance, and it seems that the yellower hue I'm so drawn to is stone from the North part of the Cotswolds. Further south is where the stone has that grey tone I'm more accustomed to seeing cross my path. I cannot help but agree with a description of North Cotswold stone as having a rich honey colour... in fact I far prefer that to my attempt to describe it as a yellow hue! Honey, that's the ideal way to describe the stone surrounding the windows, doors and edges of the walls :-)

Another surprise was discovering that these properties usually are of an entirely stone exterior with even stone slates on the roof. I'm not going to even pretend to be certain of the roof being 60 degrees in angle, or of those traditional stone slates... but that being said, it is a Grade II Listed property, so most likely it will be all those things.

I may be no expert, but you don't need to be to appreciate how beautiful the exterior of this property is, and I was in awe to see the size of the large stone that stretches across the top of the fours ground floor windows on the rear face of the property. It appears to be a single stone running almost the full length of the building, and perhaps there is some invisible seam I'm unable to spot in these images, but either way it's an amazing look that's echoed by the same framing of the two second floor windows above. It's a lovely contrast with the way the front windows are each individually framed by the honey stone in a stepped pattern. The rear elevation is of much simpler design, and yet it's the rear wall I personally love the most thanks to the wow factor of that single enormous stone lintel piece that almost entirely divides the property in two horizontally.

Right, I'm thinking it makes sense to check out the rear garden next, especially since we've already covered so much of the exterior of this wonderful building... and it's a fantastic space on offer that is extremely well enclosed by high beech hedges that provide an excellent feeling of privacy. There's plenty space to relax and entertain on the terraced seating area, and I love the little bird bath on the lawn area. The flower/plant borders are well cared for and maintained... it's a lovely garden that doesn't look too difficult to maintain for the average person, though it definitely feels like it's had a bit of knowledgeable and a more experienced hand to create it.

The garden really does have the best of both worlds really, and even benefits from a small lawn to the front as well. I've no idea what the plant is that's growing by the front door of the property, but I suspect it may be some kind of climber/rose. If so it will be a lovely sight(and probably smell too) in the summer months, and what a lovely welcome that is to have to your home! There's a lovely balance between hard surface and greenery here... enough green space to bring in nature and softer surface for perhaps kids to play on, but it's done without being overwhelming to the less experienced when you take in those hedges and the flower beds. There's lawn to both front and rear, yet it looks just small enough for one person to easily maintain in a day with time to spare for relaxing afterwards :-)

Ok, enough about outside... it really is time to find out if this one is as charming on the inside too! While there's certainly not enough images to show us every room in this property, there is plenty to give a good sense of the atmosphere and style throughout. With exception to the kitchen, all other images display a neutral palette has been used throughout. Perfect for buyers that love to put their stamp on a place, and also for investors looking to snap up a property for rental since this neutral feel perfectly suits those needs as well. We don't have any image for the bathroom, so there's no way to know if it's neutral as well, or perhaps it may be a small splash of colour amidst the pale tones like the kitchen has proved to be in a beautiful bold blue colour.

Speaking of the kitchen, yup it's not looking the biggest being more of a narrow galley shaped room in the image, but don't be too quick to write it off for that. The floor plans do also show there's some things to the left of that image, and my best guess would be that a fridge and possibly some kind of storage unit(s) are also in there but didn't fit into the image. They've been smart to grab they angle used though, as it definitely covers the biggest features on show... in fact I can't quite decide what I love more, that belfast sink, or the amazing thick wooden work surface stretching end to end across the whole length of the room! It's also impossible to ignore those quirky windows that sit a little lower in the walls than you'd find in the average modern home, leading to small sunken areas behind the work surface.

The windows themselves are delightfully quaint with their tiny glass panes and pretty wooden frames... I'm not sure if they present the ideal place for displaying maybe plants or some kind of ornaments in the little dipped windowsill areas, or if it's simply the ultimate curl up and snooze spot for a cat or two, something worth bearing in mind if you have kitties and don't like them on your kitchen worktops, as you'd need to plan a solution in advance for that scenario before it's claimed by your feline friend(s)! The great news all round is that there are some other windows that appear to present a place for cats/people to sit and enjoy the view, or for furballs to sun themselves while avoiding a telling off for jumping up in the kitchen... but that said, the kitchen ones are still what my own feline companion would stubbornly choose, so as cat lovers out there will already know, you may have to pick their battles here! :op

As in a lot of listed properties, the rooms throughout this property don't feel really big, but regardless the living room area is a really good size here. There's also at least two fabby feature fireplaces on show here, and the upstairs is showing some brilliant use of roof space to get added head height and an overall feeling of more space on offer in those upper rooms. Admittedly the upper window shown is pretty small, but is that really a big issue if it's a room you sleep and get changed in? Well it certainly wouldn't bother me when the living areas are so bright and light, and the outside area is so well enclosed.

