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See the new Ubuntu Web Apps integration feature in action at Introducing Ubuntu Web Apps - it will be coming to Ubuntu 12.10 soon and an Ubuntu 12.04 PPA will also be available soon too.
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oh my gosh^^ come on...steam is out... release playbuntu
no...!!! release a performant pro-gaming distri! not this unity-mess
Wow this looks pretty amazing. I said before 12.04 may be a LTS I stick with because it is so solid, but... 12.10 just looks too tempting.  Hello 12.10 I cannot wait to get to know you in beta and have you for real in October.
I used to like Ubuntu so much better when Compiz Cube was the owner of the show. With Unity we have a dock hard to personalize in any way and it got really difficult to make Cube work in a satisfactory manner with it.
I guess #fogger app is more interesting because the web sites really look as applications. But in this video the apps are actually launched with firefox (without any kind of optimization for web apps).

For example: the address bar is unnecessary.
another achievement of opensource..Its cool..look like user friendly
how soon 12.04 PPA???? that is so great!
New Unity is soo sloooow, too slow to use on my Celeron 2.4. Have to wait for up to 10 seconds for the menu to appear. Using Gnome, Ubuntu 10.04 LTS, works like a charm:)
Awesome. I don't know why people uses pirated Windows from Microsoft!!!!
...yes unity is slow like an american grown up next to mc donalds! 
Nice...have 12.04 on several systems: netbook, desktop, and servers! Cant wait! Hopefully all can ditch the "other" OSs soon!
I looks great but, I would like an option to launch applications on a new tab if the navigator is open.
God save us from this " social network integration" race that all OS developers are in. I thought Ubuntu was a bit more grown up than that. Looking forward to Ubuntu 13 (The Twittering Facebook)
This feature already available via chromium in Gnome3.
Unfortunately uses more power and cpu's fan never stops!
I remember 2 years a go when I use to hate Ubuntu as a windows user now I love it
Foulmothed Facebook perhaps?
I love Ubuntu also integrates with android as well 
My Ubuntu is broken from the update 12.4, does anyone know how to downgrade?
most people still use Windows because people if they decide to switch to Ubuntu or any other Linux version they will have to face a problem which is the lack of drivers that support Linux and they end up going back to Windows , i hope Ubuntu will focus on this and make finding and installing drivers for their OS much easier 
Can anyone message me or send me a way to move to move the unity bar to the bottom of the screen
Wheres the Ubuntu/Android hybrid? I want my phone as my desktop! :)
i looking for samer thodor alshomali
I think it's when you plug in your android device into the computer
Awesome features. But it seems like you are sponsored by Google, or at least like Google a lot. :)
Looks interesting, but +Fogger still seemingly has it beat. Way more features, better customization and integration, and clean UI. +Owais Lone is doing an amazing job.
this looks great, can't wait for it to install
+Art Edwards MS Office is still the industry standard, especially in education, and like it or not Open/Libre Office does not have perfect compatibility with Office.  Teaching at the college level and limited to the technology available to me in my classrooms (dictated by our IT department) means that I need Office compatibility or to carry around a portable drive with Libre Office (and hope IT hasn't locked down USB ports... shocking but true).  In addition, PowerPoint has become a much more powerful program than Open/Libre Office with much more nonlinear capability and multimedia prowess.

I do not actually expect the games situation to change soon.  Yes, Steam is coming and they showed Left 4 Dead... but I doubt you will see many graphically intensive AAA titles making the leap, there is just no financial incentive to do the work due to the low-investment cost of most Linux users.

The Linux security idea is the same as the Mac myth, no system is intrinsically more secure than the other.  Some are just more targeted than others.  This was shown when a huge hole in Mac security was exploited last year and as the user base increases you will see more of this.  We already see this with the botnet on Android (based on linux).
Web apps tend to be bandwidth inefficient and subvert the original intent of JavaScript. They work, but its incredulous to me that anyone would prefer a web-app to a native app that makes intelligent use of web-apis without being constrained by the inherant inefficiencies of the DOM + JavaScript. The best that can be said of web apps, are that they are a necessary evil to workaround the lack of a common application framework across platforms.

A long for a common native application framework across platforms.
Jerry B
i hope this is ubuntu for android ....been waiting Forever for it lol
Nice another GUI, i hope your all not blind ....
Nice!! But i'll stick with Mint. Unity still a bit finicky for my liking
Can we somehow replace all Windows pc's with linux ones, please!
+Dwayne Macgowan - Customizable launcher icon is already something Fogger has that's not in the demo. Not to mention notification support, user styles and scripts, and uses it's own instance of WebkitGTK rather than opening a whole browser window. I think the only thing this demo has that it doesn't is messaging menu/account support.

