Hello there awesome people.

 I would like to invite public testing to start on some mock up code that I have been working on. I have made a PPA for it it is located here.


It is best (for now) to use a virtual envo for this. But in the next week or So I will be making a stable version. In no way is this Ubuntu TV. But it is a place to start. 

What you are going to need

518 mb ram (2gigs or more recommended esp if you want to use opengl)

A p4 or something like that or better (if you are running vbox I am sure you have a p4 or some cpu that is higher and better then that , again opengl)

      mythtv 0.26 (a myth backend also ) 
& any other lens that you like. 

Many of you know that I (Joseph Mills (bobweaver)) have been working on this. I think that when the phone code comes out I will start porting more and more of this over to the Phone ,  But if you want to try this out feel free. 

If you would like to hack on this there is many many fix me tags  in the code. (esp in the shell.qml )
I will also be putting more things on the blueprints of launchpad. 

This code only works on 12.04 there is NO plans for me to move this code up to anything else then 12.04. Because when the phone code goes public. I will be porting this over to that. So there is no point in re-writing libunity libdee or anyof that. When the phone uses qml also. Once the public gets the Phone code We will be able to go through that and look to see how they are reading/rendering lens and filters and all that stuff.Then integrate the older code to match this.

The next version (6.10.06.u2t9)  will have many many fixs in it. You might want to wait for that. But that said. There is a PPA and it is ready for testing and bug reports. 

I will post more and more blueprints and try to keep this G+ page more up to date with things that I am up too. 

So Lets get the word out there and lets get to testing and filing bug reports. 

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