From the lovely arched front door to that amazing stone lintel at the rear, and from the well maintained lawns up to the rooms in the eaves... this is a well loved listed property that's ideal to live in immediately and make your mark on later. Each room seems to have at least one funky feature on show, and despite the neutral tones almost everywhere and empty rooms throughout it still feels very homely. This is a property easy to fall in love with, and must have been difficult to part with, but only one person can walk away from auction with this one folks. The big question now is, will that be you? ;-)

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Yes this 3 bedroom detached property needs work but its what is in the garden that makes it a little bit special. A WW2 air raid shelter! A little piece of history in your own back yard

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Hey everyone,

I have something pretty special to show you all today, and if you're looking for a property that exudes 'Wow Factor', then you're definitely in the right place. To get us started off I'm gonna ask you a wee question... have you ever dreamt of living in a castle one day? If the answer is yes(or if the question itself has you feeling curious) then please read on and see what you think of this rather special property in County Durham...

Firstly, I'd like to make clear that it's not an 'actual' castle itself that's on offer here. We are about to check out the next best thing though. This property is not only set within the grounds of a real castle, it's a wonderful conversion of existing buildings that are actually attached to the castle itself! So, if you did manage to get your hands on this incredible property at auction, you would find yourself literally residing next door to an actual castle, and you'd be living in an unusual home that comes with some funky castle-type features of its own too!! :-)

Once you take a moment to get over just how incredible it is that this property is adjoining an actual castle, the next thing this unique home throws at you are those lovely stone walls with an amazing castellated roof line. Yup, that's the first time I've ever had to describe a property as castellated, and it's really not something you come across every day even when seeing hundreds of properties on a regular basis like we do here at UKAL.

Such a bold exterior combined with these stunning surroundings simply isn't to be missed, so lets take a closer look and check out what else this home has to offer...

Obviously that charming stone exterior is quite the talking point in itself, and I especially love that ragged edge of wall to the left of what I assume is the front door to the property. Likewise, I'm equally fond of that door which despite a fairly plain appearance is very much in keeping with the look of the property, and thanks to the shaped stone surround that frames the door perfectly it therefore becomes the ideal entrance to this quirky home. I adore the low key, subtle, and simple style of the exterior over all as it allows the battlements to make maximum impact, while still feeling proportionate to the size of the property.

I also love that nothing feels over or under done here. That seems to be a common theme throughout the interior as well. Every area of the home has a perfect balance of simplicity, neutral tones, and lovely little touches of magic where fabby features are to be found. The ground floor has a lovely open feel to it, especially thanks to the high ceilings in the main living space on the ground floor. The room has twin archways to one end, there are twin glass doors leading into the kitchen on the opposite wall... add those with the two tall windows letting light pour in, and you've got yourself a light, spacious room with a fab feature fireplace as the focal point. That lovely wood burning stove is the icing on the cake, and it isn't difficult to imagine how much it will be appreciated to snuggle up in front of during winter when you have such a large space to heat.

The kitchen is equally impressive, if not even more so, and I'm loving the large kitchen island with what appears to be a dark marble countertop. Those smart floor tiles are perfectly matched to the worktops, and it's the ideal space to combine cooking/baking with entertaining. That gas hob situated on the island is great, allowing you to enjoy cooking without having to turn your back on others in the room... an equally fab feature for allowing parents to keep a closer eye on the kids while preparing a meal. There's even space for a handy dining table with room still going spare. Add in the funky sunk in ceiling spotlights, smart cabinet doors, twin ovens, and what looks to be a large double fridge/freezer, and it's a wonderful kitchen that can handle whatever you need it to. Perfect for anyone with a love of cooking and baking :-)

