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As you may know, 14.04 Cycle is an LTS (Long Term Support) Cycle. Having that said, +Ubuntu and most of the official flavours will have LTS Release. For the moment, the lack of Manpower could keep us away from having an LTS Release. However, after a discussion with our Developers, we'd like to announce the urgent need for these roles:

1- Someone with Bug Control to 'Actively Commit' to triaging Ubuntu GNOME bugs.

2- Couple of people helping out with 'Bug Fixing'.

3- People to help with 'Packaging' on the PPA's

PLEASE NOTE : We are looking for people with experience and skills! We NEED people to commit for 3-5 years support and not just join for few months then leave.

NO PROMISES to be made but we would be comfortable enough to submit an application to the Technical Board in order to have an LTS Release when we will have volunteers who can actively contribute and help us.

If you have the required experience and skills or if you know someone who has, please let us know :)

Thank you!

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Some users (khm.. inaudible: corporate XP users) might find this as a very appealing option (with Gnome Classic mode actually being the main feature).
Well, I'm only learning programming right now, so I can't help :( but I really hope you guys find the manpower you need! +Ubuntu GNOME is a great flavour of Ubuntu :) best of luck!
Been using Linux for 7+ years and would like to get involved - I have a couple years of development experience, not on Linux specifically though.  What would be the best way to start contributing?
+David Carr
 Hi, thanks for posting :) the best way is to subscribe to our Mailing List and Send an email to introduce yourself and our Devs will reply :)
Could someone post a minimum skills required list? I would like to help but I'm still new to linux and software development in general.
+Philippe Scoffoni How could "the Gnome Project" help? It's an upstream non-profit project and interested in feedback from distros, but I don't see what you mean by that comment... Downstream work of packaging and testing is traditionally done by distros and their people.
We could help put the word out in The Linux Action Show, I'll give it a mention on Sunday's episode. Gotta be folks watching that want to see you guys keep up the great work.
Brooks's law? "adding manpower to a late software project makes it later"
I WOULD help, but I only have a couple years of experience :/
+michael caron couturier
 Disagree but do NOT disrespect. If you disagree with the approach of any community and how it works, simply do not follow that community and use whatever you feel it is good for YOU! this is Linux all about. Freedom of choice, freedom of thinking, freedom to decide, etc and we are free to decide and go the path we see fit. While we still use Ubuntu Core and Repositories, we are free to make the choice that will work for us better. Again, thanks for posting but please, if you wish to take someone down, do this on your own page, not here!

Thanks for your understanding!
+Angel Orejel
 there is no minimum and maximum :) the post is quite clear. If you have the required mentioned skills, and you are able to maintain 2-5 years of support, then you can join and help :) if not, then that is totally a different story.

Unfortunately, we need someone with experience and skills. Sadly, we don't have time to teach someone how to do packaging, bug fixing, etc. However, being new to Linux does NOT mean you are not welcome, you can join and learn but you simply won't be able to help in this :(

If we failed to find the right people for this task, I am afraid we can't go for an LTS release :(

Thank you!
+Ubuntu GNOME it's not disrespect, I find that it's a good time for changes that will help assure the  future of the project even if it's major changes ... english isn't good

maybe I can be helpful in bugs commits or packaging on PPA, I'd like to help fix errors but that escapes my skills
I meant is that I have no experience in bug fixing, but could help in any of the other two tasks that are required.

I've already added to the mailing list and they told me I should read the Ubuntu GNOME wiki to understand a bit how it works
I don't really have time to develop, but I volunteer myself as crash dummy for testing! ;)
hi, how can help  you ?, i am  programmer to python,bash,sql, c++  low 
That can not happen!
Ubuntu, with its infrastructure, can not you?.
Then, for all Ubuntu Gnome started?
There will be many users that this is not going to like, especially starting with me.
How disappointing and led me!
i can cook cupcakes and cookies :D for the developers !!!! 
 not yet :) we must submit an application to Ubuntu Technical Board and once we are approved and will be given the green light, we shall say it loudly and proudly that Ubuntu GNOME 14.04 will be an LTS but for this very moment, nothing happened yet :)

Without enough manpower, our chances are slim. That is exactly why we have asked months ago for help and support. Too many applied, so few left :(
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