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Just a quick note for Humble Indie Bundle buyers - Bastion is now available in the Ubuntu Software Center for you to download - see your Downloads page for the download link. More details of the Humble Indie Bundle in Ubuntu at
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yay! I love bastion! albeit, I'm going to have to buy it twice now since I already own it on steam. Seriously valve. Get on this shit.
cool, downloading. i already bought it when it first came out on chrome webstore (as well as amnesia a long time ago), but this way i'll be able to easily reinstall amnesia without having to backup the files.

btw limbo is broken. the audio doesn't work due to the bundled wine. this should be fixed or not included. people having problems should run the window version of limbo with an updated wine
It's a shame the download process is broken, though. Clicking on the link just end up with an error that the package is not available. Have to manually go to the package manager, search for the game and install it.

Oh, and why does the icon sidebar thingy stay stuck in the visible position after the Software Center opens? It's really annoying to have to log out, then log in to remove it.
+Jan Moren  - weird. i think because it was just added it may take some time to update USC catalog. It is showing up on mine.
Randomly wondering, why is the picture feature the guy from Psychonauts when Psychonauts is the only one not on the Ubuntu Software Center?
They raised over 2 million in one day with this. wow. well played Humble Indie Bundle 
Any chance to add USC links to previous bundles? I've bought most of them, that would be great to have them properly installed with easy updates support.
Sure, just mind that it's not ideal for security and other forms of support.
Is there a way i can get my game included in the bundle?
+Vincent Hindriksen I suggest you just download the debs from the humble bundle site for now. And if you update, you can then freely use the software center.
I downloaded Amnesia TDD and it's pretty amazing! Now I'm downloading Psychonauts, to after download the other 2 too :D
Tried some of the inc. games before. They are all great, couldnt help myself buying this One!
Very nice to see the latest Indie Humble Bundle on USC!! I hoped for a cooperation between Ubuntu and Indie Humble Bundle and now its true! Both are amazing projects! By the way, Ubuntu is the only platform with Software-Center-Support for the Bundle! I hope the Linux total Payment will increase! So, please Buy Buy Buy.... :)
+Vincent Hindriksen you actually make a very valid point. The USC's commercial sections biggest irritation seems to be Ubuntu's release cadence, and the need to match a release with the package uploaded to that section. Hopefully this issue will be resolved going forward but i doubt they will back port the fix. But who knows.
Better fix: remove the requirement on developers to set the release that the software works on unless it specifically requires a certain package that isn't available on other versions.
This really made my day!!! Thanks allot to the Ubuntu Team!!! Hope the old Bundles get this feature too!?
and btw: synced savegame option via ubuntu one would be great! [so i dont have to use this savegame tool !!!]
Played alot Psychonauts and Limbo :) 
I bought the bundle for above-average Linux price. Bastion is great, LIMBO and Sword & Sworcery are nice, but I cannot play Amnesia, it just closes when I click Start New Game. Does it require a good graphics card? I only have intel integrated graphics.
+Anthony Lorenzo it does require a pretty decent card. I would try setting everything really low. If it still doesnt work try looking at the log.
I hope there's a way to make Amnesia work. I used to play Skyrim in this computer with WIndows 7 so I thought this one would work too.
+Anthony Lorenzo quite simple really. Open a terminal by going to the dash and typing in "terminal" or by hitting ctrl+alt+t. 

Then type or copy and paste "cd /opt/amnesia"

Then "./Launcher.bin"

It will spit out all kinds of good information in the terminal window. When the game crashes it will ,hopefully, give you some Idea whats up. 

I would also like to direct you to the , or the humble bundles own support site as others might be having the same issue.
This is an awesome game only made possible by mono, the free and opensource cross-platform implementation of .net
Psychonauts is AWESOME! Got the game on XBOX. Have played it numerous times! Get a 360 controller and go nuts. :D
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