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Are folks ready for Ubuntu 12.04 on Thursday?! Hit +1 if you are excited for the new release!
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Whoa. I had totally forgotten about it!
I have already upgraded ! Couldn't Wait !!
I'm really hoping for a better Unity experience and the pesky mouse freezing bug to be fixed for me.
Ready to upgrade from beta, that is ^_^
Yesyesyes! I'm doing a clean install on an old computer as soon as I can copy some giant ISO files on the machine over to another machine. I would switch my current computer totally over if Apple would just make iTunes for Ubuntu. Even though that would be closed-source.
I already installed it off the daily release on my netbook. Running great :)
Migrating my server from unsupported 10.10 to 12.04 on thursday!
What if any, server changes should we expect? I've grown to rely on ubuntu's amazing server tech. Anything new and exciting?

But the desktop I am super excited for!!!!
Is Gnome the default desktop again?
Been using kubuntu 12.04 since beta 1 =)
I didn't want to try beta this time, just for once to feel that excitement of trying whole new version :-)
This guy certainly can't wait for the big drop! Bring on Ubuntu!
I've been mucking around with the beta and there are certainly improvements from 11.10 and espeically 11.04. Especially in the speed department.
Andi O
@ louis yes you can update from the beta
ooooooooooohhhhhhh yeeeaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh!
cool! i will go on the updat manager on thursday for see ;)
this long time support is the grave for windows ;)
Andi O
it depends windows 7 is supported until 2020 ubuntu 12.04 till 2017 if i am right
I'm excited about anything new from Ubuntu. 12.04 Beta 2 is lovely
Why would someone pass up an LTS release with many long term patches and fixes to come for 12.10?
Took half the day off work so I can install it on my machines!!
I felt like 11.10 was too buggy can't wait for 12.04! :D Looks much better! :D
Well... 12.04 beta is still buggy... less, but still...
Somebody tell Google, so they will make +Google Drive compatible.
+Bob Rosenberg, I not feeling much love from the big G lately. No Linux support (yet) for Google Drive and a couple days ago they dropped support for Picasa on Linux.
Hey, what time Thursday, and by what time zone? I'm here in Australia and it's always hard to tell when the release will be for me. The last one came out at like 11 at night here.
Anyone else have trouble with empathy??
I already have several friend's wanting me 2 install it for them...nuff said...
My next computer (most likely a desktop this summer) will run Ubuntu exlusivly. Ive been playing with it for a while now and I think its finally time I just dive in and say good bye to the big box OSes....
What's an Ubuntu? Is that some sort of African tribe?
Excited, but not so optimistic ...
It'll be better than Onery...and until Onery hit a 3D bug, I was in LOVE with Onery.
I'll be honest: I read the reviews about Unity before trying it and I was not looking forward to it.

I installed 12.04 beta about 2 weeks ago on a Pentium 4 with 2GB RAM and integrated Intel graphics. I was quite impressed with the performance, and I find the Unity interface to be pretty good. I still have not figure out how to see all the software installed but overall I'm willing to give it a go because I don't find it that bad: it's almost like using docky anyway.

Now I just need to find some time to do a full backup and upgrade...
I agree, +Larry-Ann Page. Excited, but not extremely optimistic. I'm ready, though!

Hopefully, the sound problems will be fixed so I can run Skype and still have multimedia and system sounds without jumping through lots of command hoops necessary with the Ocelot. That was the only thing keeping me from a full install.
I already upgraded like a week or two ago, works fine.
right now i use 12.04 beta 2 and work fine with my netbook acer 522 ^^
I worked with 12 for a while. Couldn't get Unity unloaded without crippling the machine. Reminded me of IE and Windows. Ubuntu developers and community at large played down those who thought Unity is the wrong way to go. Apparently there are those who enjoy Unity. Thus, it continues.

What I want to see is Gnome updated to support Compiz again. Current implementations of Gnome are as useful as an ASCII display terminal.

If the newer versions support scroll wheel flipping of work areas, and having a static number of work areas, then I'm all for it - even if I miss out on the eye candy.

