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In less than a month, we'll be at E3 introducing our 2012 line up! What do you expect from this year's show?!
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Assassin's Creed III!
+Ubisoft being a french company posting in french would a good start. I would like E3 be be shown in Assassin's Creed aera of the Playstation Home
Super Mario, At least someone has some intelligence about them.
I want to see a Beowulf remake without the movie tie in... doubtful, but the source material is there
New Driver would be awesome. I love San Francisco, the best driving game of 2011! And I'm a kind of guy who prefer simulators over arcade so that's a big achievement!
A new settlers game. One that leaves behing all the rubbish that were the last versions of the game and delivers something like S3 or S4. Best games of the series!
I Agree with Pawel, DRIVER IS OSM. And also, what I'm most interested in is, of course, Assassin's Creed 3!!!
#rayman and #assassinscreed3 , like everybody else. But #beyondgoodandevil 2 would be a sweet, sweet surprise :)
Rayman Legends. BG&E2 would be nice, but I think that's becoming the new Duke Nukem Forever.
A new Splinter Cell would be awesome but I guess thats too much to ask for? (Maybe at least Convicts for PS3? :P)
#splintercell would be my choice. It has always been my favorite title from the Tom Clancy bundle, and probably from #ubisoft too.
I've done a small search that ended in #wikipedia where I learned that a new #splintercell is already on the way. Nice news I'd say :D
well we know about assassins creed 3. far cry 3, rainbow patriots. so i want to here about splinter cell
+Hugo Ricardo Gonçalves Martins hm wiki, well i heard its going to be called BLACK ARROW "are we allowed to say black" any way i seen screen shots but i cnt believe it because they is a rainbow six called black arrow, thats also frm the Clancy stable, if there is a new splinter cell it will be caled something else
i need prince of perisa next part , please do something ubisoft or else hire me , i can help
I want Assassin's creed 3 multiplayer info...
News about MMH, BGE2, Settlers, Silent Hunter...
Ubisoft gives up stupid anti(user)-piracy solutions... Oh, wait "What do you expect" not "What you want". I expect more of the same, unfortunately.
I expect you to give me pokemon black version
ACIII, ofcourse. And Future Soldier.
i expect to be done testing Ghost Recon Online by then, so in addition to AC3, R6:P, GRFS, the world will get in on Ubi's new F2P shooter...and its pretty cool!
I hope a new Splinter Cell is announced!!!!!!
^^^a new SC would be epic!!!
Sam Fisher for President!
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