Fogger even adds it's own Unity Lens filter.
Can you run +Steam on Ubuntu and/or play PC games?  Would love to ditch Windows in the near future.
Steam has announced that they have a team of developers working on getting the steam engine up and running on linux but there has been little talk on the progress. There have been rumors about Steam being available for Linux for the past few years and I've been patiently waiting it release although, when it is release, who knows how well maintained the platform will be with updates/patches.
I use Ubuntu religiously. I would love to walk into a best buy and buy laptop preloaded with Ubuntu. Right now Mac and PC are really the only choice.
Looking nice, reminding me on Chrome OS and using browser for everything.
+Ryan Coyle Unfortunately the frameworks used by most modern PC games are almost all DirectX based, which is a microsoft technology. There are emulators that have come a long way in bridging the gap (Wine tries to run most windows apps, and has produced the Cedega software which offers support for PC gaming at a monthly charge and seems to work pretty well). 

Also, Valve recently announced that they are moving forward with a linux client, but to what end I don't really know yet.

The reality, however, is that until we as a people start telling game manufacturers that we want them to use open source or cross-platform frameworks (such as OpenGL) to build their engines Linux gaming is just not going to be up to par.

edit: cedega can be found here:
This is great! I can't help the feeling that this is how it was always meant to work. 
I replaced Win 7 with Ubuntu 12 on my Netbook. One of the best decisions I've ever made with home technology. It is great in every way with Libre Office and GNU PSPP taking care of all my work needs.
+Hiral Patel, it seems the word "app" has replaced all of the following words, and several others:

Operating System
[Software of any kind]

I do not like it and I do not support it. :)
+Kyle Berry haha try opening a word document with pictures in it on libre office....did this the 1st time i used it, then installed wine and MS office
+Cory Westgate I remember back when an "app" meant a "software application". Those days are long gone, apparently.
Much love for Ubuntu, and high fives all around for web app integration. Why point out the chat part though? That has been in all the distributions of Ubuntu I've used thus far...
I think they weren't pointing out chat as much as the fact that you can now get notifications for web based gmail in your alerts too.
And the first game for Steam game for Ubuntu?  LFD2.  Kind of like "28 Days Later" but a game.... :)
I tried installing on my PC the cd my buddy gave me but it doesn't install all the way. When I reboot it says to choose someting I'm I doing something wrong?
Oh yeah and it takes about a two hours to do what ever it does. Need help
I tried Ubuntu.  Its starts up and shuts down fast.  It used up a lot of my laptop battery.  Also the standard word processor is not as feature rich as Microsoft Word.  Some programs you can not get or are difficult to get.  For example, I could not get my printer driver.   

The best part is that it is free though.  It would probably work great for many people.
Works wonderfully for me. I couldn't believe how easy it was to set up my HP printer over the network -- much easier than on Windows, thanks to HPLip and Cups. I also thoroughly enjoy the Dash bar and think HUD has potential. And, of course, the software repositories are incredibly easy to use and well-stocked.
I'd rather +Owais Lone working together with ubuntu team to make fogger default in the next ubuntu version than seeing duplicated work.
Actually that is what I was expecting until I watched this video.
+Humberto Ferreira da Luz Jr. - That's what I was thinking, until I realized that Owais is working in a more complete application that what this is. It looks like this is like a launcher shell/wrapper of some sort, while Fogger creates entire "apps" which are self-contained and can be shared easily. I think there's quite large enough of a rift that it's not duplication. I look forward to see what Fogger has in store, as Owais has hinted at some amazing features for down the road.
+Jonathan Cruz  I think there's duplication because although the way they "solved a problem" is different the objective is the same: to provide integrated web apps for end users.
And I agree that Fogger is a more complete application.
Hate to quibble about the music, but the sound is really trebbley and hard to listen too. Not nice to my officemates...
That's what I like about Ubuntu - they keep on innovating.  Tighter integration with our online lives is the way to go!
Lucas N
yeah, agreed they could find something smoothier to play as background music
Too bad my laptop doesn't like Ubuntu. :( LMDE ftw.
+Darren Phillips Of course Arch is better than Ubuntu, but that is comparing a car you built from the ground up to be your dream car, to a nice reliable everyday car.  The regular car is great for those who aren't mechanically inclined, or those who maybe don't feel like building their car from the ground up.  Let me ask you, if you were to suggest one of the two cars to a first time car buyer, which would you suggest?
if it would only work with CS6 and Final Cut
Nice.  Now if they'd just let people move the taskbar/menu from the left side of the screen without hacks that could make it unstable, I might actually consider using an OS that uses Unity.  Not for my main computer though, since I do like games.
Very impressive. I like this level of integration.
I tried the new ubuntu, and it is much much much slower than window 7 on the same computer
Linux will only be good if you can get the correct drivers or make them yourself. If this was the case you definitely would have a faster system than on windows 7. Also the fact that you are using ubuntu also by default means your going to lose speed, ubuntu is a wide-ranged distribution whose goal is to work on as many devices as possible so your stuck with extra things you may not actually need.