For now, I'll wait for the reviews to start rolling in, and hunt for something better in the meanwhile. If I can get Android working for a PC I might write off Ubuntu altogether.
Don't know why the Unity hate. It works great on my ancient X60. I was able to resize the icons and it looks fantastic.
You should bring back the option to remove Unity. I prefered the old scheme.
+Mark Weiman You have the option to use something instead of Unity. If you like Gnome2 try Cinnamon or Mate Shells.
this is what i waiting for!.. an LTS version. i think ubuntu-gui little bit "slow" but more smooth-looking.
But isn't that the beatuy of FOSS? Don't like Unity, sudo-apt get install kubuntu-desktop. Or Gnome. Or something.

Or wipe and download Lubuntu, Arch. You have a choice.
+Jhon Dunbar Volk it has been my experience that one cannot remove Unity without crippling your machine. True you can load other "shells" but removal of Unity still needs to be an option.
Although I like Unity, I would favor what +Harry Skelton suggests. Unlike IE which you can't really uninstall from Windows.

Agree 100%.
Seems some people can not cope with having a package not being used laying around. On beta 2 I had general buggyness with unity, tried gnome-shell, was pleased after added autohidetaskbar extension, then tried kde. I had the best luck with kde but don't mind any of the desktops. Can not please everyone, but the point has been made: the grouping of packages with meta packages is frustrating when trying to trim the system, but it ensures required packages are installed when the meta package is used.
+Harry Skelton Why bother removing it though? All the files on my system marked Unity in Synaptic amount to 9MB. That doesn't count Gnome, Ayatana, and the modified version of Compiz. My guess is that removing flummoxes the Gnome libraries.
i'm glad im using beta and can just update for final release, and btw right now i use kde, cinnamon, gnome shell+gnome classic and of course unity in my pangolin and just work fine
Agree, if your going to be in knots over a small amount of space you should try a distro that doesn't have package dependencies. Though my experience with such distros is that space is not saved because programs end up needing different versions of libraries and linking them is difficult.
I'll test it ... but the last two Ubuntu releases exhibit a critical system crash on my T61p, so unless there's been a stealth fix, I'll be waiting for the matching Mint release (Mint doesn't have the problem).
Just got a new laptop. Can't wait to load it up.
I am excited, but not to the point of completely switching over. I was considering doing it few days back but my Ubuntu crashed all such thought of complete shift evaporated. Now I have win 7 will get Ubuntu 12.04 on dual boot.
I hate "Unity" in the previous version.
I would say install Gnome Boxes from source but from what I've read you'd have to use the Gnome3 team PPA in order to have an updated enough version of Gnome shell. Sounds like it would be easier to wait until Gnome Shell on Ubuntu caught up.
I've been using 12.04 since alpha very happily for months, with some crashes but nothing critical... instead a lot of efficiency and nice features
anyway the final release would be very much welcome
Am back after leaving because of v11 short comings... and I love it... thanks much!
Words cannot describe my excitement for this
I love the Ubuntu update cycle. I always forget about it and then, out of nowhere, the next update is right around the corner. Sure keeps me excited about the OS.
I've been running 12.04 for the past month and am generally pleased. Still a few kinks with display settings and NVidia with dual monitors but overall things are looking good.
glad to have a distraction during finals week... ;)
+Jhon Dunbar Volk I'm from the old Unix schools. You don't keep something on your machine that you do not use or need. +Darrell Dupas hit the nail on the head with the Meta Packaging. Darrel, I would say its time to come up with a new way of Meta Packaging if it is going to cause that major of a problem.+Noel Bergman I have had the same problem with the past two releases as well. Usually in trying to load it on older machines or some bleeding edge machines. I also used MINT 12 but could not get it to run other than the LXDE version. Very nice BTW.

