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Congratulations to everyone involved who helped get out the #Ubuntu 12.04 release! Big hugs to everyone!
Enjoy the simplicity of Ubuntu's stylish, intuitive interface. Take Ubuntu for a test drive with our online tour and download when you're ready!
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Hat einer eine Idee? - Ich habe mir damals über update-manager -d die Beta geholt und jetzt nach dem Launch der fertigen Version steht bei dem update-manager -d nichts mehr von einer neueren Version. Ist durch die damalige Beta, die ich installiert hatte, jetzt schon das allerneuste System drauf? Bei mir steht auch einfach nur Ubuntu 12.04 LTS und sonst nichts? Sry bin noch ein ziemlicher noob :)
I'm planning on downloading it this evening and doing a full backup of my laptop, then tomorrow night will be a clean install. I'm still running 10.04 LTS since I only move between LTS versions, so hopefully 12.04 is as reliable as 10.04 has been since I have no problems with 10.04.
I haven't installed it yet, but I'm hearing great things about Unity in 12.04. Can't wait to see for myself later today when I install it! Congrats on the release!
Congratz. I'm already downloading the new version to install later @ home
We follow the precise since alpha and this is really the best one !
main concern I have is MEMORY CONSUPTION....It consume a lot of memory have to work on bringing this down, PLEASE.
Great job! But why Canonical still recommend 32-bits version?
+Wei WANG Most people still have 32-bit processors. If 64-bit is best for you, you probably know better than to follow their recommendation.
Because there's still some problemas off compatibility with the 64-bit version
+Michael Hahn Ist bei meinem Arbeitsplatz genauso. Ich denke mir, nach "apt-get update && apt-get upgrade" sollte der Stand aktuell sein.
Aak! Why are you torturing me with a slow download mirror! xD
+Skyler Call It is not a problem to me. Only because they said the recommended version would be 64-bits before.
+Sergio Romero Maybe the compatibility is the reason. Since 11.10 I have been using 64-bits version, and so far so good to me.
i have already use beta is there any need to upgrade or just update ?
Good for Ubuntu...but taking replies before , i want to install 64-bit ed, would it be a bad idea due to this compatibility issues , how serious they are?
Ya, My download is quite slow too....
But then again there are LOT of people downloading 12.04 right now.
But thats a good thing. :D
Dominate the computer world #Ubuntu !
Can anyone comment on the upgrade path from Ubuntu 10.04 LTS to 12.04 LTS? Gonna bite the bullet for my workstation.
64bit has been exceptionally stable with 11.10 for me, 12.04 seems even snappier and better!
+Dac Chartrand In this moment my notebook updates from 10.04 LTS to 12.04 LTS. Had to say "update-manager -c -d" to get it to work, but I didn't want to wait longer ;)
+Junior C. Perdomo I was using the 64-bit version of ubuntu but i had problems with some programs like mobile media converter or even skype(self-close) , and the consumption of memory system increase (not a bad thing just natural in 64-bits OS) if you have more than 4 gb of memory you'll have to use it or a PAE kernel version

Been using the beta for several weeks, watching the little fixes as I updated daily. Think this is a solid release.
Great work. Love you guys..
Yeah, thanks to all of you who work on finding and fixing all the bugs so we can enjoy the final release.
+Michael Hahn Solange alles funktioniert, könnte es doch eigentlich eh wurst sein, oder nicht?
Mir macht Wine im Moment noch Sorgen, aber da geht es nur um ein Spiel, also ist es nicht wichtig ;)
Manches läuft aber noch nicht ganz rund, zum Beispiel kommen bei mir öfters Fehlermeldungen weil irgenwas beendet wurde oder Ubuntu einen internen Fehler gefunden hat... Aber des wird sich mit der Zeit geben :)
Just can't wait any more.
The new kernel ROCKS. Intel Sandy Bridge graphics are so much better. Thanks for another killer release!
report error when i install 12.04, now i use a cd to install, hope success
Today is probably the worst day to upgrade, specially by network. You risk ending up with an unusable system. See my link above to download the ISOs much faster (via the torrents site) and how to use an ISO to upgrade locally. +Dac Chartrand if you depend on your system to work I'd recommend waiting a couple of weeks, LTS to LTS updates are always riskier. An important example of big changes is -> LibreOffice, nevermind Unity.
