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At the Ubuntu Developer Summit we discussed how to build more of a "appreciation culture" where people can thank and highlight others for their contributions to Ubuntu. So folks, let's have a little fun. In each comment, I want to ask each of you to thank someone and share why you are thanking them. :-)
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I guess I should contribute to this too - I want to thank Chris Johnson, Michael Hall, +Nigel Babu and the other folks who helped to make so awesome for the recent UDS. Thanks!
I want to thank +Launchpad for letting us organising, collaborating and translating free software projects. #thxubuntu
Generally if you tweet/dent/g+ your thanks, please use the #thxubuntu hashtag. :-)
+Pedro Villavicencio Garrido was my first mentor and helped me to get started with the Bugsquad. Helping with bugs is something I really enjoy, and thanks to his patience and knowledge I can continue contributing that way. Gracias amigo.
I'd like to thank +Wikipedia for pointing me to +Lubuntu, which has made my 8 year old laptop run like new!

A side note: There seem to be a bunch of G+ pages for Wikipedia. I think the Wikipedia team should ask Google+ to open up their page so everyone who circles it is automatically able to edit the page. ;)
I'd like to thank +Jorge Castro for charm school, though I played hooky. I'd like to thank Caribe Royal for the Pecan Pie on Monday.
I'd like to thank +Dan Chen for encouraging me to join the community way back in '05 (I think).

I would like to thank Gabor Kelemen and Andrej Znidarsic for keeping on top of triaging translations related bugs and managing the translations template priorities for Launchpad.
I would like to thank +Kenneth Nielsen for drafting and execution of and Gabor Kelemen for hunting down, triaging and submitting patces for countless ubuntu translations related bugs.
I would also like to thank +David Planella for constant help in various translation related ares and +Launchpad team for fixing bugs and working on features of user friendly rosetta translation tool.
I'd like to thank +Wikipedia for pointing me to ubuntu 11.10.the best os available out there.
I'd like to thank +Michael Roberts for showing me +Ubuntu back in 2008. As a starving student, what a world of tools and I probably learned more from getting into NIX than in all of my other studies...and of was all FREE!!
I'd like to thank +Sanjiv Gopaul for mentioning +Ubuntu in a status update, a week or 2 ago, causing me to look it up and realize that there is a pretty good alternative to Windows7 for my PC upgrade that I'll be building at the end of the month.
Easy! lets start right here, right now! Thank You ALL for giving us the opportunity to use a free and absolutely wonderful OS
Thank you +Benjamin Kerensa for all you do for the Ubuntu Oregon LoCo team to keep it together, and thanks to the devs for making such a nice base I can build my OS "house" from.
I would like to thank all the groups involved from the software center on up for giving us great package management.
Hace 4 meses que me decidía a realizar la transición a Ubuntu y cada vez estoy mas contento. Saludos, felicitaciones y Muchas Gracias a toda la comunidad de Linux-Ubuntu. Thanks Ubuntu community!
I want to thank the developer of the android platform because it is a nice tool and very good platform for web application. BUT the develpm t seems to be difficult to achieve. I also want to thank the deveper of ubuntu desktop it seems promising to have webapps for the desktop, and a need for simple dev tools. For example i d like to turn my zbuffer tool into a 3d modeling framework for the web like processing.js is for 2d
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