To all the others: Ubuntu still gets my highest rating. The stability of the core is exceptional. Over the years I have used it the devices that is supports has grown exponentially. Printer support has also been great. I will not upgrade to 12.x yet. Unity's death hold with the core of Ubuntu is a major drawback for me. Maybe MINT or Unix Extreme can come out with something better.
You know, there are ways to get involved and suggest changes without trash-talking something that is FREE and a little buggy ?! Geez, people, you've got so much to work with and full support without paying a dime and a lot of the suggestions are, "get rid of Unity" and "I hate Unity." That helps not even just a little... :P
Why do you use Unity? It makes a desktop look like a mobile device, way too much space wasted. I understand that you guys want to push into the mobile market but please don't forget the desktop users.
I never think about unity and gnome. The important thing is i enjoy U B U N T U.
O yea.. i'd like to share offline software installer for ubuntu. Hopefully it helps u all.
Just 1061 people, cum'on guys Ubuntu Rocks
ماالمستجدات في هذا البرنامج
Any recommendations for an alternative?
Wait till the end of the month why don't ya
Mint if you like DEB distros, but don't like the new Ubuntu UI. Fedora, if you want an RPM-based distro.
will they send free CD's again worldwide? ;)
#Ubuntu #Linux will debut in a tumult of downloads and fanfare. #Kubuntu will follow with barely a murmur. This is unfair.
Does Ubuntu 12.04 have a date fix? My Reykjavik setting uses DST which is wrong... I know how to fix it via command line but if I'm trying to get others to use Ubuntu a simple thing like keeping the clock right is a real deal-breaker if it fails.
Linux Mint is better anyway.
I might switch distro on my legacy laptop, but I'm looking forward using HUD and all...
So looking forward to 11.10 with something that supports dual monitors.
I used Mint for a little while. Had some hardware supporting issue. I liked its theme. But finally can't be bothered with the small problems here and there, so I switched back to Ubuntu.
You guys have fun trying to install and work your programs while I'm already using them
Ubuntu's got some good stuff... but if you ask me they're banking too much on Unity.
Ditty Hancock. I keep an instance handy for the few Linux only programs I like or when Windows gets hosed up. Yes, it's free, w/a huge caveat: you become your own sysadmin.
I haven't really used Ubuntu in awhile, but when I did I found it disturbingly hard on installing software. On the windows platform it's as easy a double clicking an .exe. I want to like it, but it was too hard to use!
Another problem I ran into, since I am a graphic designer I NEED Adobe products to work. I love the look of Ubuntu, but in the real world it would not work for me in an everyday commercial use. I would love to know what the software designers use to create the Ubuntu look...I cant see Gimp being used to design!
Unity is really buggy, but it is definitely a step in the right direction. Mac OS and Windows are both coming out with new interfaces, and Ubuntu can stay competitive with Unity. I hope 12.04 has a much more stable Unity interface. Keep up the great work, guys!
Installing software on Linux is no more difficult than on Windows. It is just what you are familiar with.
@Garry- I don't think so. I just double click the software I download on Windows and it's basically done. I find Ubuntu to be very hard and doesn't install as easy...sometimes requiring going down to using commands and figuring out to go down to a _sudo level.

Of course I can just simply install apps from the software center...but not all the software I want is on there.

Ubuntu is nice to use for my kids to use as a basic OS to browser the internet...other than that it can't be used professionally.
Installing software on Windows XP was easy. On Vista was a nightmare because half the time even administrators don't have administrator rights and Windows 7 is somewhere in between. I tend to agree with Garry, its what you are used to.
How do people use it professionally? I can't see it being used professionally other than by developers.
hey +Roy Vella everything you need to do you can do on #ubuntu and there is a reason why most servers run #Linux
Mabe later! Mabe when I get a new laptop while Ubuntu 30.00 come out, lol!
+Arthur Amendt I agree that it's good and powerful for stuff like that but the reason why Apple and Microsoft soars is because it's very easy to use and do everyday stuff. Like I said I haven't used in awhile but I always had problems installing things and finding software we all use everyday like chrome or iTunes not available to it.

Is there an alternative to itunes, because I hate it for controlling my iphone.
Obviously its being released tomorrow, but what time? 12:01? Can I refresh the home page until it drops? Is there an estimation on release time?
Am I going to be participating in an involuntary (unintentional) DDoS if I spam my refresh button at midnight?
+Kevin Song :-D Im going to laugh if shuts down at 12:01 :-D

As a side note please DOWNLOAD THE TORRENT VERSION!!!!! There servers are going to be hurting. If you can, use the alt download. Plus if 10K people all use the torrent, it will actually be faster than the Normal download ;-) (should be updated when the normal download comes online)
Ohhhh Wednesday.... Move out soon ....
Hao Ren
And here I don't feel anything
For a desktop... I have switched to Archlinux - I still use Ubuntu Server though.
Again, can anyone answer this...

How do people use it professionally? I can't see it being used professionally other than by developers.
Professionally? As in serving as the backbone for numerous bioinformatics and other labs?
No like the everyday a graphics guys, office guy needing powerpoint, spreadsheets, etc. Nothing in the development field. Heck I can't even run my 3d programs like Maya or Autodesk
+Roy Vella Ohh I don't know, I mean my Ubuntu Servers only serve 100's if not 1000's of clients daily. The websites that depend on my servers would argue its professionalism.