6 years with Ubuntu... Since Dapper Drake, it's been a long and JOYFUL journey :D
One suggestion , please let users to move the taskbar from the left side to the bottom . You guys were cool once upon a time .
Not sure I'll be testing 12.04. Since Unity was introduced the love has gone!
Actually it's a good idea to place it at a side, because everyone has got a wide screen. I have got my task bar at the right side.
Congrats to #Ubuntu and to all involved. Looking good.
Senyo A
"You are because I am"-#ubuntu
+Giuliano M. Laudone Install gnome-shell and select Gnome from the login screen. You will now not have to feel forced to use Unity. If you want the really ancient look, select Gnome 2D. Canonical doesn't say you have to use Unity. They just aren't focusing on making any improvements to the legacy Gnome experience. You still have choices. Or, even better, you could commit your changes upstream if you don't like the choices provided. I haven't had any issues with Gnome shell.
I left a comment then I deleted it so here it goes again. +Brendan Robert you are absolutely right. However I have been playing with Gnome Shell on a different distro and it just did not play nicely with my ATI graphics card. So much so that I switched, temporarily I hope, to KDE. Not ideal, I know; I do not like it that much but it works and it does not feel as alien to me as Unity does. Not a rant, just my observations.
+Michael Hahn: Ja, das sollte sich selbst in die Endversion aktualisiert haben. Mit update-manager -d bekommst du dann erst wieder die nächste (dann sehr instabile weil neue) Version Q... Q... angeboten.
#Ubuntu 12.04 ! finally it's landed !
+Michael Hahn
apt-get update
apt-get upgrade
dann hast du die neuste Version (Vorher mal gucken das du in /etc/apt/sources.list kein testing oder irgendwas anders drin hast)
Congratulations !!!
This new release is amazing.
Ubuntu is the best.
Amazing .................. Easiest way to access the powerful OS.
en español que si no no me entero de naaa...
Maybe it's me, but I prefer an easily accessible list of my installed applications in 1 click from the desktop .. maybe I'm just not seeing where it is
thanks can you speak spanish?
I wish there was easier ways to find things... Been using Linux for decades, and it's only Ubuntu Unity that makes it incredibly difficult to find system administration tools.
I really love Thema HUD. Looks a little like LCARS.
Yes, me also, Fedora and Ubuntu were both my favourite, but I don't find this system easy to use .. maybe I just need to work it out .. but in my opinion, such things should be intuitive.
How about you do something really useful for a change and replace Unity with lets say... Cinnamon ( Its hardly half year old yet its way more functional than Unity could possibly ever hope to be.
will i be able to update it directly from my old ubuntu?
I need to upgrade my 11.10 to it once im home today:D
+ata saeed
depends on what ubunutu version you have installed
Google helps you !
look for
Dist upgrade ubuntu XXXX to XXXX
Then you will find upgrade warnings and discription how to upgrade safely
( XXXX stands for Version Nr , but I hope i must not tell u ) :))
If u have an very old version then ist s horror ! cause u can t upgrade in one step ! the differences between 9.x or sonething and 12.x are to big
It also helps to ask in the irc support Channels #ubuntu at freenode or oftc, the ubuntu community has channels for all languages
very interesting as I realize the 64bits is smaller than the 32bits in size :)
Mint! But is this better/more secure,etc than Linux Mint? How's it different to Mozilla or Chrome?
+Jawad Mrabti
Yes I know
3 steps, 11.4 to 11.10 then to 12.4 and pray that it will work
( I had big problems even with my ugly mixed Lenny/Etch system to squeeze. LOL but its working, (little tip for xorg problems after upgrade ! rename xorg.conf if it still exist to something, then reboot.
Thank you everyone involved in the development! You guys and girls are truly amazing. One day I hope to contribute to the project like you all have. Once again thank you so much!
:-( Update failed.
Looks like I habe to resetup the whole computer.
I will never learn it: make a backup, than make a new and clean setup. That saves a lot of time.
thank you all for this great release :)
can't wait to install it tonight!!
downloading the ISO to check what the new (?) Unity looks like
Testing and using since beta 1.
is there an itunes alternative for Ubuntu? I am thinking of switching over for one of my laptops.
