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OK, for those of you who have upgraded to Ubuntu 12.04, what is your favorite new feature that you have noticed? Let us know, and importantly, post on your wall what your favorite new feature is to help spread the word about Ubuntu and bringing a Free Software platform to everyone!
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The sound preferences can now easily switch my input from speakers to my Creative USB headset. I have had to use 3rd party application to get it to work before.
HUD! I was really looking forward to this, and I think I'll just use the default settings for my session now <3
how i wish i could use my cellphone with a ubuntu os init
I don't have to sudo apt-get remove --purge mono-runtime anymore.
Can anyone tell me if it's still possible to disable Unity? I'd like to upgrade, but I won't if I can't keep using Gnome.
Its buggy, crash report keeping popping up, the percussion sound at the password gateway is annoying,the start up music is missing.... I installed calender-indicator now i want to get rid of it and its not showing in software center...etc etc
HUD was really a good surprise. I also liked that now the menu bar changes its colour according to the wallpaper I'm using.
You can use gnome3 or the gnome-fallback without having unity installed. You will have to upgrade then customize or you can install fresh from minimal iso.
There are still all the other versions also. I personally have been favoring Ubuntu Studio. You could install your own XFCE but the defaults in Studio are just right
I'm loving the new look desktop ! -
I didn't need that launcher or for that matter any tool bars for my applications - now i can just look at the two remaining desktop shortcuts from my original install and wonder how I’m ever going to be able to work on this laptop again. a good 5 hours of my life well spent. oh and yes from my previous unanswered post... you do indeed loose Zend Server if you upgrade...
+Aaron Coakley I've been considering switching to Studio myself. Does it have all the multimedia support (CODECs, etc) built in that you have to manually add to regular Ubuntu?
It does have a lot of those less-than-"free" codecs, etc that aren't in the standard install. I don't recall if it's all or if I had to choose a few after the fact.
+Aaron Coakley I remember being as annoyed as hell when I first installed Ubuntu back at v8.03 or so that it couldn't play MP3s or DVDs out of the box. I get the legal reasons for that, but it would've been nice if there was a well documented, one-click install process for those of us willing to take our chances.
Hmm, does this mean that Gnome Classic will be useful on 12.04 ? I really don't want to switch to Unity or Gnome3, change is bad ;)
do-release-upgrade : Well done
It works fine, but I still prefer my Gentoo.
+Lionel Lauer the very few (not so sure about "1") click processes are there, the "well documented" part seems to always leave some room for improvement although it's rarely more than a well-formed (the tricky part) Google search away.
Had issues with Google Maps GL, but whatever. Looks clean. Honestly haven't noticed much of a difference.
My favorite feature is that you can't use “Scale All Windows“. That would be just too great :)
In case any Canonical folk is reading this: Doesn't work on Acer AO722 netbook. Please take care of this issue. Probably the wifi card is the issue.
added gwendal-lebihan-dev ppa and installed cinnamon. Cinnamon rules!
It was slow, sluggish, so many things that I didn't like so it was back to PCLinuxOS for me.
dual monitor, work great :)
+Aaron Coakley Well, when I did it, I had to do a lot of Googling (& my Gooogle-fu is usually pretty good) & it entailed enabling 3rd party repos & adding a bunch of stuff from the CLI. Dunno if the process is less painful now, though - that was a while back.
The audio jack doesn't work, awesome.
i did update from 11.10 and now Ubuntu wont start, i get the error, "failed to get i915 symbols"......
can anyone please help me, i love Ubuntu to heart, and now its FORCING me to use windows... please inbox me someone who can help
+Lionel Lauer I'm still doing the in-place upgrade on my 11.10/xfce box, but right now - Ubuntu Restricted Extras is on the first line in the Top Rated category on Software Center. It's somewhere between one and 4 clicks to install depending on whether you count opening the software center. Applications->Software Center->Ubuntu Restricted Extras->Install, and it does require the multiverse package be enabled. Applications->Software Center-> Edit->Software Sources-> tick the multiverse box (which I always have enabled anyway).
Hate the new way Unity handles, loved it in 11.10. Why doesn't it disappear anymore when using a program in full screen? And making it disappear in the settings keeps it invisible forever. And HUD doesn't bring out programs. Must be a bug.
Otherwise I don't see any significant changes yet.
Next question to those of you who've upgraded: Have they fixed Nautilus up at all? I'm thinking mainly of:
a) that annoying change where they disabled dragging files to your bookmarked folders. (Even Windows File Explorer gets that right, guys, FFS!)
b) The way it gets really, really slow to open up big folders after a while.
c) It vanishing if you unmount a volume while viewing any folder in that volume.
The well lubed feel. I like the crisp look too.
Did a reformat and fresh install on my main desktop, feels stable and fast, but I have absolutely no sound.... for anything at all.

