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This week was my last on .

I've been working there for almost 3 years, built our first client for Android from the grounds up and it was an amazing experience! Working on "Cal" for the past 6 months, and see it goes into beta 2 weeks ago, was like seeing my younger son growing up, following his big brother.

Tomorrow I'm flying to NYC to start my new position at Boxee (Now +Samsung USA ). Hopefully, I'll contribute to them as much as I did for

See you all from the other side :)
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Good luck with the new job. I hope you continue blogging.
I will keep assigning bugs on you just in case you change your mind :)

Good luck!
Good luck. You are leaving one amazing team to join another great team. 
Congrats! If you ever stop by the accelerator office, come say hi. 
Loved you post on android account manager. congrats, and good luck
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