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+Rod Wagner if the 1% (and some) was making a salary like people with lower incomes they'd be paying 39.6% to start with, thing is they don't all make a salary they make money at the capital gains rate or the dividends rate which is lower, as it should be... many countries don't even have a capital gains tax.  It's the loop holes and nonsense in the tax code that let those people as well as even the high salary wage earners get their rates down so low even from a 39.6% starting point.  It's the loop holes, not the rates if you're after a more fair tax code and revenue.  They'll always find a way to hide their money... just like the rest of us do.  We all want the biggest refund possible... no one ever throws away part of their refund then says they feel good about paying those extra taxes... why would anyone do that?  People only suggest "the rich" should do it somehow.  It's not their fault, it's a stupid tax code.  
We are paying off our only debt (except the house.)  We had a lot of medical expenses...otherwise, I try to get ours as close to zero as possible. 

For some reason, people look at this time of year as some lottery that they get paid.  Buzzzzz.  Wrong answer.  It is your money to begin with.  The entire tax system needs to be scrapped.  No IRS.  Consumption tax would be equal across the board for individuals and corporations.  No more loop holes or deductions.  Due to this, the % would not be burdensome to raise as much revenue in taxes for the federal government.  This is not Calculus.  It is addition, multiplication and subtraction.  Special interests and big dollar lobbying is keeping the IRS as a legit government agency.  They are not needed.
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