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Just like last year and the year before, I am making available a free printable calendar with 12 beautiful, high-resolution photos. You can download one of the two ZIP files linked below. Each one contains 12 PDF files, the only difference being that one set is in US Letter format (8.5" × 11") and the other one is in A4 format (210mm × 297mm). Choose the one that corresponds to your paper size. Printing on ink-jet glossy paper is recommended.

US Letter:


If you download my calendar, all I am asking is that you kindly +1 and share this post. Thank you very much.
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so lovely.. thank you and sharing now!
Thank you +Ugo Cei . Wall calendars with beautiful pictures are something that I treasure. I will enjoy this all next year. :-)
its very beautiful!!!thx
you're very generous +Ugo Cei and you have put a nice selection together!
How generous of you, and what stunning photos!!! (I didn't download because I print my own photo calendars for my family, but wanted to see what photos you used.)
Beautiful, thank you.  Shared here and on Facebook.
What a great idea. Thank you so much +Ugo Cei !! Shared..and plussed.
Since my entire schedule is on my phone these days, I haven't used a paper calendar in a while. But took a quick peek at the images you included, and they're quite beautiful. Lovely selection!
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