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An Amerian athlete has been booted from the Olympics after testing positive for marijuana. His disqualification marks the first in-games doping violation announced by the IOC. Four previous offenses involving Olympic athletes resulted from tests conducted prior to the start of competition.
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Such ridiculousness. Unless they can prove it provides an athlete with an unfair advantage this should not even be an issue.

Granted he's an idiot for knowing and breaking the rules.
what come on, for marijuana!? That is b.s what is it some kind of performance enhancer?! 
I'll be the first to say it shouldn't be a banned substance, BUT... It doesn't matter if it enhances performance or not.  It is a banned substance from the Olympics and he chose to use it anyway.  I'm not buying "inadvertent baked goods exposure" either.
Ok people. I don't care if it should be banned or not. It is banned and this guy agreed to abide by the rules and didn't. He was justly dismissed. Rules and consequences don't change because you don't agree. 
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