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Want to test drive Ubuntu 12.04 and help let our developers know where the problems are so they can fix them? Follow this tutorial video:
Ubuntu 12.04 is going to be an awesome release, but we are asking our community to download the current daily development release, test it out, and file bugs to let us know where the defects are. This...
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Must replace GRUB with BURG
I second the recommendation of BURG. It makes the Bootloader, the first thing you see when you turn on the computer, look awesome. However, you can't use BURG and Unetbootin.
I am running it on my netbook. Can I test drive Ubuntu for Android now? ;-)
this does not look simple at all. Looks like work
Heared canonical rocks @ MWC
Heared, canonical rocks @ MWC
took 12.04 beta 1 for a bit of a spin... two things. 1. the HUD, I thought it would allow me full access to my active windows menu. However, I more often end up with suggestions for every other application running but my current one, and unrelated. seems useless. 2. launcher and its pressure to reveal. fiddled with it slightly and then no matter how hard and long i pushed it would not reveal.
Update: I figured this out -->
I cross posted the comment below to the Jono's blog link -

I am trying to do this on Ubuntu 12.04, I tried "ubuntu-bug unity" and it just asks if I want to send this to Ubuntu and the command completes successfully but never takes me to a browser so I can enter more details.

What am I doing wrong or did something change? I would like the bug under my account so I can track it.
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