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Ubuntu for phones is announced! See for all the details!
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So we can modify every aspect of the OS then right? Since it's open source...
If +Ubuntu is ported to existing ARM devices this will be all over the place! If not, I'm not very expectant and think it will be a flop...
Thank you Canonical, best gift to start the year ever !
we need more ! do you modify Android or not ?
I just need it to run on my Verizon Galaxy nexus and it to run Native android apps. because it look super Cool, a great new designed interface for phones.
Can't wait to see this play out.
just for maps and those other things we need Android Support
Hold your horses...let`s touch it first, Canonical said "almost touch" but it is a long way to go until then...
Everyone is so excited about this but didn't Canonical do this last year with Ubuntu for Andoird? And how's that running for everyone?
Why not go the other way and get android on PCs
I want to put this on my Nexus 10
I don't understand, but I guess I don't have to.
Looks really impressive.  I'd be willing to give it a shot.  Don't you need an early adopter to give a phone to?
So when do we get this, or Ubuntu for Android, to play with ourselves?  I've got a spare phone that's just itching to try either out.
Hold your horses, questions, predictions everyone !. This is just an announcement, let them launch first. Great achievement BTW.
i wouldnt use ubuntu on the phone as a daily driver, but plunging into a monitor looks cool
Hope it'll be a huge success and a low-radiation device.
I always look forward to alternatives. Bring it on!
Looks interesting..... curious how they will tackle fragmentation.... hopefully better than android has so far
Love the idea of scrolling between commonly used apps with a swipe. 
This is what I've been waiting for. I hope it works great on my Verizon Samsung Galaxy S3. Thank you! 
First phone to get this native or a working port I will buy. 
Simple question : how to get a market share with both iOS and Android ?
Pointless to do a press release if a nerd like me can't download and install it to my rooted gnext.

How about a release of some sort for me to play with.  I don't trust things I haven't tried.
Why would anyone want this over android?
looks good and I want this over android because android is dog slow and iOS is a nazi OS.
That interface is Awesome. Waiting for the Galaxy Nexus Rom
Oh, look. Yet another alternative phone OS...
Amazing just how do you download it!
+Ryein Goddard what phone are you using? if you look at Ubuntu's spec requirement for this, Android would run just as fast, if not faster on the same spec. I give a +1 on the awesome UI though.
Will Netflix work on this or does it have the same limitation as Ubuntu desktop?
This is probably the most user integrated interfaced I have ever seen. Great job Ubuntu team..knocked i t out of the park. Love the use of full screen...and the start up screen is so
I absolutely love Ubuntu but, with no ability to (easily) run Photoshop and Lightroom, I find myself hamstrung and reliant on Windows.
The developer page is unresponsive. Anyone know what the primary development language is? Python maybe? Or since it's Ubuntu... anything you want?
yes, i will finally get to be a fan boy!!
I'll be a lot more interested when quad core 64 bit phones with at least 4gb and preferably 8gb of RAM are common. 
Is that a galaxy nexus I spy?
Where can we get these phones or where to DL OS? Can't find anything on the site.
So can ypy install this on other phones like androids?
It's really interesting. I'd love to have one in my hands
Everyone always cries about photoshop.  Stop paying so much damn money and support Gimp.  If it is missing a feature donate to a developer so they can add it.  Simple as that and probably still cheaper then buying photoshop.
The whole EA Games published games in Ubuntu thing was bullshit. They posted links to a browser game in the store. Not really a game specifically designed for Ubuntu.
Yeah! Ubuntu for phones.
Let me guess :
sudo make call / download apk mobile operator... 
(then another dozen of lines of codes just to launch the call)
I will always buy whatever phone is most hackable. So I am thinking this might be the one when my Galaxy Nexus is two years old.
so cool! i'd like to have one!
It looks incredible! Perhaps, I was thinking Android to be same (yeah, few months ago before watching this video) 
+Joejoe Vexal If it wants to replicate anything close to the experience I get on a "real" computer then yes. I've run Ubuntu on a laptop with 2 GB and it wasn't a very pleasant experience. 4 GB is the absolute minimum in my opinion unless you're a very casual/light weight user. I don't want the OOM killer kicking in constantly if I open more than a half dozen tabs in my browser.
.....But will it blend???
sudo apt-get install 
+Dino L It does not run Word. It runs: OpenOffice, LibreOffice, AbiWord, Caligra Words. They all can use Word files and save to word or ODF format. You can also use Google Docs AKA Drive.
Try open office.. Not sure it will work but worth a shot
I'd rather use the Ubuntu for Android where you use Android on your phone and it switch to Ubuntu when on the dock...
I wish this effort good luck but without full Android integration, this effort is doomed to fail. Why would an oem bet on Ubuntu this late in the game? 
S D.
linux rules
It'll be interesting to see if they are clever enought to realize the need of app ecosystem 
well this looks promising i will w8t and see how is this working, maybe there will be another gamer on the smarts market ?
past: microsoft
present: google
future: canonical
Ubuntu has stepped out the shadows in 2012 this is so clear, from alternative OS to future 'norm' in a year.

