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BitTorrent is a necessary tool for so many things. Problem is it's got such a bad rep as a tool to use solely for pirating.
many of us agree with you whole-heartedly, +Wil Wheaton I am currently seeding (limited bandwidth, unlimited ratio) 8 varities of ubuntu and a dozen cyanogen distros.
Saying that bittorrent is bad because it could be used for piracy is like saying that car are bad because you can use them to get away from a robbery: you're sort of right but it's still stupid.
True, but there are worse things to die of.
Well in 2009 there were 30,797 fatal car accidents in the US alone. 30,797 dead people because of something you can buy legally. Tell me, how many people were killed because of Bittorrent?

I'm not even mentioning cigarettes and alcohol here... oops, I did :)
Well I like "piracy" and I don't feel the need for legal uses of bittorrent to make me feel good about using it for other things. It's like cannabis, they should relax the law to make it legal for personal use, while they continue to go after murderous Mexican cartels. Except in the case of bittorrent, there aren't any murderous cartels.

I use it to get linux distros too, by the way.
Mac user... blood blood blood blood blood....
you should do something about lobying as citizens.You should bring an agenta out for your next elections
There are many companies that use internet based p2p to distribute corporate files and documents efficiently. So long as there is security on the file, it's fast and secure. Totally legitimate use.
Hollywood is really behind the times and is desperately trying to stay relevant. Bittorrent is just a distributed protocol, nothing more, nothing less. Just like https can be used to encrypt illegal transmissions, bittorrent can be used illegally. However, the protocol is perfectly legitimate. Amazon's S3 service is probably the best example of using bittorrent to solve slower transmission problems.
Yeah. Downloading Ubuntu using BT is extremely fast.
+Xing Zhou it's not an opinion... it's fact.. and since you want to argue about this and defend macs and why you use them.. don't forget to use the hashtag #thingsnoonegivesacrapabout
+Chris Karavoulias Well, that escalated quickly. What makes you think that I want to defend macs? Have I given any indication to what technology I use at all (other than bit torrent and Amazon S3)? What you have said are complete opinions, of which I am interested in discussing because it's useful to hear multiple perspectives on all topics. No need to become so caustic. Oh, and if this really is #thingsnoonegivesacrapabout then why consider even replying? Like I said, why do you think using Linux on Mac is a contradiction? (that's an option, not a fact).
"Some ISPs are blocking all bittorrent traffic, because bittorrent can be used to share files in a piratical way."

So can port 80. I think all ISPs should block port 80. It's the only logical step.
Not wanting to enter the fray or anything, but on the spectrum of open source, linux is at the "free" end, and Apple is perceived to be at the "proprietary" end. And Apple tends to position itself at the expensive end of the market too, so I see the contradiction.
+Declan Stylofone those are just two opposites you mentioned...
1) free vs as expensive and overpriced as possible
2) open source vs as closed as possible
3) works vs doesn't always work
4) uses very little resources and can run on the oldest of computers vs having to upgrade your hardware every time they update
5) for users who are technical and user linux to obtain knowledge vs hipsters who barely know technology and use a Mac cause it's fashionable
And the list goes on..
+Declan Stylofone Also, when you buy into Cupertino, you are stuck with them, there is no freedom. You have to send back your phone to get a new battery. WTF! You can't mix and match with hardware. WTF! To top it all, the goods are made in sweatshops with a history of suicide and low pay. Then the goods are imported INTO the US of A. A company that is worth billions, could help US of A pull out of recession by employing people closer to home to make their "cliquey" products. Poor call Apple.
+B Gallagher its cause Google secretly runs the world.... They are slowing buying out every company in various industries. It wont be long before we are paying in google cash and eating google burgers from goog'donalds...:P I wonder if a google brand of ownership on our butt hurts?
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