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Inside Assassin's Creed III - Episode 2

Journey deep into the history of the American Revolution in this next installment, covering the weapons, combat and tactics of the British Army, the Colonial Soldiers and, of course Connor, as the nation's first guerrilla fighter.
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You big teases...
As much as I appreciate the guerrilla warfare fighting style of the main character, fact is Guerrilla warfare has been around for literally thousands of years, even captured in Sun Tzu's "The Art of War" which was written in the 6th century BCE
+Casper Chism Not true. Read the wiki

Sun Tzu is credited as the "inventor", Mongols used it during their age, and even in North America, examples of it were used as early as the king Phillips war in 1620. Approximately 140 years before the revolutionary war. In fact, it's been used all around the world in multiple areas and was recognized long before use in the American Civil War.
nice to see how this game is made,
you usually dont see behind the senes on games on how there made.
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