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Electronic Arts will be presenting at the Ubuntu Developer Summit next week. Expect some exciting news.
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Surely EA are about as far removed from good guy Ubuntu as you can get ?
Indeed, I bought 3 games at EA's Origin store. Would had preferred to bought them on Linux versions instead of Windows, and would happily bought more if my favorite platform was available.


I don't want them anywhere near Linux.
FIFA soccer on linux? hmm.
I like it. Bring it on. I'd like to play FIFA on my ubuntu mcahine at home.
EA bringing their wares to Linux? I feel conflicted. I haven't felt this much confusion since that Placebo concert about 15 years ago...
How is Nvidia's driver support in Linux? That might be my biggest hurdle to overcome if more games start supporting Linux. I had some good experiences with AMD in Ubuntu, but am unsure if Nvidia is as Linux friendly.
They'll port one title, decide it isn't profitable enough then drop out.
they will anounce project about steam maybe :P
or port a store to linux :P
or better,port the game that was ported to every plateform:sims
Now we need better ati and nvidia support. Talk to them Canonical.
If more major software or games come to linux, more people will migrate from proprietary Os. Then if there is more people on linux, manufacturers will be more likely to release apropriate drivers and so on. At the end, verybody will benefit.
with steam on linux,it will be a big axe in windows :P
Maybe they are following in Steam's footprint and supporting Linux.
could be a very good step to help ubuntu in market share....
Pulling different strands from different rumors from different places. Wild speculation will follow.... Valve has been rumored to be working on a console. The fact that Valve IS working on a Linux version of Steam and the source based games. Now this news that EA are going to be talking the folk at Ubuntu. So here comes he speculation. EA/Valve Console running embedded Linux, given the Ubuntu connection lets say it will be Ubuntu based. I would love to see Steam on Ubuntu, and if it could deliver some of EA's back cataloge I will be very impressed.
Cool! It's nice that big developers are seeing (commercial) potential in Ubuntu.
First Ubuntu for android, then Ubuntu phone and now this. I can't imagine what their announcement might be but Canonical are doing some incredible work at the moment. I'm really chuffed to be a user / contributer of this system.
I see a showdown for October 2012...
Ubuntu with steam and EA would steal Win8 the show.
exciting news? oh great ! no layoffs !
Finally game support for Linux. Too bad it's EA, I hate that company
The end of ME3, for one. Pervasive DRM rootkits for two.
EA Games for Linux: Give us your SSH pubkey, social security number, firstborn child, a DNA sample, and $60, so you can play a half-finished game
This right here could mean a 'yes' answer to the can it play Crysis question.. Please god let it. If i get time ill put an article together, this could be exciting.
+Michael Cooke "Sure, it may be against Linux philosophy, but to what benefit do you get for making the Linux platform like an isolationist hermit that lives on a desolate and remote mountain?"

If we can't see the code, it's not beneficial. Nobody learns, and the only party who benefits is EA.

"Just protecting your games" is not a valid excuse for installing a rootkit on a client computer, especially a rootkit plagued with problems. SecuRom has made it a better idea to pirate your games than buy them, as far as performance goes.

EA games are the only games to use SecuRom, and it was their choice, not BioWare's, to include SecuRom with the game.
How no one cares about EA, at least no one that matters, you mean?
I'll take EA on Ubuntu any day. Can't wait to hear what they have to say.
EA's history of disappointment is long I could list a great many games, especially in my point of interest. FPS game franchise have been poorly served with exception of BF. Any MoH players of old have been bitterly disappointed by PA, Airborne, and Tier One.

EA in themselves as publisher has often over promised and under delivered. A lot of hype on disappointing games with poor support after release. I know many serous games that will never touch any game published by EA. Personally even though I have been disappointed on many occasions I'm still happy to buy EA games.
Jay Tee
Does this mean that EA's gonna design game for Ubuntu?
if EA designs games for Ubuntu/Linux, then Gaming on Linux is royally screwed
I thought steam was testing Linux platform?
+Michael Cooke for one they started the online pass for used games. Plus their games seem to be half-assed
+Michael Cooke oh I see we have a EA fan boy :3 jk seriously excited to see ubuntu's hard work finally paying off
It sounds like EA will be trying to bring their Orbit platform to linux then. As for the flame war that is going on, that could probably go somewhere else. There are many reasons that people have frowned upon EA (especially in the developer community). However they are among the top game publishers out there so that should count as something.

