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Udit Goenka
Blogger, Entrepreneur, Speaker - Love learning and talking about SEO and Data Science.
Blogger, Entrepreneur, Speaker - Love learning and talking about SEO and Data Science.
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Are you still struggling to write a decent article for your blog or micro niche site?

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Still struggling to come up with over 2500 words article?

My SEO Copywriting guide will help you achieve new results that will not only help you to rank better, and but will also help you to write better..

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Ever wanted to make extra money but failed?
Ever tried creating a site but failed?
Ever worked very hard on building an online site but failed?
Ever wondered how does a Micro Niche Sites look like?

...I know...THAT's A LOT of Questions!

But there is one answer to all the above questions.

Presenting to you, The (ONLY) Evergreen Micro Niche Sites Guide (You Will Ever Need) to take your Micro Niche Sites to the next generation

What can you expect to learn?

A lot of stuff (CLICK BAIT :D)...

..but here are some of them:

- Learn How Buyer's Mindset works
- Learn How to combine the keywords
- Learn How to pick the right domain
- ..and much more...

Learn More:

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How can you become a businessman (tycoon) from a nobody?

- Grab a pen and a paper, and write down the following questions:

- Can you slog yourself for days ’n’ nights?

- Can you quit your life to start something different and big?

- Can you tell yourself every day that “You can do it?”

- Can you have the never giving up attitude?

- Can you sleep on the floor when you have no bed to aid you?

- Can you stay alone while the entire world is Partying ’n’ chilling?

- Are you ready to make mistakes and learn from those mistakes? more:

..and if you have enjoyed the answer or learned something new then please do SHARE the article!

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Is it wise for someone at 40+ to think of quitting the job and becoming an entrepreneur?

I’m not 40...

..I’m 26 while I am writing this answer to you.

..but I can tell you for a fact that age has nothing to do with you becoming successful.

I want to look back the same post when I am writing today when I turn 40 (I will edit my answer then if Quora is still alive)

It’s a matter of believing in yourself...

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Which habits will make me more intelligent and which won't?

Intelligence is a glass of water...


Let me explain…

The definition of Intelligence varies.

If you are aiming to do well in life then being less intelligent will fetch you money too (Yes, you need to be lucky)

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What finally pushed you to start your first business?

Willing to prove people wrong and show them what I am capable of!

You might be wondering why is that? Moreover, business is all about making money?


When I was a kid, well not really, was a teenager. I completed my school and went to High School.

..but I was already fascinated with the whole Internet world that I dived into the game at the age of 17.

..what happened next? Read More:

#Quora #Quora30DayChallenge

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Started out of a fluke, how I created multiple million dollar businesses by starting young…

Want to know how and when?

Keep reading :)

After I completed my school in 2005, I knew I wanted to do something…

..I was very clear from my young age that I would get into computers. I just love computers. It has changed my life in the most adorable way, and I started making five figures (dollar) by the age of 18..

Keep Reading! #Qurora #Quora30DayChallenge

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Should you get A-List People in Your StartUp? (Real Life Experience)

.Don’t make one of the most terrible mistakes of your life!

Let me share a story, an experience with you that I went through during my initial phase of life and team building.

..but before I share my experience, let me tell you something. I basically category people who are working with me in the following category.

- One who treats your company as his own company. (The Dream Hire)..
- One who just works, and works hard without thinking it’s his own company (He is just doing his job)..


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What is your recommendation to a young person who wants to start a company, but doesn't have any revolutionary ideas?

The Most Revolutionary Ideas are the Simplest Ones!

Read My Full Answer:

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After having an idea, what are the next steps to take to start a startup?

Let’s come to business because an idea for a startup is all about business...

..and a business is all about solving people’s problem to make money, raising funds and making more money (Haha..just going with the startup trend lately).

Let me get very serious now...


..before I write let me tell you why I qualify to write an answer to this question!
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