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Interview with +Mark Shuttleworth with the BBC about the work we are doing with Ubuntu -
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"The patents system is being used to slow down a lot of healthy competition and that's a real problem. I think that the countries that have essentially figured that out and put hard limits on what you can patent will in fact do better." - Pity this got tacked on at the end really.
If I had 500m and I was 25, I would also pay 20m and fly to the space!
+Jared Pace he made that trip before he founded Canonical. He also puts a lot of his money to the non-profit Shuttleworth foundation that also makes the world better.
Oh world, why are you so judgemental. :)
If I had 500m, I'd go to space 25 times.
"I'm quite unaware as to the history of Mark Shuttleworth"
It shows....
+Jared Pace Another interesting fact is that, when Mark sold his company years back and became a instant millionaire, he gave each one of his employees, including the gardener, 1 million ZAR. So they also became instant millionaires.
+Jared Pace Yeah, Mark actually seems like a bizarrely cool guy. He's one of those people who make being a "geek" kinda cool. He did actually use a lot of his fortune for various philanthropic initiatives, and continues to do so. He's actually worth researching ... the world could use a few more people with vision like him (in my humble opinion, of course!)
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