Having said that, how about we speculate what they will announce? That is much more enjoyable.
EA .. humm i wish they launch some games for Ubuntu may be Medal of Honor.
Read the Linux and EA: Why people are raging? Anyone think one day EA might also become a partially FOSS based company. Heck if MS can become a Kernel contributor why not! Also maybe we can show them a thing or two about meeting deadlines ;-)
It'd be totally awesome to get more games ported to Linux! I just hope, that the copy protection used will be a reasonable and secure (from the users point of view - meaning for instance that root privileges are out of the question) one.
+Steve Johnson Each FOSS contributor started as FOSS user.

Bringing professional games to Linux brings new users. More users gives more contributors in the long run. That's what Canonical gets right, and what many FOSS purists get wrong.
Ah, and I forgot something: I don't think that having games shipped closed source is a problem. I mean, it's just games, not scientific or engineering software, where one needs to know exactly how the calculations are performed.
EA is the worst gaming software house in the lot. Please, avoid them like the plague.
Stop the EA bashing and be happy that finally Gaming Companies are interested in Linux Systems!!!
I look forward to the news. Thanks Ubuntu ...
Could one of the EA haters site their reasons. A website would be nice.
I personally don't have feelings one way or another. I just want clarification on the subject. When someone 'hates' something they should be able to give reasons. Yes?
A small amendment to my last post. I think its great that any top tier company has interest in Ubuntu. I await the news eagerly.
One huge step into everybody's home PC.
The only reason I have a windows PC is for gaming. hopefully this step will change that.
Wouldn't it be nice if we get some good native games on Ubuntu? I'd drop my Windows for sure.
It's good news even if you don't like EA specifically. I don't much care for them since they seem to just crank out a shinier version of every franchise every year or two and for some reason people are stupid enough to throw money and adoration for a full priced refresh of old games (see sports line, shooters, etc). However, if EA comes to Linux it will likely bring other developers/publishers too since they won't want to be left out of a "new" market.
+Benjamin Flanagin Look into BF3 any and you will see a number of reasons why people hate EA. My personal reason regarding BF3 is that you have to run 7, yes 7, services/programs to play the game:
1 - Origin
2 - Browser (for servers/interaction outside the game)
3 - Browser plugin (see 1)
4 - Punkbuster (anti cheat)
5 - Separate service you have to sign up/register just to change your avatar
6 - The actual game
7 - I forgot what the last one was (I haven't played it or even had it installed since the week it launched)On top of that my friends and many other users "have" to run skype or some other voice chat program in the background because the one EA baked into the Origin UI overlay was rather unsatisfactory to most.

Any QC team that gets handed a design that says "we really think the user should be running 7 or 8 things simultaneously in order to play this game" and OK's it is retarded. The fact that EA green-lighted that decision speaks loudly to their lack of consideration of the end user. It's really disappointing because I do really like some of the actual game they have published (SWTOR most notably).
I will say that their CS department was surprisingly fantastic regarding BF3 (contrary to previous users' experiences with their somewhat poorly received game launches). They seemed willing and helpful when a customer requested a refund on BF3 as my friend found after contacting them. The CS associate asked why he wanted to remove the game from his account and get a refund. My friend listed reason X and Y and then the associate refunded his money and removed the game from his Origin account. He had his money back in a day. It was impressive and commendable.
batlefield 3 on ubuntu ? mom please <3
that would be nice ;-)
excelent, soon we could play some of the best video games that w7 have.
It would be nice if companies would start investing in making their games Ubuntu compatible.
Oh hey guys, I just gave EA root access to my box. They can be trusted right... right?
Really wish unity game engine was ported to linux, it runs in c++ and mono, so it shouldnt be too hard should it ?
Battlefield 3 for Linux? No. Origin? Most likely.
The day that DRM comes to Linux is the day Linux "wins". It seems like a bitter way to be accepted by mainstream players. It is quite counterproductive to the promotion of Free (as in freedom) software to do such however.

Don't allow EA on your Linux box unless they give the source, they have a horrible track record and you'd be crazy/stupid to trust them with a free machine.
My computer have a copy of Win 7 just because games... in the main hard drive i have Ubuntu for everything else. If EA and Valve are thinking on "explore" in Linux... great; this means better graphics drivers, games and hopefully i could uninstall Windows, lol.
Games are the only reason , for not still deleting windows ;)
I wish EA will make FIFA for Ubuntu, not because I want to play it, then I'll be sure that Konami will soon follow with PES for Ubuntu!!! Then I can finally say goodbye to Windows
I think EA is testing to see the reaction and the popularity of ubuntu to decide what to do in future so every one must install their games.
I wonder if EA has no intentions of building a linux game interface, and is, instead, trying to get some concession from microsoft. They threaten to make windows unnecessary for gaming and microsoft adds some api hooks to make their games work better, or pays them an advertising budget, or something.
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