Looooooooove it
can someone explain to me why this is better than what android has to offer today? 
I'm not a personal fan of Ubuntu but this is a killer move. Good work guys.
Looks great! I can't wait to see it. Don't forget us in the USA. And +AT&T 
+Numan Salati , I think the idea is to create an Ubuntu ecosystem, where Ubuntu users can spread their Ubuntu-fu across all their devices.  It would benefit power users (more ways to apply what they know) and casual users (fewer systems to master) alike.  I'm planning on sticking with Android for now, but if Ubunutu for phones matures, I'll probably migrate.
This has a lot of promise and with a company like Canonical it has a chance but this does feel too much like Palm and WebOS ... great technology, wonderful idea but lacked in launch partners and distribution. I think if they pull a Microsoft and have a strong push with developers before we start seeing devices they have a chance.
"If your phone runs Android it will also run Ubuntu" - so will my old HTC Desire run it, too? Would be nice :)
there are many free open sourced applications similiar to Word that run on Unbuntu
Leo P.
What will happen with "Ubuntu for Android"?
Now we can see the reason for shilling us out to amazon.
Can't wait.. Especially if I can root my current phone and flash a little Ubuntu on it. 
+Michael Sullivan its going to be a herculean task given how mature and pervasive android is and not to mention the play store with its apps and content.

google since android 4.x has really set the bar very high. i didn't see a single feature in today's announcement that caught my eye. Did you?
I'm very interested in the potential of this.  I need to replace my laptop and was thinking of going Ubuntu and ditching windows forever.  If the phone OS takes off my next phone in two years could be Ubuntu...
Cool. Ubuntu on the smartphone - a great idea!
I can see many of the WebOS design into this OS
I think Canonical should do what apple do, as in build their own devices where they have tight control over the hardware and software - phone, PC, tablet.
Lets see what it does after coming to market
chould it be us with any phone or it is not optional as on computers ??
+Andrew Parley I would suggest that runs counter to the idea of an open system. Ubuntu isn't strictly 'Free Software', but it's a long way yet from the walled garden of Apple - and let's hope it remains that way.
Apple is the best. It surpasses all other makers. 
It's not even real yet. Great job tooting your own nonexistent horn Ubuntu.
These canonical idiots never use the world Linux. They only talk ubuntu.
I hate ubuntu. Love GNU/ LINUX
I'm a Linux fan so this is amazing but it seems messy every thing clustered together and everywhere so I don't know if it will be the next big thing but I would love to try it on my Galaxy Nexus when it's ready for download and since the phone used in the video is a Galaxy Nexus there would be no problem :)
Well, I already don't like Unity on my desktop and I already don't like it in Ubuntu for phones. Rounded corners everywhere is sooo Apple-ish and also looks pretty outdated. A great lack of apps doesn't help either. No, thanks.
But I'm eagerly waiting for a manufacturer to launch a phone with Ubuntu for Android - that would be perfect for me. 
Great work and great concept! Could become the first real competitor to Android. Can't wait to boot Ubuntu on my phone...
I would be a liar if I said I was not excited for this!! Good job Canonical! I will keep my eyes and ears open for updates!
+James McGoram Hi James. I will never buy apple because of the walled garden, but I have nexus devices as they're made to a spec that the OS developer wants, however the fact that Google don't actually make their nexus devices still leads to problems.  Showcase devices for the platform would be great is all I'm saying, and could improve uptake at the consumer end.
If this had been an announcement for the first 'Ubuntu on Android' handset, I'd have delayed my next phone upgrade for it. However now I'll be getting a Note II in the next week or so.
How different is this to Jolla (or mer or Nemo)? Is there cooperation with the Mer folk? WIll there be app compatibility between Mer/Nemo/Jolla and Ubuntu mobile.
Wow, what a wonderful presentation of Ubuntu, the best I have ever seen. Very exciting for All of us. Having used Ubuntu and various unix distros over tbe years it certainly pleases me. Ubuntu smart phone, its got to be a winner. Good luck to the Team, congratulations, well done.
I want one .Iam gadget junkie. I just love technology when it moves fast..It was time for linux to shine now as windows never gave it a chance on PC.But now it will go pLaces.Tell me where I can get one..Bux ( )..
Wow tres prometteur une plareforme unique pour cell PC TV
Android still beat Ubuntu in the future.
That's awesome. 
Ubuntu,linux,mozila are steel copy and paste 0s
Well I be buying one.  Not because of anything but so long the hardware is there, it gonna be brill
Very interesting approach, will watch with interest. Many questions though. Business model , partners, critical mass of developer support, how will it crack the enterprise ?
This might become the disruption of the year!
true, but it isn't a waste of time. That person worked long and hard to create that project, who cares if it isn't brought to androids.
I'd love to see a "Ubuntu for Android"-APK or CMW-Flashable .zip, but I'd never blow my Android for "Ubuntu for Phones".