But on my laptop, I did the online upgrade via update manager, sound works fine on that, but I've lost count of the error reports.

Yet to upgrade the server from 10.04, will wait until the other machines are sorted first
My favorite feature is the impossibility to resume from stand-by. Eventually some good reason to reboot my notebook and make me missing Wiindows less and less.
The one that totally screwed up my system and made me switch to Linux Mint.
I like the part where I can see the wallpaper when trying to install it from a usb stick. (unetbootin) New features are really cool. When are you going to make the old ones work? (like perhaps autofallback in case of unsupported video card)
Charles: You already have it if you installed updates today or yesterday.
+Charles Martin You should get the upgraded stuff as part of the regular automatic updates. I got the offer to upgrade to 12.04 LTS this morning when the updater ran. I decided to skip it for now, until I could read up on it a bit. I'll probably accept it next time though.
I find that the "classic mode"actually works better now. That's helpful, since it actually improves experience when not using Unity.
Really wish they would have killed Unity. It's terrible.
Unity rocks once you get used to it. Helps me getting things done faster. HUD is lovely.
Ubuntu guys - Awesome work. But Please remove that unity launcher in next coming versions. Unity launcher is really annoying.
The occasional smooth scrolling. More of that please.
Please comment on unity laucher too :) :)
Terminal is quite intuitive and fun to use.
I must say that unity is a big change from using a traditional environment i.e. Gnome, KDE, even windows...

But that being said I love it and keep going. I can see what is in your pipeline with the integration between desktop, TV, Mobile... It's going to be great
So far, I like HUD and the ability to resize launcher.
How can customize ubuntu 12.04. I am new user in ubuntu so Please details explain step by step.......
I try ubuntu LTS, and Unity is better then before!
My favorite new feature? That the Unity bare does not auto-hide, that i can press enter and the first option on the lens is chosen, and that i can see the name of the person who have sent me a message in IM (instead of just the blue envelope).

And that my webcam now work out of the box (or, at all)
Unity (small icons) + cairo-dock (without top panel) is the best possible combination in terms of productivity and eye candy.
I love it.
Just notice what the main con of Ubuntu was (disregarding Unity), according to that review. The fact is that LibreOffice is not up to scratch. People need an office suite, and LibreOffice's ugliness, feature-poverty, bugginess and sometimes lacking compatibility with MSO formats is one of the factors which discourages people from taking the plunge. Make no mistake, +Canonical will have to put some serious work into it.
+Marius Dalacu I'm guessing your Unity is on auto-hide. It is indeed the best combination. Wish there would be some way to add the unity search button in cairo-dock though.
HUD definitely, because I can see the path where it's taking us and I like it :-)
My favourite feature so far has been the "unable to download release notes" when trying to upgrade.
I like that it hasn't crashed on me yet. ;) And everything is slightly smoother. And things just work.
"everything is slightly smoother" +1

!!! ^^
The graphics card compatibility is wayy better!
I can now play minecraft without tearing!
also in 11.10 it minecraft would mess up all the other programs I had open (distorted text, large yellow triangles ) all that is gone now :D
What doesn't require you to buy a Win license?
Make the Unity Launcher moveable please!!! Everything else is great!
It seems faster than 11.10!
Quick test is, ask a Windows user to find an app, just asked my wife to find the email client in Ubuntu with Unity and then PCLinuxOS with KDE, KDE no problem, Ubuntu, fail.
Compiz/Unity doesn't drag on my ATI/AMD 4850. It was terrible before.
None, barely noticed any difference.
scrolling now is more fancy and the support for my touchpad
The HUD (though it has to evolve, it's the best NEW feature!)
HUD has got to be the best feature in 12.04...I also love the new improved much more responsive, faster and elegant.
I would love to tell you but since I upgraded OS won't boot. I only get Ubuntu splash screen. I am dual boot with Vista on HP Dv9000. Any suggestions before I throw this machine out of the window?
I like it very much. I've not previously been a fan of Unity (Played havoc with my video card) but since installing 12.04 I'm starting to warm to it. I would like the option to move the sidebar mind you. aybe have it running allong the bottom. Just a random thought. :)
The HUD is very efficient indeed. For me that's the best new feature. I don't like that there's no window dodge or intellihide option for the launcher (anymore) though. :(
I like HUD, and the new launcher reveal pressure
I don't like that:
* intelhide for launcher is missed
* The background color field is missed when dash is launched (I know that is for testing, but is a good feature)
* im-status is not working
* empathy is not working with the messagigg menu
Wish I had it right now but have to wait till I have enough bandwidth to get it.
New feature? Like the way it ignores swap and keeps everything in memory to the point of memory allocation errors? Nice..... :P

