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Does this sound like you?
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I learned that Da Vinci was homosexual playing AC lol
Same way I learned about mitochondria from playing Parasite Eve!
Change "Playing Assassin's Creed" to "Playing Dungeons & Dragons" and it's spot on.
i made a presentation about this. The benefits of playing video games. Just how much we can learn from it.
I actually used things I learned in ACII in a Renaissance project, got a 110/100 A because I used their database pics as pictures in the slides
it makes so much sens, now i no why i made a F- on my histoy test
vi ha
so now what and when is the next history lesson Ubisoft??
This is the saddest thing I have read today.
All I known , is that we are in the 4th age of the middle earth...
Tout ce que je sais , c'est qu'on est dans le 4ème âge de la terre du milieu !
Highlights an opportunity for games to be educational while entertaining. I don't think any game besides war simulations that have really taken advantage of the medium this way, not counting edutainment. 
Yeah does sound familiar.
no.. age of empires 2 (even if the facts are not 100% right)
age of empires awsome i have all of them but assasins creeds alot better
you are kidding me, no one can learn the truth history from games or movies.
assassins creed have as much historical information that 300 (movie) have. both is story to entertain people, you can not find any troth in them.

Yes, the 4th one is sounds like me ! No comments further
+Mehdi Sohrabi There is a thing called tangential learning, whereby people can gain basic information about a topic from a medium that otherwise won't be taught to them. Yes, not all of these will be facts, but it's the responsibility of a person to understand that what they are being told isn't 100% gospel truth. That's where people will eventually come across the information that is truthful, or seek it by their own volition, and will absorb it much more easily just because they already had an introduction and an interest in it. You can't judge entertainment because it lacks factual merit without understanding that interest in entertainment can create in people to learn about the facts.
And they say video games are useless! PAAH
Hero T.
what your email
Whatever works! If it's educational as a byproduct that just makes it even better. 
That's a sad pie chart, Assassin's Creed is not a very credible source to get history facts from.
Gang Li
I have never played this game, but I guess it is only about the American history. 
Makes you wonder what is in A/C's bibliography...
I learnt everything I know in the real world. :-)
No, it does not sound anything like me. We had proper education back then.
high school 0,2%       
library 0,5%
university 0,3%
playing assassin's creed 99,0%

rather than having ta!! ▲_■.
not quite.  But Assassins creed most certainly increased the depth of my knowledge of Italian History.
i think assassins creed sucks its all about gears of war and dantes inferno and halo and call of duty and serious sam
Dante's inferno was a joke,turning an epic poem about man's relationship with god into a one dimensional beat-em up should never have happened.
When I played assassin's creed I didn't feel like an assassin, I felt like a thug.
It's like the kids these days who will swear Abraham Lincoln fought vampires.
No, not at all. But then again, I'm not a complete fucktard.
Way to champion ignorance Ubisoft. You fail.
Ya! I learn a lot from meeting minded people
Jake Mc
Lol I learned a lot about the renaissance by just playing assassins creed 2, now each and every day I learn many new things about the time around the american revolution. I absolutely love assassins creed!
True.. I've learned history playing Assassin's Creed and Age of Empires, while I was learning English playing GTAs.. School is pretty useless..
How do you learn history by playing video games??? You are to into playing the game itself than to think about the history of it.
If you think you've learned something about History playing a video game, you have lost the game of life.
Jeopardy!...I'll take Adult Education for $200, Alex.
yes exsept the libary part would be empty
Thank God, I learned most of my history in school and reading books on my own. 
Its a good way to bound an excitement for topics and a yearn to learn, which is amazing!  but there are lots of fiction, in the AC games that get in the way of facts.  so if your interested you may want to supplement your leanings with some reading, or at the least watching some documentaries/lectures.
yeah i don´t think that that´s a joke...  :-)
For me it's 90% my books, 3% Assassin's Creed, 5% other, and 2% school. My teacher isn't the best... and I'm a history buff. I love history. 
Pop Civ in there and I think you got it right.
Oh hell no. 5 iterations of Civilization should be the purple. Assassin's Creed is probably a 1% slice if that.
Omfg my instant thought after beating assassins Creed 3
Most of my knowledge of history comes from Doctor Who.
Phil B
Way to go ubisoft. Tell kids to get a education from your video games an not school
History channel before all the crap reality shows. 