To integrate Ubuntu INTO Android OS was the best thing I've heard for a while, and I'm looking forward to this. Instead of fighting Android-manufacturers, Canonical should cooperate with them. I really can't belive Ubuntu for Phones will ever make more than ~3% market share.

It's just.. No. No. Just... No.
Mmh, all Ubuntu services? That's at least a quad core processor. Would it be available on time for the Nexus 4? Wait and see... in excitement :-) 
Fantastic news. Gonna fit right into my s3 and new hybrid laptop/tablet when I get it. Been messing about with Ubuntu for a few years now and I know it's gonna be great to marry all my devices together.
All I can say is, goodbye windows greed, Goodbye iPhone smugness.
This is gonna be exactly what I need as a consumer and user of these slick new devices.
Interesting considering Linux is already on mobile (since Android is Linux). Intrigued to see how Ubuntu changes things up!
Hmm, this is a very interesting development in the mobile OS market. I'll be curious to see how this is implemented. 
This phone looks like Google Nexus 4 by LG.
Uses the same drivers as android. Nice. 
Ray L
Real cool
Has any Google members tried Ubuntu version? If yes, may he or she please comment on the version before some of us go wild.
+Boyko Georgiev It's the Galaxy Nexus by Samsung. They'll only be running on Android hardware for the time being with the goal of their own custom hardware by or in 2014
i like it.but i dn't have money
it's going to fail.. Google isn't slaking in bed.. Pretty sure they are working on a valid desktop solution to combine the massive ecosystem they have built around android and web services. 
how many of us met their last year's resolutions? what about this year?
Haha I don't even remember what my resolutions were last yr :p
Love it... Can't wait to play with it... Mmmannn I want one.. 
It's looking good. I've been using Ubuntu since 2007 but like almost everyone most of my time is spent with an (Android) smartphone / tablet rather than a desktop / laptop. I'm looking forward to this.  
Bring more gaming to Linux and it will be more successful.  I love Linux but still dual boot to Windows because I'm a gamer and Linux doesn't offer as many games.
Linux already runs on phones it's called android :-P
Totally freakin' amazingly awesome!!! Can't wait to take it for a spin!
+Justin A While this is a good development to have more options as a consumer, I don't see it changing things much.  We will have to see how 2014 goes though.
another hard work for developer.
make apps for iOS, for Windows, for Android, for Ubuntu and for upcoming Samsung OS.
So, all mobile applictions developers be ready to learn HTML5 because most of apps on ubunto mobile will be developed with it as native apps .....great :)
Ill give it a go! So how do I get it on a Note2 or Nexus 4? 
Looks very nice. Some fantastic user interface concepts, how primitive does iOS look now?

