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Be sure to download EA's awesome Command and Conquer Tiberium Alliances for FREE for Ubuntu - just go to and click the orange 'Available on the Software Center' button - the game is just a click away! Share on your profiles. :-)
In Command & Conquer Tiberium Alliances, your skills as a Commander will be put to the test as you enter the fight for resources and world domination. Build up your base, optimize your resource pr...
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No! It's not awesome! NFS Shift is awesome!
yeah.... don't know why there is so much hype about these games.... its just browser based games.... I could see maybe adding EA's Battlefield Heroes, but the ones they added are just awful.
in ubuntu 12.04 flash often crash in my chromium,maybe i will try chrome.
C'mon now! By the headline, I thought it is serious and EA released a game with source code on Linux. But what's the point to popularize a game that is running in the browser window? You can get those for tons on your not-so-friendly facebook page and so on.
This has nothing to do with Ubuntu or Linux...
What benefit do you get from installing it from the Ubuntu Software Center that you can't get by just visiting the website in your browser? The app simply opens my browser window to the website. That's really stupid to have in the Ubuntu Software Center, don't you think? If this were the case, any Flash-based browser game could be added in the same manner. This is annoying, considering applications that run natively on Ubuntu can't even get updated versions (i.e. Illumination Software Creator, Blender, etc.) This just seems like a pathetic reason to point people to use the Ubuntu Software Center while using large corporate names like EA as a marketing strategy ...
I have no clue what Ubuntu has been trying to accomplish the last few years. I am unsure is these "Ubuntu release" games was canonical's idea or EA's, but it is so shallow and see through, more for the attempt to get the name "Ubuntu" in the press.
I am still highly disturbed of canonical's naming of the new "Ubuntu kernel" in the information of the newest release. Excluding the Linux from it is the purest example of the dog that bites the hand that feeds it.
The games run on my Arch Linux machine, so I'm confused. HOW IS IT WORKING, IT'S NOT UBUNTU!!
Not really a lasting game. It's just following other online game style, give you limited energy if you empty it you gonna pay to refill and there is also limits if you pay to play... I give 3 out of 10 to this game...
Ok, I need to edit myself, it states "based on Linux kernel"
lol, EA continues its struggling campaign and tee's up another epic fail not stopping short at IAP but sliding through crapinating the market with utter drivel, and to think you poor poor ooh bunt ooh players are left standing struck out in the cold feeling alone and uncomfortably desperate whereafter coming to from that nasty bump, I saw it... WINE anyone?

- Swift will be the knife that cuts through the hunt.
Great, games were always a downside in Linux
a flash game in html5 times...dunno if only old or just ancient
Games developed for an OS are better than games modified/ported for an OS. This is just a test run to see if there are actually people out there using Ubuntu at home, let alone gaming on ubuntu.

It's probably cheaper and more accurate to do it this way than to send out surveys. This way they can find out if and how much money they want to invest in developing a niche market.
No matter how self-assured and confident Canonical and Ubuntu gets, they are just a Linux distribution, nothing more. Until they spend the time to write their own kernel e like Apple did with the Unix/BSD kernel, they will always just be a piece of the big picture known as Linux.
By the way, its been a LONG time since they through some respect to Debian, Gnome and the other projects from which Ubuntu would be NOTHING.
+thom dushane plz take some time to appreciate what ubuntu is doing.. and linux is a fine kernel.. like one of the best, thats why so many open sources depend on it...
I cannot find the package in my Ubuntu 12.04.. :(
Works fine on my 12.04... probably need to config software sources to get updates from 3rd party suppliers...
+Riccardo Verde now you are seeing the point that everyone here was trying to make... Ubuntu and EA promoting something that is not really anything to do with their merger or cooperation.
WTF I've installed??¿¿

This is a stupid flash game IN BROWSER, wtf you need install in local? Moreover you put it to "buy" with $0??? Very bad, Canonical.

+thom dushane before you rage about Canonical think about this: they where the ones that pushed Linux beyond its default geek audience. I know it's basically Debian with good PR, but why did it have to start with them? Why wasn't anyone thinking about that before? Ubuntu got me into Linux and although it didn't make me switch (Linux doesn't do photo and video editing on a professional level) it did present itself as a viable alternative.
let's just say a lot of ppl wont notice it even being a browser game..... which in that case only 'shows' people that linux is an os you can game in as well....
ok... its a bit pathetic if your looking at your 6870 or 7870 ati or similar to use it for a browser game.... but anything to get the masses to play.....
still the only way to get big game companies and also important amd-ati/nvidia to write some better drivers.....
+Filip Suciu I would argue that Red Hat was doing this long before Canonical even existed. Not hating or disagreeing. Just saying.
red hat was my first linux... that i bought... somewhere around 1990 ;)..... and nowadays who runs it... most home users are doing Ubuntu.. at least ubuntu got linux out in the open..... well, more then any other dist...
that's the main thing with linux... not that its a bad os... .not by far (compared to the competition of win/osx for sure), but it lacked media/generic ppl attention.....
ubuntu showed people that linux was more then just a command line.... even though it was of course long before that, but they had a lot better connection to the masses apparently/thank some deity..
+Thomas Aschemann Back in the day, all I knew about Red Hat was that is was some sort of OS that was doing stuff in a different way. I wasn't told it was easy to use, that switching wasn't a pain in the back parts, that I wasn't forced to type long commands in the terminal like I've seen hackers do in the movies. Ubuntu did just that, best PR the Linux community has ever seen.
EA's toe dipping into Ubuntu has got me playing "Lord of Ultima". Yes it's browser based but it's a good game I wouldn't have come across otherwise.
+Art Edwards Personally I have no issue with Canonical in general or with Ubuntu. Funny enough, scientist and engineers, who actually understand their own system should not suffer from any changes that Canonical makes because you are free not to choose those options, stick to the system you already have, or replace the window manager with gnome 2 or whatever is your taste. That what makes a long term computer user: finding the right tool for the right tasks. What do you do when you don't find a software you need in to Ubuntu repository or the right version? You download the code and build it yourself. The problem is of course, that the Linux-experience should teach the user, not just simply offering a consumable platform for stupid facebook games.
I am not "hating, flaming, or trolling". Ubuntu was my first distribution, and I have a machine with Ubuntu on it that I use occasionally. It is a GREAT introduction to Linux. It is my personal opinion that Canonical has strayed away the best interest of the Ubuntu users and the Linux community in general over the last couple years. I am curious to see the direction that Canonical is going in the long term.
Why don't you have ID's QuakeLive in software centre? It is the best performing FPS ever to have native Linux support.
Good call Bergamine, Quake Live is some GOOD TIMES.
Looked like a normal installable RTS, but appears to be browser based management game, requiring installation dont know why... Disappointment. Good that it was for free, so didnt pay for it, not worth paying, if you expect a RTS.
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