Tomohawk chop is my death blow. The sad part is its true...
I think the message from Ubisoft is: Video games can be more than just "addictive" crap.  Like good literature, you can teach from within a good story, for example.   And of course, it's social marketing, and I may just borrow some ideas from them. :-)
You forgot the slice of pie labelled "Wikipedia."
I love assasins creed. Altair is a legend & Ezio is da mannnN!!
Civ 5 and also Fox News because they're unbias and fair and most of their new isn't about the evil Democrates! ;)
Says a lot about how well they researched it
no thats nothing like me i payed a attenion in class
One can learn about history outside of Assassin's Creed?
Nick D
Sorry, never heard of "Assasin's Creed"? Don't have a clue...
ahahahaahhahaah so true
I got it from deadliest warrior haha
Well... America-Baka is pretty hyped about the game, and it is rather accurate...
Lol.unfortunately kn0wing history is out in my v0cabulary,i do prefer acc0unting :)
Nope, I took it upon myself to learn history on my own and cover some more important topics of history than high schools enjoy skipping all together.
No, despite having played every major console AC release I don't trust mass entertainment as an unbiased, unglamourized source for history. And Ubi shouldn't pander to that either.
Highly accurate, but it needs some other games on that chart to be perfect
The purple is more like gaming in general
Funnily, those games actually inspired me to look further so that I could compare real history to the history they were weaving for the storyline.  Very interesting stuff.
Nearly true lol. I wish it was tho :-)
Assassins Creed and Doctor Who!
Discovery channel back when I was in town and had cable tv.
No lol, and how does this graph not account for the internet? Shitty joke is shitty. 
love your games, man... but if this was even close to true... that'd be a bad thing. people should be educated enough to appreciate historical fiction... not mistake it for fact.
No, but learn more about Italian cities and Istanbul.
In the Real World ...Romanist and Protestant Histories are very, very different.  The Battle of Waterloo was a pivotal event in the Real History as was the defeat of Herr Hitler.  BUT the Axis Powers seem to have won the Car Making Wars!!!
No wonder people don't understand history...
Perhaps a bit of a history lesson, yes... but more importantly Assassin's Creed motivated me to learn Italian... what a great language!  Next up... Latin... Requescat in Pace!
No because assassins creed sucked :p
ACII may have been educational but the rest is tosh.
Lol.Definitely Assassins Creed...:P
War is god's way of teaching Americans geography.
Who took part in this survey? How many? Chart looks bias? Seen the game being played, its pure fantasy!
I know about that stuff and I learnt it in year 3 at primary school.

Wow thats all I got to say to that
Wow, I only played a bit of the first Assassin's Creed and the history was suspect.  +Dennis Clack, I would take indoctrination over blatant fallacy.
Reading related books, then other related books or we read related  articles from the web till educatioc flowed into the brain at desired rates . I say god way works qquicker. nothing like a little fear to reinforce knowledge!
It's good that real history, or any learning, can be integrated into popular games. It's both entertaining and more important memorable.
I would appreciate a game with more accurate stories where some time traveler tries to change the world for some crazy reason and makes basic history more exciting (but like the hero would try to get things back into place and for that you as a player would have to search the true history on your own), just like in that episode of Supernatural with Castiel and the souls from the Titanic. who else agree?
Or some world scale variant of the game Farenheight
Try reading a book, the hundred years war : battle of crecy , agincourt etc etc.
The history of the united states is a lesson in misinformation
Does that sound 'like' me? I'm concerned that is me! The series is just so interesting, learned loads!
replace "assassin's creed" with "internet" and you've nailed it.
Most of commentaries on this resource are coming from people like this.
No surprise here.
Actually a lot of work went into making the history accurate so its not a bad way to learn.
I am that red slice of the pie. Mainly because the Uplay launcher nearly caused me to burst a blood vessel in my forehead out of pure rage. WHY is it there when you buy a Ubisoft game on Steam? It makes no sense. And I'm going to slap you if you say "oh because of the multiplayer." Steam is good enough, then if it's because of multiplayer issues, don't hide the singleplayer experience beneath the wall of agony that is the Uplay launcher and move the sign-in to the multiplayer component on the Steam-version you lazy bastards. It also caused me to quit even finishing the first level of Anno 2070, because I couldn't get myself to keep playing, knowing that I would face the same unspeakable horror once again when I would try to continue the next day. And I paid full price for that! Whenever I launch one of your games, it is as if I summon a beast from the nether, bleeding tar from its eyes as it opens its seven mouths and sings the song that will end the earth. That's not very customer-friendly, Ubisoft. At least send me a decent book or something to compensate for my loss of sanity.