But I do like the fact I can load MATE and bypass Unity. That is the best feature of all.....
+Lionel Lauer You do an internet search and find the PPA's needed to load MATE onto Unity. It will give you the closest GNOME experience you can get. GNOME, as released with the Unity libraries, is (in my humble opinion) brain damaged and requires too much to run properly. Compiz is totally useless now. MATE is the closest you can get to a Gnome experience.

Word of warning - don't try to run file manager and load software at the same time. Unity does not play well with swap. I have a low memory machine and despite the ample swap space it refused to swap anything to make room for applications. Get MATE loaded and reboot a time or two. Make sure you go through the apt-get update/upgrades routines, reboot one more time, then let it set a while so it can get all the background processes to settle down. (one major bad problem with ubuntu - first boot resource fest....)

I've loaded MATE with no problems and found my GNOME experience satisfied with it.

...removal of Unity still trashes the OS....
Anyone else having issues upgrading in the UK? I've been trying to download packages but they either fail or download terribly slowly.
Same on my notebook at home and a VM I have at work.
Resizing launcher icons is really a good thing - especially on my 11" Lenovo.
I really like being able to resize the launcher. The size is ok on my desktop but on my netbook I always found it to be too big. Now I can make it the size I like which is really nice!
i had the 11,01 version got used to it but it crashed ill try this one out soon thanks ubuntu for freeing us from the shackles of Microsoft :)
1 - The mobility with the launcher
2 - The speed.
I hate unity desktop. I have 16 gigs of ram and it is still slow.
+Liam Terry Depends on what you want to do with it? At home you definitely should (and not only because it's free)... Think about what you'd like Ubuntu to do for you in your professional environment and what software you'd need for that. I bet you find your answer rather quickly...
+Liam Terry I started using +Ubuntu after the windows on my laptop got busted during an update. I popped in a, 11.10 live cd i had made recently, and it got me back in business. From there, I installed ubuntu. The process was quick and painless, and you can surf the web as it installs if you use a live cd. Installing programs is done in one of three ways. You either dl the application from a website, you use the software center, or you paste a few lines into the terminal. Pretty simple. There's also a surprising amount of high quality free software, from games to multimedia apps.
simple question with the new Ubuntu do I create a desktop shortcut???
Just installed it... This is the first time I run Ubuntu with the Unity UI, not a pleasant experience. The responsiveness is extremely slow (10s after a mouseclick), the screen flickers, etc, all right after logging in. Switching the display driver from Nvidia current to post-release doesn't help at all. What now? Can't go back, but Ubuntu is useless to me right now.

[EDIT] Experiencing the same problem as I did, continue reading here:
+Thomas Bollen - I am finding those same issues. I want to like this OS, but it's the simple things that make it too hard to use. BTW, how did you get the Nvidia Drivers?
sudo apt-get install nvidia [Tab] ...could it be more simple?
They were already installed apparently, I just switched between the options in the Additional Drivers menu (after taking ages getting there...:-).
One thing I don't like about Ubuntu 12.04: the screen brightness still has to be adjusted manually every time (it's always 100% on boot up.) This has been a problem since Ubuntu 10.04.
gparted is favorite feature, lets you format the drive and install a proper linux distro.
For me the drastically reduced number of severe memory leaks and the incredible amount of fixed bugs are the biggest features.
+Andreas Berckner - Yes it could be much easier, like me just going to nvidias website and they auto install the correct drivers... How could I possibly know to use this command "sudo apt-get install nvidia [Tab]" if I am completely new to this.... Lets move out of the DOS days.
HUD is by far the best innovation in this release!
+David Schofield: One doesn't simply download software from Mordor - eh - from random creepy websites on the net. That's the #1 way to install trojans, viruses, keyloggers, adware,... Software should only be installed from the official repositories by using Software Center, Synaptic, apt-get,..., except for the very rare cases when one really needs a certain program that's not available in the repos, there are no alternatives and one really knows what one is doing. This not only applies to Ubuntu but every operating system (I know, Windows does not yet have repositories, but they will come with Windows 8, if I'm not mistaken).
+Grey Geek - No because simple things just work on those OS's. Seriously simple things work like making a desktop shortcut by right clicking any folder. Or instead of going into a terminal to read an admin file, all I need to do is Right Click > Open as admin. Can't get much easier than that, no need to google or call support. I can't even install Java for firefox without a complicated setup of terminal commands. Why can't it just be click, click, click and done. An OS should be simple to use!
Damn what's a good twitter client for Ubuntu? That one that's installed on it doesn't cut it.
So far the HUD seems to be the most interesting thing. But overall, it seems more stable then previous releases.
I may be one of the few, but I like unity.
I do alot of connecting to work through a juniper VPN and it was nice after the upgrade to not have to jump through hoops, other than installing JAVA, to get connected. Much nicer experience without the overhead of additional tweaks to make it work. WELL DONE!
I like the following feature: that I can still run a command in a terminal to try and unfuck some things. I suppose this will go away in the next release...
Love the new multi screen "border " management
Disappointed that my laptop still won't sleep (it used to in 11.04 but hasn't since..)
I like the new improved speed to open my desktop. But I don't like the nvidia drivers, since I'm forced to use Unity 2D. But I like the HUD too, very handy.
The quicklists from the Launcher seem really useful
HUD, it's like a Gnome-Do with steroids!
Well.. crunchbang still is my favourite distro, but ubuntu comes second now ^-^

