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don't let the frackin' toasters win
don't let the frackin' toasters win


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This just appeared in my Twitter stream.

Really incredible how this can be law in the USA ... makes me wonder how the situation is in the EU.

At least here, in Austria, you can marry as young as 16yo, given parental permission.

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I think we all are aware about how much information technology has helped us to make our lives easier, better.

And then you read stories like the one below and begin to understand how really evil big corporations can be when it comes to abuse this technology for their own good.

I mean, seriously, how braindead is it to lock down firmware used in agricultural machinery?

Against what? Cows getting more intelligent by digesting it? Crops turning into evil monsters during full moon?

That we even have to discuss "a right to repair" is insane.

One if the very prime examples why the entire idea of open sourcing information technology is more important than ever for our societies.

#hacking #digitalism #johndeere #opensource
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Doesn't exactly fit into the development niche, but on the other hand, at some time in history, someone must have "developed" our current model of time.

Not talking about the theory of time, but much more practical about how to actually make time ... somehow.

I've often wondered who's or what's behind this biggest conspiracy in human history that makes us get up in the morning, after some evil device has decided our time to rest to be over ...
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Numbers are cool, in particular when public perception and reality differ so dramatically.

How much does the EU spend in various areas and how much do you think it spends?

#eu #budget

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JavaScript is an evil thing, it really is ...

Can you imagine a situation where

(a ==1 && a== 2 && a==3)

evaluates to true in #JavaScript?

See for yourself ...

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When all you have are brain dead, anti-Semitic conspiracy theories to answer legitimate concerns that a country is going down the plug hole, you know how bad the situation must be.

The only language this clown of a leader will understand is if the EU cuts the subsidiaries to this country.

Unfortunately there indeed seems to be some kind of conspiracy going on, a worldwide one, driven by clown like politicians ...

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PayPal sharing customer data with more than 600 third party companies.

Doesn't sound like something an "ordinary" customer can agree to, no matter how many things may have been defined in PayPal's privacy policies.

Hard to believe this is compatible with EU legislation on consumer protection and privacy.

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about the rise and fall of revolutionary movements ... not the ones you may think of, but the ones in the heads of today's script kiddies ...
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forget quantum computing, long live steam computing!
Very dramatic and quite noisy - a steam powered Difference Engine in action! P'shoof t'kaf, p'shoof t'kaf. [There's a 30 second silent intro to build dramatic tension]
"A simplified version of Charles Babbage's Difference Engine no. 2 has been constructed by Piers Plummer as part of a project with the Computer Science Department at Royal Holloway University of London, funded by The Leverhulme Foundation. In this video, it is performing calculations while being powered by steam!"
You can see this 3-D printed machine in action, I think, if you can get to an event in Oxford on 22nd March.

The event is "The history of computing beyond the computer" organised by the British Society for the History of Mathematics:
(It's all day Thursday, and £32, and in Oxford, so not easy for everyone.)
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when devs get bored ... or when you don't treat them right: here comes the railgun!!
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