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For the gamers of you out there, be sure to check out the awesome 5-star rated Braid which is available in the Ubuntu Software Center for $9.99 - see for the reviews and click on the orange 'Available on Software Center' to buy it!
Manipulate the flow of time to solve puzzles. Braid is a platform game in painterly style where you manipulate the flow of time to solve puzzles. Every puzzle in Braid is unique; there is no filler. B...
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Amazing story and gameplay, just buy it.
Got this through one of the Humble Bundle deals last year--this game is great and some of the puzzles are mind-bending. Plus it runs great on GNU/Linux
played when it came to ps3 a while back. this game is pure awesome!
Games like this might sell better through the software centre if there was bit more to the description and a few more screenshots to tempt us. As it stands the description in software centre does not make it look very appealing. Up till now I have dismissed it, but looking at peoples opinion of it I may give it a go.
yet it works out cheaper to buy it on steam and run through wine. If you want games to take off on linux you need to at least put them out at the same price point as they are available for other formats.

And the whole EA thing is hardly a step forward, we could play browser games before what is the advantage of clicking in the software center and then just being taken to a webpage.

You really are missing an amazing trick here, the user base for linux would explode if decent drivers/games actually came to the platform, but if its going to cost more to game on linux why should people bother ?
This is an excellent product. One of my favorite games.
it was in Humble Indie Bundle 2. Humble Bundle also gives steam keys, so there should be a Ubuntu Center key of some sort I could register my purchase with and get automatic updates and stuff
+Clóvis Fabrício The older bundles came with Desura keys, which is basically indie Steam with Linux support, and that has all your automatic gubbins and what not.
Braid has been one of my best gaming experiences on #ubunt so far.
Hy admin m new to ubuntu I want to upgrade from10.10 to 11.04 but during upgrade it says upgrade failed authentication failed check your internet .... and my net is just fine downloding browsing ..... how to can I upgrade to 11.04
+Sean Campbell there's no evidence that Linux adoption would do anything if game developers started spending cash on (ie supporting) it. That's why it doesn't happen. From a developer's viewpoint the Windows/OS X duopoly works just fine so there's no need to change it. That also explains why price points are lower on the platforms giving the greatest return. The alternative to charging more on Linux in most cases probably isn't charging the same, but never developing for the platform at all.

One advantage of having browser games available in the software center is that it gives the publisher a robust metric for whether someone's interest was coming as a direct result of being on that platform - in other words, it might provide evidence supporting your proposition that Ubuntu is a platform that can deliver sales, and is therefore worth investing resources in. Browser stats aren't useful for that because they leave questions about the user's path to purchases unanswered.
I still appreciate that Braid is even available as a native app for Ubuntu. So this is a win and I have the game on XBL, so this game is so worth $10. I hope more Indie titles make their way to Ubuntu.
This was available in the Humble Bundle for a lot less.
yes it was but that's for windows...why the hate. I say "AT LEAST" the developers made the game for Ubuntu it's not like developers are knocking down the door to give Linux users top quality games. BRAID is a must buy for anyone that loves platform puzzlers....I highly recommend it and for 10 bucks it's a win for the dev and the gamer.
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