Hey, what happened to the cool new login sound? :(
Not looking for an alternative program for iTunes, just need something to sync my iphone apps and music...and itunes doesn't have a version for this OS.
I never tried Ubuntu and don't even know a good forum for it. Seem like this was a good place to ask (iTunes alternative) and it seems like it would be a fairly common thing people would want to do if they are making the switch.
I don't know about syncing apps but you can sync music with gtkpod and ifuse
You don't know aout apps? WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i want to try out Ubuntu but i want to know what makes it different from windows i need an internet connection to use Ubuntu operating sysytem?
Pls go to the website and read. you can download the software and run it on Win7... 2cool...have fun
It is very different while it is user focused system :)
fingers crossed, doing now a network upgrade...
I couldn't wait and installed it yesterday. I must say I'm getting more and more satisfied with my trade from Windows to Ubuntu, got my old chump laptop working more smoothly than ever. Congrats/thanks! :)
Well that looks mint.. Best web ad ever!
I like it, its better than previous version
This is amazing!
Great job #Ubuntu !
+Michael Hahn +Dieter Kummer +Martin Wunsch Es ist eigentlich schon so, dass wenn man alle updates installiert hat, dann ist man jetzt auf dem finalen Release! Ich bevorzuge aber eine frische installation. +Michael Hahn es kann schon sein dass durch den Entwicklungszyklus (Seit Beta) etwas durcheinander gekommen ist, ich würde dir einen Fresh-Install empfehlen.

btw #cinnamon #sucks
Yeah it does suck for gamers but then again Linux and it's various distros aren't marketed toward PC gamers. I have gotten several family members and friends using Ubuntu just because they don't really need anything in an OS, it is fast, stable and very easy to use once you get past the obvious differences in it and Windows. There are alternatives to just about any software you run on windows from Office Suites to photo manipulation and editing and most are free and open source.
Congratulations to Canonical, to Ubuntu team and everyone! Let's enjoy this!
Congratulations: not only the release came as planned, but your servers were strong enough to assume our downloads! Great!
Good job guys, thanks for the great dev enviroment! Shoutout from the nook tablet devs!
didn't know this was out. i am still using 11.10. much appreciated.
Ubuntu only needs to solve the iDevices sync,
for it to be a viable replacement for average Joe user.
I first read "Big bugs to everyone!" :D
Excellent job, upgraded from 11.10 to 12.04 with no problems. thank you :-)
Working like a charm... excellent release... like the HUD...
today i installed ubuntu 12.04. i like it a lot. unity is now really a lot more comfortable to use. The only problem i encountered so far is, that sometimes ubuntu automatically logs me out, without any reason.
wow 12.04 fixed alot of issues ive had, mainly because of the new fglrx version, unity auto hide feature is buggy though, eh..release a patch soon! :) great job on another good release guys!
Thank you so much for making it so amazingly easy for people with no prior experience to download, burn and install. It took me only about 2 hours to get it, install it and find my way around. I even managed to install several programs not available in the software center, one of it over the terminal. And I've never in my life tried to use anything but windows before (and that nothing less than in depth). No regrets in deleting it, just pure joy and excitement. Gigantic thanks again at the ubuntu team and all the sweet knowing ones out there, explaining everything detailed and to the point. You make it a walk in the park, and an exceptional beautiful one.
I love Ubuntu, but am less in love with Unity. I have stuck with Meerkat since it was released because I didn't want Unity. So the question is, should I finally bite the bullet and accept 12.04?
Just installed it as a dual boot on my laptop. Looking better than ever!
Looks good im realy exited about this release, but realy no dual monitor support for unity?. Nvidia drivers works great, get the 2d monitor to work was easy but unity window manager just dont work on the second monitor. Is just me or any one else has same issue?
hi iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
WORST OS EVER!!! C'mon now, public folders are a joke and just doesn't work and where's the send to > desktop shortcut option!
Apple/Windows ~ Just Works. Don't waster your time and spend the extra $$$ to get something that will work!
I have a public folder that's in my home folder with files, why is it blank for the other uses on this computer??? And the purpose of Public is??
