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Good news to start your week with: Playing a game can actually help you improve your life expectancy!! Find out more in the video below and let us know what you think!
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And it makes that longer life a whole lot more fun ;-)
I think games that entertain us really is good for health, thus improving our estimate of life, whenever I'm not playing video games I feel sad, I always use the games for fun, since I do not like parties and crowds , for every moment of my state of mind and a different game, if I am angry off playing gta, resident evil street figther and if I'm happy I play racing games and sports, if I'm sad I like games like guitar music hero, dance dance evolution and bust a movie, I know that games amuse me since a boy, and I do very well.
I can get all that from video games hurray 
TED has gotten so terrible. Just a bunch of know nothings rambling on about completely impractical topics and using buzzwords to get people excited over things so people will purchase 8,000 dollar tickets and sell ads which makes it about as "free" as your local TV station.
Its no wonder that its ran by an ex magazine publisher.
but but i use linux :-( port some games on linux ubisoft! you know linux is the future!
actually, Its microsoft and it can easily be run on a free virtual box, so you don't miss out on the great ubisoft games out there
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