I wonder how well the edge screen gestures would work on a tablet.
Wow... SABDFL is growing a beard!
All the Ubuntu phone shots were done on a Galaxy Nexus. Does that mean the Galaxy Nexus will run Ubuntu?
Perfect! Competition is always good. Though I could not find anything outstanding in 21 minute and 56 second video. 
What operating system does use? I hope it can beat others already in the market.
Would love to see this on nexus 4 and 7
Can I just go on one post and not hear anyone mention iOS first Facebook now apple. This is the reason people leave google+ their just phones and tablets Let It Go DAMN!!!!! Lmao this is retarded for me o have to mention it but it is on almost every fn post even on what's hot,this is the reason your phone sucks and mind is awesome you sound like 6 yr old kids all fn day every fn post this is google+ we insult newcomers trash apple on a daily basis and correct everyone's grammar!!!!
And sorry for the spelling if you're smart enough you will know what spellchecker corrected or what words I missed I'm high fuck it
The best thing would be if it could work on iphones. Then we don't have to stick locked fones. 
+Shiva Ram Baniya That is never going to happen because you will need to unlock the bootloader of the iPhone to install a different OS. Apple is not going to to that because they rely on their app market. And the other people that have the skills to hack the bootloader simply don't have enough interest to spend weeks or probably month to do so.
As a current Android user, and Ubuntu user I've got mixed feelings.
Really enjoy Android on my phone, as it has the massive Google backing, where Ubuntu can be slow for bug fixes because of it's community driven development.

I think just as Google has pushed Chrome to the top of the popular browsers list (promotion on the Google frontpage) they will pushing Android very hard if it's challenged by a capable mobile OS (sorry apple and windows phone, you're not there yet.). Even if it means paying manufacturers $2 to roll out Android on every device rather than Ubuntu, that will clinch it as Ubuntu couldn't meet that (that I'm aware of).

Also ease of install will have to be a priority for the dev team, it can be hard enough to convince someone to try an Ubuntu live-disk for 3 days, i can't imagine instructing them to root and install a bootloader on their phone.

That being said, anything can happen and I know I'll be dual-handsetting for a while when it's released.
This looks very promising...
This will definitely raise a lot of eyebrows..Google for one. "4.1" 
Might be great on my raspberry pi!
Brilliant. Video and introduction is nice.
This is nice. Runs on most all android devices however no mention of supporting Play Store downloaded apps/games and simply relying on Ubuntu and Linux games is bad. If I could have best of both worlds it would be nicer. I'm not going to throw my money I've spent just to run Ubuntu.
Looks cool but will it be there own phones or ported to android phones
First devices won't be available till early 2014? Are you freaking kidding me? Too late IMO. A lot can happen in a year and a half, especially on the fast moving smartphone market.
Yes it will run on your Android phone or tablet. It's already got people testing it. Check Ubuntu to see if you have a supported CPU. If your phone or device is unlocked and rooted you can move to it whenever you want. If not you will wait for some phone down the road.
+Teddy Ndlovu for real? Ubuntu is one of the most used Linux distributions... like Windows 7, but with less people using it, it's FREE and it's AWESOME!
Too late if you ask me, if wp7 didn't take off so won't this
In about a year and a half from now (early 2014 they say but I have yet to see a massive software project ever make it on time).
If they incorporate Desktop Ubuntu utilities/apps into mobile Ubuntu to where they are essentially the same thing, you could have a winner as long as the interface is not too convoluted like Windows Phones are.