I love the changes to unity and the overall responsibility improvements :3
My favorite feature is Gnome 3... oh wait.
My favorite feature is the wireless issue (in 6 month, this issue was not fixed ! 6 month guys to change 2 lines of source code !)
Things I've noticed so far about the new (K)ubuntu:
1. The estimate of how long it'll take to download and install is a massive underestimate. Probably this will ease as the load on the web servers drops.

2. In KDE the only obvious changes are a few bits of eye-candy - a new splash screen as it boots, new default wallpaper, bigger quick-launch icons on the panel, etc.

3. Non-Ubuntu repositories such as the one for Google Earth have been removed, and GE itself was uninstalled without asking.

4. Samba server refuses to work.

5. Samba client also doesn't seem to be working. Fortunately my NAS has NFS as well as SMB.

5. Privoxy refuses to work. I've provisionally installed AdBlock+ for Firefox, and for the rare occasions I use other browsers I'll have to go looking for their equivalents.
I was using it since beta version. I like very much, of course, it add a privacy feature, that haven't got the before version, stopping the files register. It turn off in 3 seconds. And the latest software version and kernel. It's all ok for me.
+Jeremy Pressel This issue still existing in Ubuntu 11.10
This issue is a bug of IEEE 802.11n mode on Ubuntu (issue in versions after 11.10 only). Just do a Google seach : "ubuntu 12.04 wireless 802.11n" or "ubuntu 11.10 wireless 802.11n". On 802.11n mode the connection is very very slow... The only way to fix temporarily this issue is to disable the n-wifi mode : "sudo rmmod -f iwlagn" and "sudo modprobe iwlagn 11n_disable=1"
A lot of people have done a complaint about this issue 6 month ago and nothing is fixed today with the new version...
i guess they didn't find it critical... :-/
I've been a 10.04 LTS user for a while. I use it every day as a web dev workstation. I read the web so I'm aware people rage on Unity. I never used it until yesterday. I pretty much ignore anything not LTS related. I'm also, first and foremost an OS X user since 2003 (on my laptops).

So, what have you Unity haters been smoking? This is good stuff! Contextual alt+tabbing like on OS X, global menus that work great for multi-screen, nice dock (or whatever this thing is on the left) and the dash/hud is killer (better than OS X Spotlight, bye bye Gnome Do)

Good stuff Ubuntu. If the battery life and fan noise isn't wretched, my next laptop is 12.04 LTS.