Moving upstairs, the next thing to catch my eye was the quirky little window in the hallway. The way this building was converted to residential has resulted in the hallway window being set at floor height. It's made what could have been a dark corner into a light bright space, the ideal spot for a comfy chair for reading in and perhaps a small table for enjoying a ccupa with the views. I don't know if the ceiling is actually arched there, or if it's just a trick of the light from the uplighters giving the appearance of a curved ceiling, but it looks funky either way :-)

The bedrooms appear to be largely a blank slate throughout, they are all well proportioned, and also enjoy plenty of natural light. The master bedroom has the benefit of a lovely en suite, and the family bathroom is a good size too. Apparently there is a spacious enclosed garden outside the property, but unfortunately the exterior shots have all focused on the building itself, so the garden is a bit of an unknown. It's pretty safe to assume it's been well maintained though given the location and adjoining property.

Admittedly, I'd personally find that having a single shade on all the interior walls throughout would probably bug me quite quickly, but that isn't really an issue when you think about it. That's one thing that's incredibly easy to change. This is absolutely the ideal blank canvas, and it is totally ready for someone to make their mark and inject further character and persinality into this stunning conversion. You could easily move in there as it is, and can then take your time decorating each room in turn... until one day that property you were once dreaming of has become the actual reality surrounding you.

So there you go folks, can you see yourself living in your own little castle? It really is the closest thing you're gonna get, and especially for such a reasonable price!

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Hey everyone, I've a great auction lot to share with you today... So, we're off to Derbyshire to take a closer look at a rather interesting opportunity that will appeal to a wide range of buyers.

Alas, it's another one of those properties where I find myself lamenting the manner in which the information has been presented, lacking clarity that could/should have been there... it's a more regular occurrence than it likely should be, but we are all only human after all :o)

Right... It's time to talk property, and this is a fantastic opportunity to purchase not one, but two connected properties! Both are very quirky and charming, plus the gardens are a feature in themselves.

I made the mistake of reading the title of the AH website listing first, and as a result actually thought initially that I was looking at a single five bedroom house for sale! The indoor images were niggling at me though and, on closer inspection, the discovery of a second kitchen had me reappraising all the info much more extensively. Fortunately the brochure cleared things up swiftly as the more polished presentation stated immediately that this was two properties, one with two bedrooms and one with three bedrooms...

Now, I don't know about you guys, but to me houses just aren't comparable to apples. If you have three apples in one hand and two apples in the other, then you could also correctly say you have five apples... but since when does it work to add together the bedrooms of two individual houses and then describe them as a five bedroomed semi-detached house!?! Yes, it was described correctly a good bit further down the page, but that's not really an excuse for that confusing title, and I cannot quite fathom the strange logic that was applied in creating it! :op

Ok peeps, now that we are totally clear on how many properties we are being offered here(it is definitely two properties folks!), it's about time we actually took a look at one of them, and herein lies my second hurdle. It's not actually been made clear which images belong to which property, but we will muddle through. I quite fancy starting with that fabulous exterior first.

There are some well loved gardens to be found around this pair of properties, and it's got quite the magical feel to it. It has the look of a secret walled garden, dancing perfectly that line between manicured and running a little bit wild, plus those exterior walls of the houses are equally mysterious with their unexpected angles, dimensions and scale. It's a bit of a brain bender. The more I research this property, the more I'm actually becoming sympathetic to whoever the Auction House had write up this lot.

It constantly tries to defy your attempts to describe it clearly or to understand the floor plans when looking at the outside walls. Even a close look in Street View could not clear up what bits belong to which property, so I'm changing tactics... These properties are clearly very much intertwined together, so I'll treat them as more like a main house with annexe I think. The longer I look, the more I can see it's greatest potential would be either conversion to a single dwelling, multiple smaller units, or my favourite would be to do no worse than maybe add a connecting door so that a dependant relative could enjoy relative freedom in the smaller property, while also remaining close at hand.

The second garden, belonging to the smaller property I think, is the more overgrown looking of the two and it's hard to tell from these images if those are just mature plants bunched up together or if something is running rampant. It is a fairly manageable size though and flat enough to be rather mobility friendly too.