Windows is good (especially windows 7) in that it hardware probes at installation (rather than every boot like linux) and customizes the operating system for your hardware. Learn how to use linux a little better and you will have these same benefits of Windows 7 customization as well as the benefits of an open source operating system made by good programers utilizing efficiency.
if it takes a lot of times and effort to configure set up to have ubuntu work well, then does it mean it's only for advance users only? 
Agreed +Daniel Patterson GIMP is fine in a pinch but nowhere near the powerhouse of PS and none of the Open Source programs come close to Lightroom or Illustrator.
I really wanted to get on with ubuntu but couldnt get certain things to work on my computer and it lacks certain programmes im use to, its hard to make the switch over to full ubuntu
that pic looks like a washing machine ?
Hey guess what, web browser bookmarks have been around for years. This is useless. 
+Shane Bryson no no these are special...they have the name "apps" in them, and have slightly larger icons.
Meh...not overly impressed. Plus Web App is just a fancy way of saying bookmark pretty much. Some nice ideas, just not that impressed really
Following fedora in making the os a shell for cloud services and data. Great. Execution doesn't look seamless yet. Looks v alpha
Did an Umbuntu project in 5th grade
I hate Unity.. wish they never dropped Gnome - I am not upgrading from 11.04. 
I'm actually liking Unity at this point. Once you are used to it you can set it up to have what you want on the tool bar and it's been running well for me.
Hey, +Bob Rosenberg, did you see this? I've still got a 1TB drive devoted to Ubuntu. Guess I won't wipe it yet. 
+Richard Frost, doesn't v11.04 and 11.10 also use Unity?
Also, GNOME3 is terrible. I would say even worse than Unity.
GNOME2 was very nice though, easy to use, much more user friendly, where as v3 is a total nightmare.
Can you choose just to open up different tabs instead of new windows? And will it have Chrome Integration?
Ubuntu has been my choice operating system for years now!
Anyone knows an app like adobe lightroom that runs on ubuntu? I know Gimp, buy it's not the same approach. Thanks
This is amazing. Well done. 
kai hu
really big milestone for browser OS
I want photoshop to run on ubuntu without the need for wine etc... Only then it'll be my ultimate computer OS..
everything in cloud
Does it have gaming? No? Ok then I don't care. Geez, I wish they would just allow games to work without the workaround bandcamp thingy.

The reality is, not everyone uses their pc solely for work, Abuntu/linux/mac would be wise to realise that.
Hey you know that most OS's have spell check....ubuntu just makes it easier....I left windows and have not looked back...and I can still game....
Looking forward to giving it a whirl.
Ubantu is awesome, i have had it for ages and my son has just got it. The Android example shows how much more powerful and flexible open source is compared to the Big Boy Cyber Bullies of the commercial o/s field.
Am I missing something here? You can already do most of this. Please Canonical, how about some drivers. Learn from Mint.
Ubuntu = shit in your water supply in Obama Kenyan
+Rory Jensen The problem is, that Microsoft pushes game developers to use DirectX, which is Microsoft exclusive. There would be perfectly working alternatives or abstraction layers that would be available on Windows, Mac, Linux and many other operating systems (OpenGL for 3D, OpenAL for sound, SDL+OpenGL for everything,...). It's not like game developers wouldn't have to use OpenGL at some point anyhow, since the PS3 is using it for accelerated 3D graphics. Still, on the PC games are usually available only in Direct3D. A notable exception is Blizzard. I don't know about their newer games, but at least WC3 and WoW have an OpenGL backend and both run perfectly on Mac and nearly perfect on Linux using WINE (and no, Wine Is No Emulator). One can run some games written for DirectX using WINE too, but they have worse performance, because the DirectX commands have to be translated to OpenGL before they can be sent to the graphics driver and some DirectX commands might still not be implemented, so graphics errors might occur or, what is more probable, the game just will not run.
And what if we use another browser ? same result ?
Very nice feature anyway !
Well, there is no other browser which is as good as Firefox to replace it as the default browser (do not count Chromium, without proprietary code it isn't so usable)... To bad that Firefox is getting more and more bloated. :/
I wonder what it does (Ubuntu), since in Zulu language it means personality. 
How about that, linux trying to have a tablet feature. Linux, Mac, Windows will just be a support for tablet OS. Tablets will be your main guy.
+Brenette John Cusi Yea... We are slowly entering the post-PC era but there will still be desktops... And if Canonical succedes in it's plans about Ubuntu Android, TV and if they do with Unity what they've said on blog we will see the OS that's very nicely designed... Even better than forthcoming Mac and Windows.
Nice, looking forward to trying it out!
This is pretty damn cool... documentation available somewhere? Trying to remove Google Reader which I accidentally added and which is now cluttering the message indicator.
Number of clicks? Saves some time: instead of opening browser and clicking bookmarks, or even worse if you have to unroll them first.
i neeed some help  in setting up I.P. address on ubuntu 12.04,,kindly feel free to respond...........
although i did try to change it through the setting it never worked....
the lap detects wifi...........but dusn't   connect!!! :(
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