And for professional use, anything I need to do on windows, I can do on Ubuntu. While MS Office is prettier, LibreOffice does everything one needs... (minus Access, nothing beats MS Access for easy databasing)

Gimp does fine for photo editing, and nothing I have found can mass change any picture format to jpg as quickly as Linux... Which I use as part of my server install.

I mean, I don't know what professional apps you are talking about. But I imagine by professional, you mean, the apps you use on windows/mac/whatever os, and if it doesn't have that its not "Professional"
+Roy Vella : I'm not an app developer in anyway. I'm just an employee, me and my co-workers use Ubuntu in office. So I consider myselef use Ubuntu professionally. Most people don't need Maya, Photoshop, etc.
What programs do you use in the office?
Hope there is a option to remove unity , or switch to the classic desktop view....
desperately waiting for 12.04.i will update it once 12.04 is released :)
Libre sounds nice, but I am all about Google Docs in the Cloud, too many people to collaborate with... +realworldapps
I hope ubuntu makes partners with Google, Apple and Adobe for a better OS... other than that it's dead on the consumer level.
+Roy Vella what you just said about google docs is not a con of ubuntu and does not relate to you why you can not see why it can't be used professionally. Almost any OS with a browser will allow that functionality.
google chrome, for everything is in the cloud these day's.
...but....I'm already running it as my main distro.....did I miss something?
can i use chrome with google docs? If so I will try this new version
Once the adobe range, or something equivalent runs nicely on it, boom.. i'm there.. and ableton live... I don't want to use wine. Am I dreaming?
+Roy Vella Ubuntu being such a popular distro is chrome supported. I understand that you had trouble in the past, but today its much better. Your own abilities will become the bottleneck.
Ready and running. Updated yesterday two of my maschines. Worked perfect.
I am an +Ubuntu user and proud to be one. i use 10.10 and it works superbly. thanks + Ubuntu for an awesome OS. keep up the good work.
I productively run int since beta 1! Ubuntu is a great opportunity for people li ke me who are not very familiar with computers but want to approach linux philosophy. 
Unity 3D is buggy in 11.10. My nvidia driven laptop corrupts the screen fatally after a suspend/resume. Other general multitasking bugs and serious erratic mouse behaviour. My laptop used to run Mint 8 and compviz 3d at lightning speed and totally reliably. This is progress? I've had to switch to unity 2d to get work done and all the problems go away. Maybe Ubuntu 12 gets it right? 
For sure can I port to nexus. Like I did on a500.
Lim CK
Sure, waiting for it since Oct 2011
I'm still running into several big issues with Kubuntu 12.04 unfortunately. I would like to see the release post-poned, but I suppose the focus is on Unity.
Gnome Online Accounts enabled and working? Google Calendar integration enabled and working?
Had to install Gnome Shell and Evolution to get proper desktop experience, so why Unity and it's blur and transparency effects?
Wow! The first thing I'll do tomorrow is installing Ubuntu!
Besides, I like very much Unity!
[Esperanto] Mi tre ŝatas Ubuntu kaj Unity! La unua afero, kiun mi faros morgaŭ, estos instali 12.04!
Kaj kompreneble, mi agordos la lingvosistemon al Esperanto!!! :-D
Actually this will be the very first Ubuntu release which installed and configured to my needs WON'T work. It will basically crash after a moment. Compiz and Unity are, unfortunately, too buggy right now, so I am staying with 11.10 which works perfectly.
Bugs were reported 2 months ago and weren't fixed yet. So for me this is very unexciting release.
Installed the 12.04 yesterday on my home desktop. First trial was an upgrade from 11.10, but that went badly wrong, would't even boot. Clean install was OK (and a lot faster).
There are no out-of-the-box tweaking tools for Unity nor Gnome 3, you need to install them. A lot of options are hidden (sartup services). The average memory usage of Gnome 3 or Unity is 600 Mo. What you do in 1 click on Gnome 2 takes at least 3 clicks on Unity and Gnome 3. A lot of eyecandy, it's beautiful but not efficient. The Mac OS X-like ergonomy is terrible. I'm very disappointed at the moment with my tests on the beta 2. Sorry guys.
Seriously hope its better and more stable than 11.10 :)
+Cecile Obernesser I think that you don't know how to properly use Unity. In Unity you can use KEYBOARD to quickly launch application, move windows, search for files, and even use applications (HUD) etc. therefore you don't have to CLICK. Clicking was good for old Gnome, but times have changed for better.