The smaller of the kitchens is likewise making me think it would be very well suited to perhaps an elderly couple or a dependant relative. It would be a tight squeeze in here for a family of four for example. It may also prove bigger than it appears were you to redecorate in lighter neutral tones instead of this navy patterned paper on show now. I think the navy shelves and units( if they remain) could be fab left that way once the walls behind them are much paler. As for that floor, I'm really hoping it's an original feature and as hard wearing as it appears. That red/terracotta shade in check pattern with the black is rather retro funky in appearance. I'd definitely be keeping that if it were my choice to make! :op

By comparison, the larger property has a true family kitchen with enormous long pine dining table and bags of room to spare. You could easily host Christmas dinner at that table it's such a generous size. There is also a modern contemporary feel in this kitchen with the lovely glossy cream cabinets and smart wooden worktop. Plenty of room to cook, bake, and entertain in here. Answers on a postcard if you've any real ideas why there appears to be some kind of plastic bag hanging from the middle of the ceiling! I'm unsure if maybe it's a broken light fitting and the bag is preventing bits falling, or perhaps it's an uber awesome light fitting they're hiding so we won't know they plan to take it with them to their new house? I dunno, maybe you guys will have other ideas. It is definitely a bit odd ;-)

Right, so where are we now... gardens - check... kitchens - check... livingroom/lounge... now we have three rooms to puzzle out their location/purpose. Two are clearly a sitting room and the pattern continues in more ways than one! One room looks a little larger than it's counterpart and belongs to the property with the little navy blue kitchen, and while I personally find the wallpaper a little too busy for my own tastes it is probably light, clean, and bright enough to work for some folks. That feature fireplace looks to be cast iron with what appears to be tile inlays to each side. I'd like to think that wonderful fireplace will be retained when any renovation/redecoration is carried out as it adds tons of character to the space.

Now, the other sitting room has pale walls, modern feature fireplace, and modern looking furniture, so I'm again confident this one belongs to the large dining kitchen and the three bedroom house. Wow, that almost sounded like I was playing Cluedo there!! While the camera angle made the first of the sitting rooms seem a little bigger, these images are actually deceptive and the floor plans indicate the opposite to be true. I think furniture has also played into that illusion as well since the sideboard in the modern property is enormous and the room would definitely appear bigger without that large piece.

Ok, more Cluedo now... according to the floor plans our third room is a dining hallway. Yes, you read that right. Apparently dining hallway is a room function! New one on me, but it's a slightly old fashioned kinda home so maybe it's me that's too new to recognise an old type of room. Either way I'm not accustomed to spotting a curiosity like that every day. It feels almost like it's been a spare space and not much used beyond perhaps sitting by the lovely fireplace. Another dark patterned wallpaper on display in there as well, and it's making the place much smaller and darker than it need be. I'm thinking a warm neutral colour would easily liven up and enlarge this space. I'm not sure if you will want to retain it's current function though. The layout would be work examining in the two bed house for ways it can be improved perhaps.

Lastly it's time to check the upstairs in these properties. Now I'm glad to be able to be a bit more general here. All the rooms are a good size, and it's easy enough by now to spot which has a newer or older style so as to pinpoint which property they reside in. We have only been shown one large modern bathroom though folks, so make sure to check what the situation is in the retrotastic two bed home. It's possible that's needing updated, or maybe they just didn't want to put up too many photos and it's needing a lick of paint at worst. It's an unknown for the moment.

My one big disappointment is that there is mention of the cellars under the two bed, and before I forget to mention, it's still got a pantry in there folks. Total blast from the past there. But there's no pictures of those intriguing cellars, so unless you plan to make some enquiries prior to auction I'd assume they may not currently be in a usable state. That said, these are some rather solidly built properties that have clearly stood the test of time, so I'm sure those cellars will be worth any work required since it is likely that the bare bones are pretty decent.

Wow, what a crazy adventure this one has been. A proper mystery tour! One property is large spacious and modern while in a move in as is state, and the other is smaller with a lot of retro decor and might benefit from a layout tweak as well as refurbishment. There is a lot of potential here though, and it definitely feels like it has been a family home with older dependant relative adjacent in the smaller cottage. It's got plenty potential for further use in that way, but of course it will also be of interest to the investor or developer. There is a lot of property here for the price, and there may be scope to change layout, divide things up smaller, or to convert these into one large five bedroom home.

I'm not quite sure what way it'll go with this one. I am very much curious to find out though. I'll be keeping an eye out for this unique pair of properties in future and hope to someday discover where things will turn next for this puzzling property :-)

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Cant think of a line to go with this grrr. But I think its so versatile: keep as private home, back to care home, develop into seperate houses / flats - all planning in place.

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