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Ubuntu 12.04 review on ZDNet UK - Editor Rating: 8/10 User Rating: 10/10 -
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10 different .torrents are seeding and sudo do-release-upgrade processing.
"Cons: Office applications are adequately supported, but — like all Linux distributions — Ubuntu cannot offer creative software that's comparable to the proprietary apps available for Windows and Mac OS X"

My only con is that an upgrade still takes way too much longer than a clean install.
Three words: Scale All Windows. Whats up with that?
#Ubuntu for the win - big improvements in Unity and although it's wishing my life away, I can't wait for 12.10 and beyond!
mint ui > some ubuntu ui (e.g. windows w/ default theme)
most ubuntu features > most mint features
ubuntu ease of use > min ease of use
mint themability using gui only > ubuntu's
I don't want to troll, it was just a joke;)
+Ane Dijitak I prefer Ubuntu overall (by very much), I just like many parts of the Min UI. Just trying to be fair to mint users... they are both nice (I use both)
Arch Linux is good, but you should work with scripts.
Prefer ArchLinux over Ubuntu anyday but i still like the concepts that ubuntu is coming out with. I still recommend Ubuntu to anyone new to linux.
+Zane Conley agreed. Unity is the perfect bridge for consumers from OS X/Windows' UI to Linux
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