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New website preview scheduled for early February

We've been silent, but quite busy these days. New year and already lots going on.

Speaking on behalf of our design team, we know we've been working slowly but diligently to convey the simplicity of the GNOME desktop for the web as we aim for a very simple yet elegant, clear web experience, far from the clutter our users had to go through on their journey to get a copy of their favourite distro.

We want to make it easier for everyone to find what they are looking for - which is what a proper website should be about.

While we do not want to reveal anything specific as of yet, we are hoping to be able to present you with a preview scheduled for early February via our social media channels.

Stay tuned. May the force be with us all...
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Ubuntu GNOME

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We just woke up. Happy new year!
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Hello! I love your distro! Great work! 1 complain, why does it take 5 or more to get to download of the iso. These links should be at the frontage or at least directly on the download page. Please take a few moments and think about fixing this please. I realize that it's not just a matter of putting up a link. But this page hopping to get to the download is awful.
Anyways I wish you all the lucks in world!
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Ubuntu GNOME

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Ubuntu GNOME at Google Code In

For those who might not know, Code-In is an annual coding competition hosted by Google for high school students to participate in Open Source by contributing to a set of tasks outlined by mentoring organizations. +Ubuntu (and selected derivatives) have been added to the list.

Students will be rewarded with certificates and t-shirts as prizes, along with grand prize winners who get a trip to Google’s HQ in California.

For more information on how to sign up please see the link below.

#UbuntuGNOME #OpenSource #FOSS #Linux #CodeIn #Google #Ubuntu
Google Code-In starts today and Ubuntu is one of the participating organisations. Code-In is an annual coding competition hosted by Google. Students participate by contributing to a set of tasks outlined by the mentoring organizations. They are rewarded with certificates and t-shirts as prizes, ...
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+Ubuntu GNOME I know
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Ubuntu GNOME

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Latest updates to Wily and Xenial, GNOME 3.19 on its way and more goodies

- gdm packaging and binaries have been migrated to gdm3, all to match Debian, which is a change unnoticeable for casual users, but advanced users may like this change (packages, binaries, services and configurations all now use gdm3 instead of gdm)

- we were aware, that the Live Session on Daily Builds was broken for a few days as the above migrated through, with last night's build that's fixed now

- gnome-calendar and gnome-logs have both been added and gnome-system-log has been removed

- gnome-builder is now available to install from Xenial archives

- although the wily/gnome3-staging PPA has been declared stable for a while now, today we're declaring it stable and safe for usage officially

- GNOME 3.19 will be on its way to xenial/gnome3-staging PPA shortly, bear in mind that packages from this repository are considered unstable and only for experienced users

- any GNOME 3.18 bits left in xenial/gnome3-staging will be copied to xenial/gnome3 PPA before we start breaking things!

Check out our social media (subscribe to our G+, Twitter, Facebook) channels for the latest news about your favourite distro. Ubuntu GNOME is a free GNU/Linux distribution for anyone to download and use. Get your copy today from

For questions please see our Wiki pages at
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+HEX cube Xenial will ship with GNOME 3.18, in fact is already 99% there. We may include select 3.20 apps, but that will be evaluated later in the cycle.

+Darth Anubis Wily/gnome3-staging PPA has (and will remain on) GNOME 3.18
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Ubuntu GNOME

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Beginning today we'll be launching a small campaign to show off the beauty of #Linux all around! Don't forget to tag your post with #MyUbuntuGNOME  and we'll select some of the nicest looking setups to show the world via Twitter! You don't need to have a Twitter account, just tag us here and we'll have a look!

Let the fun begin!

Our first post on Twitter from our user Un Barbu.
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Ubuntu GNOME

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Our lead developer +Tim Lunn has informed us of the most recent progress on Ubuntu GNOME 16.04 LTS with most of GNOME 3.18 included and ready for testing!

Another good news to confirm is the migration to GNOME Software to replace Ubuntu Software Centre (USC).

That being said, those eager to test the latest, bleeding edge technology are encouraged to head over to and download their copy.

Disclaimer: testing new builds is only encouraged if you know what you're doing. It is not recommended to use a testing build on production machines!
Just landed a big batch of GNOME 3.18 backports from Xenial to the Wily gnome3-staging, including evolution and many other apps, Enjoy!
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I'm already on ubuntu-gnome 16.04 and I like it very much

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Ubuntu GNOME

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With the release of Wily we also worked on a lot of things non-code related, namely restructuring our teams to utilize our resources ( as efficient as possible and as part of that we'll also try to keep you posted on a more regular basis on what our devs are up to.

Most recent progress is marked by the work on:

- Xenial Xerus (Ubuntu GNOME 16.04 LTS) now being open for business, with most of GNOME 3.18 being available in the upcoming week(s)
- current focus lies on fixing these troublemakers

Fixes will be introduced as part of Stable Release Updates (SRU). More on that here

- last but not least, +Tim Lunn's now our patch pilot and apparently the first ever non-Canonical one, congrats!

Great things coming up!
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Ubuntu GNOME

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Merry Christmas from everyone at Ubuntu GNOME!

We like to keep it simple, thus we wish each and every one of you a very merry time with your families and loved ones. Peace, love and joy to every household.
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thank you all
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Ubuntu GNOME

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In the press: Jack Wallen of Techrepublic and reviewed our latest release (Ubuntu GNOME 15.10 Wily Werewolf) and we were moved by the wave of positive feedback we have received.

Our thanks go to our community for all the kind words that encourage us to always strive to do the best we can.

At the same time we would like to use this opportunity to mention, that we are always looking for volunteers to help us make Ubuntu GNOME the best distribution for everyone. Becoming a member of Ubuntu GNOME is very easy, for information on how to join us visit this page
Ubuntu GNOME 15.10 is something special. How special? Jack Wallen believes it might well be the perfect Linux desktop distribution. Read on to find out why.
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Usually on Fedora i switched to Ubuntu and now Ubuntu Gnome (mostly because drivers issues) - It seems to be as "perfect" as we are expecting it ;) Anyway had few crash (freeze to be correct) but i guess it was about free driver nouveau. Installed Nvidia stuff, wich i would be also "free from crash" (as you maybe noticed, english is not my language, sorry for that ...
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Ubuntu GNOME

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In the press: +Bryan Lunduke​ described Ubuntu GNOME 15.10 as "the most impressive release since +Ubuntu​ made the switch to Unity".
Short version: +Ubuntu GNOME is, in so many ways, superior to vanilla +Ubuntu.  This is what Ubuntu should be.
Reviewing Ubuntu GNOME 15.10, the most impressive release since Ubuntu made the switch to Unity.
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What happened to this distro?, I dled the latest from Distrowatch and nothing.... I love this distro please don't mess it up!
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Ubuntu GNOME

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Ubuntu GNOME runs even on your Macbook! Get your copy today totally free from
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+oo0 JACKAL 0oo me being Hungarian would explain what? :)) Btw I'm just doing some work on GIMP in these very moments ;)
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