So, actually this is the greatest feature of Unity - you are not forced to use mouse for simple tasks.
I heard Ubuntu 12.04 will be a release of stability and predictability. My question is, will it support nvidia optimus out of the box?
I would be more excited if I knew the RTL problems were fixed but now I'll just have to sit and watch all the Israeli Ubuntu new comers run away...
xubuntu for me, but yeah will be a nice fresh clean install on my coding machine.
I like Kubuntu - so you are not good! :)
slow down the new interface for ubuntu lucid sucks... but it's here to stay till the next release so yeah bring on the change
I cant wait, i will dedicate all my bandwidth for the upgrade
Been using it for a while. Great release!
I migrated a couple of days ago, before the rush. I am just waiting for the security support to kick in.
Previously, waiting for Ubuntu 11.10 was quite disappointing experience.. but few updates made it stable, so better wait than jump!! Currently, I waiting and exited for Windows 8. If dual boot isn't support with Linux than Virtual Box is only place for Ubuntu for me!!
I've been running Xubuntu 12.04 since beta 1 already :)
I'm excited, but disappointed for still seeing so many unfixed bugs one day before and LTS release.
I thought LTS's were supposed to be stable?
Unity 2D still has some graphic glitches, and the Launcher often crashes. The global menu somtimes just stops working, and the menus return to the windows were they were 2 years ago. LibreOffice still doesn't work with the global menu. I get a kernel panic every time I try to send a file to my phone using a bluetooth dongle. The indicators are as good as invisible when the dash is opened. If I click the file manager icon in the dash it just wiggles and I need to click again to bring the just opened window forward. There's no sound on some computers, where it worked fine 2 weeks ago. ...
Are they still getting fixed through updates, or will I have to go distrohopping again?
Using it on my Dell Notebook. Running flawlessy. Awesome work on the Ubuntu team. I was really thinking they would never manage to make unity usable before the release. Good Work.
hate Unity, but 12.04 makes it so easy to switch back to classic desktop, I simply can't resist... ;)
I like Unity. But prefer Gnome 3 :)
Gnome Classic owns my soul.
I'm giving 12.04 a spin for the +Novacut release!
You should try out Linux Mint 12 on KDE. It looks beautiful and works like a charm.
When will the ISO be available for download? Please tell me I can just immediately start installing it after school. I can't bear having Windows as my primary OS on my new computer for two more days :p
At first I did not like unity at all, but recent changes with it in 12.04 have brought it a long way and I think I will give it a strong look when I upgrade most of my systems on Thursday.
I'm ecksighted! :D Can't wait for Gnome 3.4
Been a user since 6.04, is great to see it going strong still.
Estoy ancioso de instalarlo!!!! tanto asi que no he provado las versiones previas, estoy esperando la definitiva y fresquita!!!! Felicidades por este gran sistema!!!! +1000
+Roy Vella I use it professionally everyday. I support 500+ Windows users that never fail to fall in love with my 11.10 laptop. I also have 60 developers who run Linux and 30 designers who run Apple.

Between FOSS titles and Crossover I have never met a task I could not find a tool for...

Except an iTunes replacement. Amarok tries but just can't quite replace it. Yet.
Works BETTER with Gnome than Unity. Faster and less buggy.
I'll switch back if/when I break Mint. Tomorrow will be fun.
Excited, 12.04 looks great, but I'm hesistant because of the "if it ain't broke" mentality for 10.04 LTS
Realmente pendiente de la familia Ubuntu. Saludos y no tardéis mucho en lanzar la nueva versión.
I'm here in México and it's almost the day, when do you release the final version. I'll love to know when it's ready to download, for those who says installed before it's not true you have the second beta duh!
BTW I love banshee why you think the other one Rithymbox is better?
and today is ... thursday :-w
Its time. Where is that link. Again, if you can, use torrent, to save bandwidth and help everyone else download quickly
Friday's coming!! Where is the link? Bro!!
You should have probably mentioned the timezone!!
+Kelvin Xu Thanks... I was hitting the refresh-button for the last two hours... till i got the idea to search the web, which led me to your post :-)
Have 6 torrents going. Will leave them running for some time.
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