EDIT: Better yet, have Steam built in where everything syncs to the main Steam account and have mobile apps tied to it and I would pick one up for sure. Plus that would be another revenue stream for Valve.
I bet the Facebook app will be worse than the Android version... Then Zucker will make all employees use Ubuntu... Nothing will change.
Not interested. I'll stick with Android. 
a totally different operating system ??not a android rom ?omg ,i can see the tragedy of windows phones 
I'm going to bite back anything I'd say about Unity. I'm glad there's someone else in the phone market.
Awesome! I really like my Android phone but I could see this replacing it when it gets too old or when I get extra money.
seems like what microsoft should have went through with on windows 8. One os for all devices and adjusted ui for each device type. Phone,tablet and desktop. I think that approach would have worked better for MS. That and best hardware possible under hood of phones and the os lean and powerful as possible. They could have turned the industry around. Instead we have windows 8 ,rt and wimdows 8 phone.
Would you have to use sudo apt-get install angry-birds?
Sorry Google Android but I think I just saw my future phone.
At this rate, they're going to have to add a mobile technology class in schools. They're developing faster than the average Joe can keep up. 
Woah. I love Android. So Im kind of stuck in the middle here. But this is great news :)
I gotta try it on my Gnex. Hope there is a ways to port it!
The only problem is that on the video i did not see the calling feature. Can you even call on it?
Awesome job guys! But I'm in love with android. Let's see what you got to offer...
OK, nice, I already love Ubuntu, but....... When I can have hands on? 
How far from release? 12 weeks or 12 months?
If the final product looks and functions anything like in the video, this is hands down the most attractive mobile OS ever. IMO
I can't wait for the Zorin OS version that will help users coming from Windows phone adapt. 
Looks like Microsoft has a new SERIOUS competitor for the desktop and apps. Like some others here though, i want to run Ubuntu on the desktop when docked and Android on the phone when undocked. Hope thats possible. I believe Ubuntu on a mobile would be a battery hog.
Looks pretty cool. I was wondering when Ubuntu would be at least on tablets. The newest desktop os to me feels like on that would be on a tablet like windows 8
i like the interface of ubuntu, but it takes too long learning curve for me. sad
Certainly an impressive system, i'd like to try it.
I like the interface.
Its going to be a superior android!
Great news for us, the users.  So, I expect this year to be an excellent one for mobiles, with Ubuntu OS and +Jolla 
Anything to kill corp leeches like apple and Google
Can you put this on your desktop PC?
Access to the app drawer looks like it was copied from "Action Launcher' for Android.
Belle présentation. Il va s'en doute falloir attendre pour cette solution gagne en maturité.
That sounds like way too much work for me lol I'll just stick with windows
I told you that Ubuntu is working on its phone project. I think I'll get one asap after it is released.
+Randy Hoopes suit yourself, but dont come crying over when your pc gets infected with a crapload of viruses
I'd love to give this a go on my GSM Galaxy Nexus that's been collecting dust since I got my Nexus 4. I hope a ROM is made public soon, like Ubuntu on the Nexus 7. If be happy to submit bug reports and possibly contribute dev time for system or apps.
Gary Ng
Looking forward to this well done
Very interested to see how the t fairs in real world use. 
Just release Ubuntu for android already. I'd much rather run both than pick one.
I know how to use Ubuntu but I have no idea how to pronounce it. 
I saw whole intro video on your site and I am sorry to say but your interface is rather slow and cumbersome. Slide left, slide right, slide left, slide left, slide left, omg. Since when is sliding faster then tapping? LOL! All my apps are under folders on only one screen. No sliding. Two taps opens any app. I am running paranoid android on my gnex and truly, after seeing this, I have no motivation to even try Ubuntu for Gnex once you make it available. What a disappointment! 
No native gmail app = no go for me
I am really excited but I was expecting they would announce full fledged touch based tablet OS that can be a substitute for windows 8.
Still waiting on Ubuntu for Android... Maybe this "big news" will have some follow through.
Well, suddenly iOS and Android feel like the past. Expect big overhauling of those systems in 2014, but this time it's possible that everyone will see where the "new features" came from. 
There are some good ideas in Ubuntu Phone. I hope it matures well.
Android is linux based..this just looks like a themed android.. android has way more apps and support.. same with windows phone and ios..I love ubuntu but it needs to stay on my computer.
+David Jackson , if you are referring to my comment, I would love to read more about what you mean.  Ubuntu for Android was/is a great idea, this looks like it could be the same.  I am, and many others are disappointed that Ubuntu for Android has not taken off - I hope that Canonical can produce some results here.  Great ideas don't get too far without some execution.  If I did miss something, and am indeed misinformed, please help me.  
oh ho.. that's fantastic.. we can probably play on old  andriod phones, mine stopped updating at 4.0.4.. maybe i can mod this.
They have had ubuntu for android on their site forever, but I'm still yet to find an apk or other download for it anywhere. Any idea where to get the apk?
Prepare for the Linux phone flood gates to open.
I'm plussing this because I think it is important work. But the news is that there is a signup form so they can let you know when there is news. sigh
Linux operating system
Toby A
looks very well designed
When ideas this happening. Is there a way we can get the image file n try it? 
Make it so we can install it on our phones we have NOW. please... 
+Christen Perey That allow accounts for the work they have put into it.  Not the custom kernels and tweaks people will be making which is the time and energy android has had.  I know people say it might be as fast, but that just isn't the case.  I would welcome actual links though.
+Stephen Poole , it has been done, the question is do you want light weight OS on the PC or the full feature OS on the phone? 
+Terry Montgomery the problem with the ubuntu for android is that android is developing too fast and is too diluted (spread out over too many devices) for it to be a commercial product, its not like its a plugin module. 
Like we needed another mobile OS
I like this phone very.....nice, ill never seen this before.
"A truly handheld PC is the future of personal computing." are they serious? that's so 90's!
With a galaxy S3 or a Note2 with dual boot for Android or Ubuntu, Apple van kiss my ass. Anybody want to buy a iPhone 5 that I only used for 2weeks?
Where is the download button... ubuntu this, ubuntu that... where's the code?
Very beutifull.. I love it
Randy H
Oh my, I would love to get one since android sucks so bad
I love the potential.. and to all the haters.. why would you shun the idea of innovation.. having something that offers "yet another phone os" is a good thing.. it makes the current market have to work harder, and offers the potential for a better system.. People said the same of android when it first came out.. I doubt this will crush apple or android.. but Ubuntu is no slouch.. the Linux community has a strong foot hold and this may provide a path for some really nice development. Just wish they had a release that we could play with.... something generic to the android platform.. oh well. Good luck to the dev team and hope to see more in the future... soon!
Love the idea but until Canonical is removed I'm not interested...
It's finally here!!
Ubuntu on smartphones!!
Can't wait to port one of my phones :-)
Can't wait to see that running smoothly on my Nexus 10...
I don't like that to develop got to use C or C++. They are difficult to use and not very modern like Java or even Objective C
Weird they didn't add support for Android applications, just add the KVM. Then much better, I like Ubuntu for Android much better
There's always room for something new, no matter it wins the market or not. Yes, big fishes like Apple, if they make a little change in the homescreen, that'll boost a lot of sells. Because they are already established. That doesn't necessarily mean that they'll (Android or iOS) be holding the positions forever.