Ame Tom
I couldn't learn anything from Assassins Creed because Uplay exists.
aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hate every thing
Yes this game and many other's game tha me more
love the game but aww what the heck im playn now
Hell yes. I got 20 extra credit points cuz of assassins creed
Not really. I love history and have an MA in it. I think you learn a lot about people from the past.
Speaking of where to learn world history, try the Historyscoper Online World History School.
Dei M
*Watching Hetalia
Yeah, it's me. Not just history, but also legend, like Adam & Eve. Lol...
Gamez all da way :P
I learned most early from my grandpa, and then in the militaru
if this is true you are a real slut
H Tahir
so true, for my brother.
Bryan I
Its official if teachers wore hidden blades kids would pay more attention
I LEARN HISTORY BY playing gta 5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Same goes to
i purchased A3 . just have found out how it irresistiable boring. i can't even get through first few chapter patiently. something was missing!
Love when I see an old city aerial shot, and I think, hey I climbed that tower :)
Assassins creed isnt even that accurate...
Sad, so sad. I love game but holy crap! One more reason our world will come crumbling down. 
Not all of it are accurate. Although one good thing about playing AC is that I got more interested in history
Karl W.
If you play games to learn about history, you need to rethink your priorities in life.  Good for you, if you unconsciously learn about history while playing games.  Learned as you have, though it would be best to be mindful when expressing your historical knowledge about certain Templar organization being involved in the American Revolutionary War.
I learned geography playing axis and allies with my brothers.
Wow! Truly amazing fact...
What I know of history, I learned from the movies ;-)
now i have an excuse to tell my mom
I agreed with you Talha
At institutions "educational" not interested in history for the simple reason that they could never learn from it ..... What will be the future then?
More gaming for me hehehehehehe >:)
So if I was in University, is that the time spent around Highschools? Little creepy..
It's more like watching the history channel
Of Course you learn problably more history in Assasins Creed than in School, I mean they might as well make you play assasin creed instead of doing history.
this sounds exactly like me, Assassin's Creed 3  the best
europeans?  wut are you talking about?  it's true for most boys who actually know what to do with their lives
No. But if I wasnt into history I would say yeah lol.
The reason could be that you don't know a lot about history...
Yep even though I don't history anymore
I have never really been a big fan of the game..... Until I started playing it and Damn it is a good game, great story line, good characters and great game play.
I only played Prince of Persia just before I started playing Assassin's Creed. Prince of Persia was the most awesome game of that time and now the best is Assassin's Creed    
I too Zahin.I loved Prince of Persia...Then everyone started talking about Assassin's creed 3 and I tried all assassin's creed parts except the first one.
I don't know about assassin's creed at all.

Amazing how much you can learn from a game, that has a fictional storyline!
So true. Maybe they should introduce Assassin's Creed in history class?
Sorry to say that the history I learnt from Assassin's creed was flawed :(
+Matas Poteris If u play any other version before playing the first one, you might not have fun playing it after the other versions.
You have to play this game in sequence otherwise you can't understand this game.
Thats how I learned some Italian as well.
Education+Entertainment= EDUTAINMENT.
Alas, I can include myself among many to whom this information is factual
I figured ubi had little motivation to change the history of the landmark architecture in the games though.
yep i have 86 in social studies because of the assassins creed series
assassins creed and age of empires stuck with me way more than anything i learned in a class
Playing Assassin's Creed can take you back to history
i learned alot from that game thx i even passed a history test that i didnt study for with this game. :D
Well, I couldn't say that I'm learning that much from AC, but these game series, especially ACIII, events and historical personalities make me want to know more and more about what really happened in that time. As the result of that - I started to read a lot of books about history.
Yes AC because i learned some italian and some famous landmarks
Uno due tre qutro chinkwa sie setta otto nova deacha
That's not true. I think you sent to the wrong person!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It's only funny cause it's true
Assassin's Creed certainly made history interesting. My high school teachers couldn't do that. College professors did okay though.
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