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CS 262: Programming Languages, Building a Web Browser Teaser 2
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This. Is. The weirdest and most awesome video for a CS course I think I've ever seen.
Fortunately it's an online course... because after seeing this I'm not sure if I could be in the same room as these professors.
It makes me remember (and feel nostalgic of) the curse of monkey island.
That is admittedly a bit creepy... :-D (In that good, geeky, cheesy way.)
Definitely geeky and cheesy, but only adds to the reasons why I've enjoyed @Udacity so much already.
:) I guess they have a lot of fun, while doing there "teaching" on Udacity - and it's one of the key points of success
Possibly the most bizarre video I've seen in a while, but I love it!! David is a legend and can't wait for the next course.
I really enjoyed the CS101 course and can't wait to take more. David is an incredible teacher.
Couldn't agree more, he's rekindled my love for learning to program!!
This is the course I'm going to enrol on after CS253!
Anyone else able to access content for CS253 or CS212? I am just so very impressed with what I learnt in CS101 that I just can't wait to get started.
one thing that will make udacity really awesome
1. Providing offline support - I want to press a button and download all the videos easily so that I can play it at real time - my connection is not really fast.
2. Or I should be able to cache the videos and play in the website itself.
hahahahahhahahahahaha ))) LOL
the funniest guys are in Udacity )
Guys , your website is down ; care to say why ?
I just wanna say how much I enjoy these courses when I have time to take.them, thanks guys, thaks to all the staff.
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