Any idea if this will support 3 screens? Love 10.04 LTS
It seems 12.04 is not content with being Precise Pangolin, it also wants to be Promiscuous Python:
Active Internet connections (servers and established)
Proto Recv-Q Send-Q Local Address Foreign Address State PID/Program name
tcp 0 0* LISTEN 1112/dnsmasq
tcp 0 0* LISTEN 1059/cupsd
tcp 1 0 CLOSE_WAIT 2267/python
tcp 1 0 CLOSE_WAIT 2139/ubuntu-geoip-p
tcp 1 0 CLOSE_WAIT 2267/python
tcp6 0 0 ::1:631 :::* LISTEN 1059/cupsd
udp 0 0* 1112/dnsmasq
udp 0 0* 1108/dhclient
udp 0 0* 1048/avahi-daemon:
udp 0 0* 1048/avahi-daemon:
udp6 0 0 :::5353 :::* 1048/avahi-daemon:
udp6 0 0 :::56695 :::* 1048/avahi-daemon:

Someone should fix that.
RIP - Ubuntu. After so many years of trying. Please, developers, move your talents on to companies that need your services instead of delivering half baked OS's over the last 5 years...
SWEET: I hope that they took care of ccsm (that glitchy annoyance is starting to get on my nerves).
+Roy Vella Nobody forces you to use ubuntu, developers are doing a great work building an user friendly Linux OS.

If don't like you can change your os anytime.

There you have, someone has answered after 2 or 3 SPAM comments about ubuntu.
+Rafael Carrillo Rosario Your right, I think I will seek other paid versions since this is incredibly hard to use and the support suck with all these limited knowledge of line commands. Aren't we out of the 90's. Hey all you developers have fun using an os that cant function in today's real world of plug and play GUI Interfaces!!
if ubuntu peoples were smart they would create a check list of "How to Dos" if coming from Mac/Pc. Instead they live in the terminal and like to make things hard... #sudo
simple question with thr new Ubuntu do I create a desktop shortcut???
tried upgrade this morning, after ~1 hour the desktop closed itself, some time later automatic reboot to an not starting system. Great...
Still waiting for LTS to LTS upgrade.:( Does anybody know when it will be available?
+Torsten Appelhagen upgrade is slower and more risky than just backing up important files from /etc /var/www etc. and installing a new fresh Ubuntu again. Of course you need a separate /home partition.
+Karol Bryd may be it is, but you don't want to tell me it's supposed to be that way, do you?
When I'm home again I'll see if the 2ndary system still works. The last time I encountered this I was able to continue the upgrade from there.
Otherwise it's time for MINT.
excuse me how it is possilble that driver for my wifi card doesnt work on ubuntu 12.04 . On 11.10 it worked.
The wireless issue "slow connection in 802.11n mode" not fixed and still here ! In 6 month, this issue was not fixed ! 6 month guys to change 2 lines of source code !
It was hard getting it but it works great now it's working :D
Was a long time to upgrade, but finally I got it!!! Banshee gone, welcome Rhythmbox
I honestly love it, I just do. But there is one thing I really dislike. The new autohide thing with the unity bar, it's either always there and takes up space, or it's never there and hard to bring out. I LOVED how it was in the last ubuntu, it was flawless and brilliant!
my 11.4 worked perfectly, but i only get a very buggy login screen for 12 and there is no gui after login, just a black screen and my mouse.
fortunately the recovery-boot "cleanup"-option fixed and finished the update. Now my nice clockwork background disappeared and the system feels significantly slower. Advantages? None yet. Also I don't get the point of this "HUD" - what's the difference to the input line in unity? Both don't find what I need (unless I know EXACTLY how it's spelled) and no structured menu to seek for logical places...
Eu nao falo ingles ou qualquer outro idioma portanto eu nao entendo nada do que me mandam,desculpem.Mas seja como for gostei das imagens,obrigado
+Bergamine De Maleville  , or to those who know, how can I kill these python scripts calling out? I found this thread after googling the ip's the install is calling. It just appeared yesterday and I uninstalled a lot of things to try to track what was calling out no luck. And using top in terminal the machine is running 372 processes... for a very basic setup, kinda heavy even compared to other distros I tried with things added to make it pretty.
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