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UFO Energy
Professional Lithium Battery Manufacturer, Started From 2005
Professional Lithium Battery Manufacturer, Started From 2005

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Several Reasons of Lithium Battery System Fires
Security is the lifeblood of child battery, the  lifepo4 48v  system from the inside out cause of the fire in recent thinking and analysis, this is considered a major reason for the layers to push forward, then consider the previous and future accidents put...

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Storage Batteries Made Significant Breakthrough
High-performance chemical storage batteries and  portable solar power generator  power plant key technology research, supported by high energy density, low-cost new supercapacitor key technologies , long-life lithium manganese battery energy storage system ...

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LifePo4 Storage Battery For Portable Solar Power Generator
Lithium- i ron battery  solar powered portable generato r system can be used as a variety of electric power and stability of the buffer between the needs of the power can be increased as wind, solar and other unstable power generating capacity. Wind power g...

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Top 4 Tips to Maintain UPS LifePo4 Batteries
Many people think that the lifePo4 batteries is maintenance-free, especially when using a UPS power supply, this idea is even more apparent. But in fact, the problem is due to the lack of maintenance caused by battery failure in all UPS's share is quite hig...

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5 Tips for Choosing Best UPS LifePo4 Battery
Determine the required UPS capacity: Calculate the sum of all load S = S1 + S2 + ...... + Sn Unit: VA. Select UPS capacity ≥S ÷ 0.8 (consider the impact resistance and the need for expansion of the UPS). UPS to determine the required type: according to the ...

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Solar Power Battery Storage System The Principle of Charging and Discharging
Solar Power Battery Storage System Solar power battery has a high operating voltage, high energy density, a series of unique advantages of long cycle life, environmental protection and so on. And supports stepless extension. After the composition of the ene...

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Home Batteries Can Save More Money
Houses with solar that don’t also have energy storage like  solar power batteries  have no way to use the excess electricity generated during the day when the sun is shining and solar energy is in abundance. When households have solar energy they can’t use,...

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No longer blew! Prevent Lithium Battery Explosion Method!
( 48V) Lithium batteries  are flammable devices, mobile phones, scooters and other built-in lithium device, if used improperly, there is always the time of explosion. We have reproduced in movie, show scooter lithium blast. Do lithium produced in the manufa...

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Six Ways for Solar Energy Storage Battery Freeze in Winter
In winter, the  solar power batteries  should take the following conservation measures: Greenhouse overhead storage batteries when not in the house to save more than 0 ℃, should not be placed directly on the ground. Before storing the first external battery...

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Battery Lose Effectiveness Modes
Battery Lose Effectiveness Modes Since the plate type, production conditions, there are differences in usage, and ultimately lead to the battery '> reasons for battery failure is also different, back satisfied them, there are several  Lose Effectiveness  mo...
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