I'm waiting for install it from CD. The 64bit and 32bit version doesn't seem to boot correctly when I install it into my usb storage device. Any suggestion?
+Adam Buskirk already ditched it, and feel all the better for it. actually the ease of getting rid of unity and restoring good, old GNOME interface was the main reason for me to switch to 12.04.
i'm liking it. by far the most successful upgrade for me (minus losing my previous set of backgrounds, grrr) wish the dodge windows was still available, as well as options on how the background is displayed, if it is zoom, tile, fixed, or whatever. also looking to change the color associated with the unity launcher, if at all possible. i doubt i'll be using the HUD anytime soon, but it is cool that it exists. thank you for a great release!
If you've been waiting since "insert timespan here" for something to get fixed.. go fix it yourself. Welcome to OSS! Complaining about it won't get anything accomplished.
How do you guys come up with the names for Ubuntu? I've never heard of a Pangolin. Is it a real animal?
i updated my system... everything is ok but why is the sound always mute on system start??
betrayed my opinion ..
Beautiful first day of spring
+Steven Caldwell: yes, it's a real animal. I daresay Wikipedia has an article about it, and I'm sure Google will find plenty more.
The sound. It was my only problem with 11.10. So far, all my sound seems to be working for everything (Skype, system, streaming, etc.) - including the built-in mic on my VAIO. If everything continues to work, I look forward to having an Ubuntu-only laptop. For now, I'm dual-booting with Win7.

I hope the name is a good omen. Pangolin - much like the armadillo - I live in the Texas panhandle. Hmmmm. Seems to be a connection there. ;) So far, so good.
Just tried it. So they added another checkbox to that modem-unlock dialog that appears every startup, but forgot the most important missing one "[ ] just leave it locked and never show this dialog again, ever" :-(
Sound through HDMI works for the nvidia card I have
System seems to run smoother. Hit a few snags with the upgrade. It dumped my nvidia drivers. Took a while to realise that's why my system sounded like a hurricane. Got that fixed.

Seems like the software sources are now only accessible via Ubuntu Software Centre. Can't say I think that's a good idea at this stage. Software Centre isn't fast enough yet. It's really annoying to have to go through a big app to get to a tiny feature I could go straight to before.

I do like the configuration options for the Unity bar though as well as the privacy features. Nice additions there. You guys are also getting better at picking desktop wallpapers. :)
sudo apt-get update &&sudo apt-get install gnome-session-fallback and logout to use the 'new' interface
Tried the new HUD out on Thunderbird. I fail to see how ALT+typing a whole word is faster than Ctrl+T to download my mail. It seems like a cool feature. I want to like it. But I just don't see how it's faster.
Why does drag and drop still not function correctly in this release? You simply cannot drag to another program if it is hidden! And the launch bar on the left is of no help...
yes it is iv tryd all the kde,etc but i love gnome 3 my m8 uses windows n wen i use it im going to the top let for index...i know it stupid but you just get so ued to doing
i think unity needs a few more Options like move it around 12.4 lts, iv been a ubuntu user for a few years now is good and fast but im stickwith gnome 3 ov unity..nice job with it can only get better
I like that unity is customizable and that it changes the sidebar to match the color scheme. But my favorite feature I think would be the search function. I also like that the bar up top changes according to what app is running. Like Mac.
Why doesn't TAB-completion work in HUD? I still don't get it.
It's been over a week now, and I've used the African armadillo exclusively over Windows7. No repeat of sound problems like I had with the Ocelot. Everything I need to do with an OS seems to work great. Looking good for a full install. Smoke testing will continue for me for another 2-4 weeks before I do, though. I am well satisfied at this point. Nice work, guys!
+Pavel Grabovsky Yes I know but I do not need it. I just need something simple with no clutter on the screen. Lubuntu runs faster and I heard it is more energy efficient.
The launcher is a good idea. If we could have that with Gnome classic and compiz working as the WM I would be happy. I want my cube, tiling windows and annotation back.
I know that there's a lot of competition in the market but to maintain ubuntu's originality the so-called GUI-fication must be prevented. I'm still obsessed with that Ubuntu 10.10 look.
i love Ubuntu!Way better than Windows,plus the ideal behind,plus it's for free!Yay!
All apps working better and faster but what pleasantly surprised me(although i preffer to check for linux equivallent first)is Wine working flawlessly,supporting Greek characters this time and making your fave Windows app totally intergrated on Ubuntu,desktop icon included!Guys,you're evolving quickly!(and that's so not hapenning with Microsoft)!
Have installed Ubuntu 12.04 on my X220. Always the same problems.
1 - Unstable wireless connection. Once you lose your Wifi connection, there's no chance to reestablish it. You have to reboot your PC or ... your Router.
2 - Always get the lowest brightness after each boot. Fortunately this time the Fn key works, then you have to turn up the brightness yourself. Same thing in Windows when the Windows 7 's logo appears, but when I get into the login screen, the brightness gets back to normal.
+Florin Arjocu Hello Florin, in my Device Manager in Windows, I have an Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6205. But thank you for your clue,
It doesn't fill my screen. Its pretty annoying. Is there a fix for this?
umm try ask somebody
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