What Ubuntu Phone OS is, is completely different that the other big players. Even though I'm skeptical about their marketing strategy and doubtful whether they'll succeed or not, the concept that they're working with is what it should be with technologies. Users can't learn Windows 7 at office, and XP at home, and later Ubuntu at a friend's home, and Windows 8 when the office adopts it. And in the mobile, they just can't also learn iOS, Android, FirefoxOS and more. Even if they're learning, the two just don't match. Yes, Android and iOS -- they've understood that one OS should be everywhere -- so we get the same OS in a tablet and smartphone. Why not in Desktops then ?

I think Ubuntu is trying to do that in a much prettier way. And the Dash -- yes, it has its own algorithmic problems and time lags, but as they continue developing it -- it is truly a big step in the future of intuitive computing.

I would like to see 'em succeed with it.
when can i download it to my phone.. and how
So pumped for this. Just a few weeks for it to be on my gnex.
+Terry Montgomery yes, Ubuntu for android was the "phone-to-pc" part, but not a full fledged Phone OS. Now the Ubuntu Phone OS has everything modern smartphones need, and it'll turn into a pc when docked.
i really appreciate canonical for its bold and brave move to compete the big boys (Google,apple ,windows nah...) in mobile world such a competition is welcome but canonical beware of apple and be ready to get sued by it no matter what u do .
i would be more delighted if ubuntu phone os destroy's crApple and windows 8 phone os for sake of world.
People in the present situation are not interested in UI and design anymore.All they want is Apps and Ubuntu is far from Apple and Android. 
after this release  i m sure google will concentrate more on android fragmentation otherwise if ubuntu gives a better solution for fragmentation then most of them will be looking for it.
Ed Dan
will lead to a integrated platform with the desktop,tablet & phone runinging in sync with the cloud on ubuntu. I think maybe in a year or so there will be "dual-boot" system too... :)
Gadget modification turns permanent, what i wanted most is a battery power in it that will last for days not for few hour,,,
APPs, the more the better, otherwise gone with the wind
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