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Less than 22 hours left for homework 1. Also, Unit 2 is online if you haven't noticed yet.
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WOW! Never got any notifications! Never got a message saying that my "lost password" issue was resolved since the website didn't have a password recovery option at the time. Now I find out through Google+ that there's already a homework deadline for tomorrow.
Well atleast I know I'm not taking this course at this point now!
+Arvind Gautam You don't have to solve all homework assignments – the lowest score will be dropped. Sorry to hear you didn't get any notifications. Did you check your email spam folder?
I didn't get email notifications either. Learned the class had started on G+. Luckily, I found out right after class started; so I am not behind.
+Aaron Newton the point is it defies earlier set expectations regarding when people are notified. I understand you meant to troll the message..but really.. people DO know about this calendar technology you speak of :)
+Arvind Gautam I know how angry that must make you. Let it go. It doesn't hurt Udacity. It only limits you.

Give it a shot. You can do it. The first set of lectures can't be more than 2 hours, and homework 1 took about an hour. The hardest part is that when they said we'd use Python, they meant without any libraries. So, at best, we get a half-hearted implementation of matrices, etc. instead of the robust implementations provided by numpy, etc. But still, the assignments are simple enough that they're manageable.
I did homework1 from robotic car course. But when ride the code in the web it does not work. I used basically the things they took in class.
I suppose that this mean a bad calification for me
internet is horrible here in east africa cos of a massive fiber cut
@Udacity- Thanks guys! Really enjoying the course.
What happened if i don't send the homework in schedule?
+Udacity +Arvind Gautam +Aaron Newton I got the notification but because I saw on time that my email address was not verified and asked for another to be sent (in settings). I think this was a bug and that the email for verifying the account was not sent to earlier subscribers... The notification email is expected! (I have to much on my Google Calendar!!!) and I'm sure there are lots of persons that missed the start of the classes because of this!
+Udacity I struggled to do all the homework's and exams on the former aiclass... (I have a busy job and 3 little kids.. :)) but I think I will not be able this time... Can I just keep seeing the classes and learning even if I can't do most of the homework's?
I didn't get a notification email, but on the web site it clearly said the day the courses were going to start. So, it's a lazy excuse.
+Claudio Estrugo there are other reasons. Like losing a password and the website not having a way to recover it. It appeared just a few days ago.
+Arvind Gautam Yep, that's another problem. But go on. I barely knew any python and I could do the homeworks in less than an hour.
+Arvind Gautam if you really wanna learn, you must do another email account, or something about it, udacity can't resolve everybody's problems, they already do too much with the classes
Wow really people? I build software and appreciate it when problems are brought to notice about it. I believe similar sentiments apply to anyone using a system that other people need to use. +Yesy Molina can i do that? Yes. Infact I can also buy other books and enroll in a course in search-engine building at a university .. but hey guess what.. I'm here. The point is not for Udacity or anyone to resolve all of everyones problems.. but if problems are never brought to note - there is guaranteed no resolution. So excuse me while I complain.
+Arvind Gautam You should have regularly visited the website for updates. And made another account while you were at it. You haven't paid for the service so essentially you can't complain, take it or leave it.
+Anshul Sharma I wont want to argue the point anymore. Using a service doesn't automatically enroll me in the fanboi club. Thank you.
finished with homework
starting with unit 2
I just dont want quarreling to be the last associatied with this great stuff :D finished hw2 ... that was fun.
Is there a problem with +Udacity servers right now? Because I'm not able to run the online interpretor, submit online homeworks, or view the forums for CS101! Help!
I have the same problem (. There is a following error when trying to "RUN" or "Submit":
"An error has occured on this page. You may be able to continue using it or you may need to refresh the page"
Due to an unusual large amount of traffic, we are currently facing some problems on the site. We're working on it.
Yup, Peter just posted this on the forum: "We're having a huge spike in traffic. It's just ridiculous. Servers are unhappy. We are trying to convince them to get back to work."
Kun Li
+Udacity is not updating here as frequent as other sites like Twitter or FB. Hopefully it will be improved in the future as some of us only rely upon Google+ to get new infromation
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